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Riviera 575 SUV (2017-)

2 x 1000-hp 12.9 CAT

Brief Summary

The Riviera 575 SUV combines the blue-water cruising and fishing abilities of the Riviera 57 Enclosed Flybridge convertible with the single-level, leisurely entertaining, and cruising features of the company's Sport Yacht design. The cockpit layout includes a transom seat, an L-shaped Mezzanine settee with table, a wet bar with twin BBQ, a refrigerator, and an icemaker. CZone touchscreen systems controls are standard. Virtually all aspects of this yacht are best-in-class.

Key Features

  • Volumes of storage, including large fish bin to port, massive center lazarette and engineering access panels supported by gas struts with heavy-duty stainless steel latches
  • Sliding stainless door is tinted, tempered glass and set in a strong stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel Ultra anchor with galvanised chain
  • The premium entertainment system in the main living area includes a flatscreen LED TV integrated into Yamaha AV receiver with Apple TV, Airplay, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray and second zone to cockpit, five Bose speakers and subwoofer
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioning with electric heat, split to the galley
  • Pompanette Platinum, fully adjustable helm and companion chairs with arm and foot rests
  • Helm electronics area with 24V DC feed and protection main circuit breaker
  • VHF radio including aerial

Test Results

600 7.4 6.4 3.1 2.4 2.1 2271 1974.6 60
1000 11.5 10 11.2 1 0.9 973 845.7 67
1250 12.3 10.7 21.9 0.6 0.5 534 464.6 70
1500 15.6 13.6 35 0.4 0.4 424 368.7 70
1750 22 19.1 53.5 0.4 0.4 391 340.2 72
2000 27.2 23.7 75.2 0.4 0.3 344 299.2 75
2250 32.2 28 93 0.3 0.3 329 286.4 78
2300 33.1 28.8 100 0.3 0.3 315 273.8 79


Length Overall 60' 8" / 18.5 m
Beam 16' 10"
5.13 m
Dry Weight 60,400 lbs.
27,400 kg
Tested Weight 67,116 lbs.
30,443 kg
Draft 5' 1"
1.55 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance 12' 10"
3.91 m
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 1,057 gal.
4,000 L
Water Capacity 198 gal.
750 L
Total Weight 67,116 lbs.
30,443 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane N/A
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio 2.04:1
Props 32x37x5 Veem 1.5mm Interceptor strips
Load 4 persons, 7/10 load, 9/10 water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 78 deg., 65 humid.; wind: 0 mph; seas: 0

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 1000-hp 12.9 CAT
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 2 x 725-hp Volvo Penta D11-IPS950
2 x 900-hp Volvo Penta D13-IPS1200
2 x 900-hp Volvo D13 Shaft Drive
2 x 1000-hp CAT C12.9 Shaft Drive

Captain's Report

Riviera 575 SUV runport

The Riviera 575 SUV has an LOA of 60’8” (18.49 m), a beam of 16’10” (5.13 m) and a draft of 5’1” (1.55 m).

Mission Statement

The Flagship of the Riviera SUV line, the 575 blends the fit-and-finish of a luxury cruising yacht with the ability to go fishing. This combination of two yachts in one allows the captain and his crew to travel in comfort yet still be able to target blue water pelagics along the way, and once they reach their destination, they have all the amenities of a cruising yacht. But we think that she is equally as good for weekend entertaining as for cruising or fishing.

Because she can fish, cruise, entertain and be an all-around watersports platform, Riviera has given her the SUV appellation. She does not have a flying bridge, so ardent big game anglers will probably choose other boats in the Riviera line, but nevertheless, more casual fishermen will enjoy her large cockpit and fishing amenities.

And who said you have to have a flying bridge for big game fishing, anyway? Ernest Hemingway didn’t initially have one on Pilar. Zane Grey managed without one and never complained about it.


Most important to remember is that Riviera is located on the east coast of Australia. Its primary customers are Aussies who like to range from the major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and others north to the Great Barrier Reef and points north -- and south. The western pacific and the Tasman Straits can be rough bodies of water, so its boats must be designed to both take punishment and provide comfort. Our experience with Riviera boats indicates that they do both.

Riviera 575 SUV overhead

The large open cockpit has features for accommodating guests and fishing far beyond the horizon.

Distinguishing Features

    • Mezzanine seating including an L-shaped settee with table and a wet bar.

    • Comfortable transom seating.

    • Straight-shaft or pod propulsion systems, both with joysticks.

    • Optional main deck layouts with four forward-facing Pompanette Platinum chairs or expanded sofa with coffee table/ottoman.

    • Master stateroom with walk-in wardrobe and sofa.

    • C-Zone electrical control system standard.

    • Premium equipment, hardware and materials in all cases.

Riviera 575 SUV on plane

The Riviera 575 SUV has a pleasing sheer line and proud bow. The hull-side ports add to the look as well as allow in natural light.

A Sea-Going Build. Attention to detail is what Riviera has built its reputation on. And that starts with designing boats that are sleek with rounded corners and clean, uncluttered and unaffected lines. Lines that we think will be as pleasing to the eye in 10 years as they are today.

Their builds are known for being robust with stout equipment, carefully installed. They are one of the few builders who design their interiors for actually going to sea in and not just for dashing from marina to marina. This is a fact that sets Riviera apart from many builders in class. She is a solid boat and, as a result, heavier than many in class, with a tested displacement of 67,116 lbs. (30,443 kg).

She also has one of the greatest beams in class, a foot or more than many of the Italian flyers that place speed in flat water ahead of a good sea-going ride in choppy conditions.

