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Galeon 325 GTO (2021-)

2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado JPO

Brief Summary

Galeon Yachts is broadening its horizons with the new four-boat Grand Touring Outboard series. The first model is the 325 GTO. Powered by twin outboard engines, she’s the smallest Galeon ever built and the goal is to introduce a new customer to the company.

Test Results

600 3 2.6 1.3 2.3 2 460 399.6 58.8
1000 4.3 3.7 2.2 2 1.7 396 344.2 63.3
1500 6.4 5.5 3.5 1.8 1.6 367 319.5 73.8
2000 7.9 6.9 5.3 1.5 1.3 302 262.5 74.7
2500 9.1 7.9 8.8 1 0.9 209 182.1 78.7
3000 9.9 8.6 13.9 0.7 0.6 144 125.2 83.4
3500 10.3 9 19 0.5 0.5 110 95.5 81.2
4000 15 13 22.5 0.7 0.6 135 117.7 87.4
4500 18.4 16 26.2 0.7 0.6 142 123.3 88.6
5000 26.2 22.7 33.1 0.8 0.7 160 139.3 90.5
5500 36 31.3 39.5 0.9 0.8 185 160.5 89.7
6000 42 36.5 53.8 0.8 0.7 158 137.4 90.5
6200 43.5 37.8 61.2 0.7 0.6 144 125.3 93


Length Overall 32'9"
9.99 m
Beam 10'11"
3.28 m
Dry Weight 14,200 lbs.
6,441.01 kg
Tested Weight 15,480 lbs.
7,021.61 kg
Deadrise/Transom 21
Fuel Capacity 225 gallons
851.72 L
Water Capacity 32 gallons
121.13 L
Total Weight 15,480 lbs.
7,021.61 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.7 seconds
0 to 30 14.8 seconds
Props 14.6 x 15 Rev 4
Load 3 persons; 112.5 gal. of fuel; 50 lbs. gear
Climate 78 deg.; 64 humid.; winds: 0-5; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado JPO
Std. Power 2 x 350-hp Mercury Verado JPO

Captain's Report

The outboard-powered 325 GTO represents a new direction for Galeon Yachts, which hopes to draw new customers to the family.

Report by Eric Colby

Spacious gathering areas in the cockpit and bow are evidence of this yacht’s focus on entertaining.

Mission Statement

Galeon Yachts’ mission with the 325 GTO is to introduce new owners to the build quality, cruising amenities and handling that so many have come to experience with the brand. Outboard power represents a new direction for the manufacturer that builds its boats in Poland and sells them through the MarineMax dealer network.

Galeon Yachts 325 GTO Major Features

  • Outboard power
  • Centrally positioned cockpit lounge
  • All gathering areas are on the same level
  • Beam carried far forward, creating a spacious bow
  • Windows in the cabin bulwarks and hullsides allow views of the outdoors
  • Cabin steps fold up to improve access to mid cabin
  • Steering column height adjusts electrically
  • Ram Air Induction system on hardtop

The twin 350-hp Mercury Verado outboards are the only power option available on the 325 GTO.

Galeon Yachts 325 GTO Features Inspection

The Stern. Passengers will most likely board the 325 GTO from the swim platform. It wraps around the twin outboards on each side and a reboarding ladder is in its own locker on the port side. A grab rail is recessed into the trailing edge of the swim platform and the treads on the ladder are teak, which is easier on bare feet than steel. The section directly ahead of the outboards is hinged and lifts on stainless-steel gas struts so the engines can be tilted all the way out of the water. The swim platform and the decking throughout the cockpit and bow is covered in SeaDek mat and all the gathering areas are on the same level.

The height of the swim platform makes it easy to step onto a dock.

Twin latches outboard on each side secure the hinged center section of the swim platform in place.

The center section of the swim platform lifts up so the outboards can be fully tilted out of the water, which is important for owners who boat in salt water.

We would like to see a four-step ladder for compliance with American Boat & Yacht Council guidelines.

The Cockpit is a bit of a departure from convention. Galeon eschewed the traditional cockpit lounge that wraps around to port or starboard. Instead, the 325 GTO has a centrally positioned bench with gated passageways on each side into the cockpit. We prefer this because the corner seat is usually the least comfortable on board and it gives the boat a more open feel. To further enhance the spaciousness, release a latch in the port bulwark and push a button to lower the “patio” as Galeon calls it to expand the cockpit by 3’4” (1.02 m). The aft lounge is 65” (165.1 cm) wide and has convertible backrests so passengers can face forward or aft. Forward of the lounge to port is another L-shaped sofa set up to face aft. Install a table to create a booth-style dining area. To starboard, the galley has a sink, a grill, a refrigerator, storage and a tilt-out wastebasket. Our test boat had the optional SureShade awning that extended aft from the hardtop.

Acrylic gates framed in stainless steel close the passageways on each side. Just aft in the starboard gunwale is a pull-out shower.

Here we see the cockpit lit up for an evening of entertainment. Notice the different textures and colors in the upholstery that give the 325 GTO a luxurious aura.

The central cockpit lounge can be set up for passengers to face aft.

The port-side “patio” folds out on a heavy-duty stainless-steel electro-hydraulic ram.

When the patio is down, a rope fence can be installed to make it safer.

The cockpit galley has everything needed to whip up lunch and notice the rail on the aft edge and on the hatch so passengers have a handhold when the water bumps up.

The buttons for the optional SureShade retractable awning are in the hardtop upright to starboard. The panel in the opposite stanchion lowers the patio.

Mechanical Room. As practical as she is elegant, the 325 GTO has a large hatch in the cockpit deck that opens on gas struts to provide access to the 4-kW Fischer Panda diesel generator and its dedicated fuel reservoir as well as the water and gas tanks. The battery boxes are outboard on each side and there’s good access to the fuel-water separators and trim pumps for the engines and other equipment.

The centrally-positioned equipment room has open access to the diesel generator, batteries and other mechanical gear.

All the battery switches are clearly labeled and the rigging looks clean and easy to follow.

The Helm. The 325 GTO’s helm has a sporty and luxurious feel with twin 16” (40.64 cm) Raymarine multifunction displays set in a dark gray panel that’s topped with an upholstered eyebrow. A compass sits atop the panel. A highlight of the helm is that the steering column adjusts electrically for maximum customization of the driving position. Of course, the wheel also tilts. To the right of the wheel are a 9” (22.86 cm) VesselView screen for the outboards, plus the Mercury joystick, digital throttles and the Zipwake interceptor control panel. To the left are all the easily identified accessory switches plus a glovebox. Inside is a conductive charging panel for a cell phone as well as conventional connectivity plugs. For single- or short-handed operation there’s a pull-up cleat within reach of the helm.

The side-by-side bucket seats at the helm electrically adjust fore and aft and for height and have folding bolsters and footrests. To keep the captain and a companion comfortable, there are air conditioning ducts outboard on the dash panel. Additionally, Galeon incorporated a “ram-air” system into the hardtop that also has an opening sunroof. Intakes on the front of the molded fiberglass top feed fresh air through two ducts positioned higher up above the helm. There’s also a large shelf that would be good for chart books. Headroom beneath the hardtop is 6’9” (1.8 m).

The 325 GTO’s helm has a premium feel and is well laid out for the captain moving into their first twin-engine boat.

Ducts for the ram-air system in the overhead (red arrows) let in fresh air and Galeon provides a shelf for stashing items like MFD covers or chart books (yellow arrow).

The ram-air intake on the front of the hardtop looks like a hood scoop on a high-performance car.

Bow Passage. To port of the helm, Galeon creates a clever way to head forward to the bow. The section of the windshield swings down and in instead of up and out. It tucks cleanly into the passageway and when it closes, it does so with a gas strut that makes it easier to raise. To keep guests from bumping their heads when heading forward, a section of the hardtop also slides aft. To keep wind from coming through the opening, an air dam closes the lower section and again, Galeon played things smartly, having it fold aft and into the opening. When the boat is running, the onrushing air will naturally help hold it closed.

The port section of the windshield folds down and in versus the usual out and up. This is smart because the glass in an aluminum frame isn’t exactly light.

The air dam that closes the bottom half of the bow passageway is designed so that air pressure will help keep it shut.

The Bow. In the 325 GTO’s bow, we found seating that wraps all the way around to starboard with fold-down armrests in the backrests on the front of the helm console. A table can be added for al fresca dining and it can be lowered and topped with a cushion to create a large sunpad. For improved sound quality, the speakers for the stereo are mounted in the forward section and direct the sound aft rather than having them in the gunwales and pointing inboard. The center bottom cushion in the forward section of the lounge lifts to reveal the windlass. In the foredeck, two hatches open to reveal the footswitches and we saw the Delta plow anchor designed to exit through the stem. Two of the boat’s eight 9” (22.86 cm) pull-up cleats are on each side of the hatches.

Because Galeon carries the 325 GTO’s as far forward as possible, the bow area is 7’7” (2.31 m) wide between the coaming pads.

Lower the table and add a filler cushion to create one of the largest sunpads in class.

The Quick windlass is beneath the center forward bottom cushion in the bow and notice that Galeon takes the time to finish the hatch on the underside.

Galeon Yachts 325 GTO Accommodations

Belowdecks. One of the smoothest-sliding cabin hatches we’ve ever deployed is to port of the helm. When it’s opened, there are two heavy-duty rails on each side of the entryway. Once belowdecks, we found 6’3” (1.91 m) of headroom and the area was awash in natural light thanks to large hullside windows. The 325 GTO’s electrical distribution panel is to port of the stairs and it’s a touch screen.

Forward, the bow dinette wraps around a table that can be lowered and filled in to create a berth that’s 79” (200.66 cm) fore to aft by 88” (223.52 cm) at its widest. A 32” (81.28 cm) flatscreen TV is on the aft edge of the dinette with a stereo control outboard. The amidships cabin has a berth that’s 79” (200.66 cm) by 54” with 26” (137.16 cm) of vertical clearance from the mattress to the overhead. It’s a bit of a tight 15” (38.1 cm) squeeze between the cabin stairs and the head compartment, so Galeon came up with another clever solution. The hinged stairs tilt up to expand the space to 38” (96.52 cm).

To starboard at the base of the stairs, the head has a large hullside window with an opening port, a vessel sink, a toilet and a clip for the shower wand up high.

Even with artificial illumination, the dinette has an open, airy feel.

When it’s time for some shut-eye, the table can be lowered and the cushions fill in to create a large berth.

The 325 GTO’s mid-cabin has space for two to stretch out comfortably.

Because the passage between the stairs and the head compartment is a little narrow, Galeon hinged them so they can be folded up.

For this size boat, the head feels open thanks, once again, to the smart use of windows.

Galeon Yachts 325 GTO Performance

The Specifications. The 325 GTO measures 32’9” (9.99 m) overall with a beam of 10’11” (3.28 m). Empty weight is listed at 14,200 lbs. (6,441.01 kg) and with three people, test gear and 112.5 gallons (425.86 liters) of fuel on board, we had an estimated test weight of 15,480 lbs. (7,021.61 kg). The twin 350-hp Mercury Verado outboards turned 14.6” x 15” (37.08 cm x 38.1 cm) Mercury Revolution 4 four-bladed stainless-steel props.

Her long hullside windows and raked hardtop give the 325 GTO a sleek, sporty profile to go along with the high-performance name.

The Numbers. Winding up the twin Mercury four-stroke outboards to 6200 rpm, we hit our top speed of 43.5 mph. Best cruise came at 5500 rpm where we measured 36.0 mph and burned 39.5 gph. This gave us 0.9 mpg and a range of 185 statute miles with 10 percent of the boat’s 225-gallon (851.72-liter) fuel capacity held in reserve. At 600 rpm, the boat ran 3.0 mph and burned 1.3 gph, giving her a rating of 2.3 mpg. Bump up to 1000 rpm and the speed goes to 4.3 mph with a fuel burn of 2.2 gph and 2.0 mpg. Minimum planing speed was 15.1 mph.

When we pinned the throttles forward, the 325 GTO planed in 4.7 seconds, hitting 20 mph in 8.4 seconds and ran through 30 mph in 14.8 seconds.

Keep the trim conservative and the 325 GTO will cut through chop, keeping passengers comfortable.

Handling. In a word, the 325 GTO is “fun” to drive. Our test captain said the boat is quite responsive to steering input and tracks through maneuvers “like she’s on rails.” Put her into a power turn and she’ll carve tight enough to unsettle passengers so keep those kinds of maneuvers for use as needed to avoid incidents. She’s also responsive to power and trim. Use the outboards’ collective power to get her on plane as quickly as possible and then back off to a comfortable cruise. We found her best attitude at about five clicks of positive trim for the outboards and then set the trim tab system to automatic and let them balance the load and keep the ride smooth.

The 325 GTO has an agile, nimble feel in maneuvers and responds predictably to helm input.

The 325 GTO also cuts a striking profile when lit up at night for entertaining.

Price: $558,718 (Base)


Galeon’s first foray into outboard-powered boats has everything a family would want in what could be a step up to a first twin-engine model. Carrying her beam forward to the bow creates a spacious, deep seating area up front so the kids could hang out up there. Her cockpit is designed more for space and versatility than passenger capacity and there’s an open pathway to the stern, so she’s more than up for day boating.

For weekending, the cabin has a straightforward layout. One highlight is that there are inner and outer sets of windows on the port side that ensure the water can be seen from both sides. It makes the belowdecks feel more open and inviting, especially for people getting their first experience in a cabin.