Riviera 575 SUV profile

The Riviera 575 SUV has sleek lines. We like the forward brow on the coach roof and the extended canvas sun shade extending from the hardtop over the cockpit.

Performance. The Riviera 575 SUV allows owners to select their personal preference of either pod-drive or conventional shaft-drive propulsion to suit their specific geographic regions. There are four choices for a drive package for the 575.

Propulsion System Options

The Riviera 575 SUV is available with either Cat or Volvo Penta engines driving conventional straight shafts. The Volvo IPS pod drive system is also available. The advantage of a straight shaft system is its simplicity, low maintenance and lower cost to both buy and fix if there is a grounding. And Riviera offers thrusters on boats powered by either the Cat and the Volvo straight shaft systems, making docking easy.

The advantage of pod drives is they are more fuel efficient at mid-range cruising speeds where most boats are operated. They have a joystick for easy docking. Descriptions of each system are as follow --

Riviera 575 SUV straight shaft

Our test boat has a straight shaft with a minimum down angle and dripless stuffing boxes.

Straight Shaft Options

1. Volvo Penta shaft-drive package with twin D13 engines (2 x 662 kW/900-hp) includes twin lever controls, bow and stern thruster controls, and auto pilot at the helm, as well as Quickshift gearboxes that are freshwater-cooled, as well as (3x) 17” Glass Bridge touchscreens.

2. A CAT shaft-drive package with twin C12.9 engines (2 x 735 kW/1000-hp) includes twin lever controls, bow thruster, Quickshift gearboxes that are freshwater-cooled, (3x) 16” Garmin Multi-Function Display screens and autopilot.

3. Twin Disc, a major manufacturer of marine gears, makes what it calls an “Express Joystick System” (EJS) that gives joystick control to the CAT C12.9 and the Volvo D13. A bow thruster is part of the system.

Riviera 575 SUV ips drive

This image shows that when pod drives are used, jackshafts are employed. The engines stay in the same location in all cases.

Pod Drive Options

1. Volvo Penta D11-IPS950 system with twin D11 engines and IPS20 Pod drives (2 x 533 kW/727-hp) with jackshafts and joystick.

2. Volvo Penta D13-IPS1200 system with twin D13 engines and IPS30 Pod drives (2 x 662 kW/900-hp) with jackshafts and joystick.

Performance Test

Our test boat had a 16’10” (5.13 m) beam, a draft of 5’1” (1.55 m) and had an estimated displacement of 67,116 lbs. (30,443 kg). She was propped with 32x37 5-bladed Veem propellers on straight shafts.

With twin 1000-hp Cat C12.9 engines, our test boat reached a top speed of 28.8 knots at 2300 rpm. Her best economy was found to be at 1750 rpm and 19.1 knots. At that speed, our fuel burn was 53.5 gph for a 340.2 nm range.

At 10 knots, she burned 11.2 gph for a range of 845.7 nm.

The boat gets nearly the same economy per mile from best cruise to wide open throttle, so it’s best to set the speed according to sea conditions and time constraints. If seas are calm, let her run. If the winds pick up, pull her back so she rides along with the frequency of the waves for a more comfortable ride.

We like this Cat C12.9 shaft-drive set-up, as it is lower cost in the beginning and maintenance issues are considerably less as compared to pod drives. With a bow thruster, docking is easy. It should be remembered that people have been docking twin screw boats without thrusters or joysticks since the dawn of power boating.

Features Inspection

Riviera 575 SUV specs

The Riviera 575 SUV has an LOA of 60’8” (18.5 m), a beam of 16’10” (5.13 m) and a draft of 5’1” (1.55 m) with an empty weight of 60,400 lbs. (27,397 kg).

Riviera 575 SUV layout

Seen above is the main deck plan on the Riviera 575 SUV that we tested. Note that there are two seats at the helm on the port side.

Riviera 575 SUV optional layout

This is the optional layout which has four helm seats facing forward, something that is very unusual on a yacht of this type but is the most comfortable way to ride and gets everyone into the action of piloting.

Helm. State-of-the-art touchscreen navigation systems are flush-mounted into the dash and control -- all essential navigational and systems controls within easy reach of the captain.

Riviera 575 SUV portside helm

The port-side helm has all controls within easy reach. The mic on the left is an intercom to the engine. There is a standard chain counter at the helm, which is a must for anchoring at night. The side window opens -- something every skipper likes.

Riviera 575 SUV autopilot and cat display

Behind the throttles on what would otherwise be an arm rest is the autopilot and CAT display screen, among other things.

Riviera 575 SUV recessed tray

Forward is a thoughtful recessed tray for smart phones and other devices. Note the USB ports and power supply.

Riviera 575 SUV helm

Behind the helm of the 575 SUV are two fully adjustable Pompanette Platinum chairs.

Riviera 575 SUV teak foot rest

Below the helm is a teak foot rest. The wood deck is standard.

Riviera 575 SUV windshields

The two forward windshields are each over 6’ (1.83 m) wide and 4’6” (1.37 m) high, with a very narrow mullion in between for exceedingly good visibility.

Riviera 575 SUV alternate layout

Image of a 575 SUV with the alternative main deck layout.

Riviera 575 SUV brow

A 2’ (61 cm) brow protects from sun and rain and makes the boat look cool, too.

Dining. The dining area has an L-shaped settee with a varnished wood dinette table to port. To starboard is a choice of either an additional L-shaped lounge or a couch with two additional helm chairs. LED overhead lighting, a flat screen LED TV and a premium entertainment system are included.

Standard is a Yamaha AV system, Bose speakers, Apple TV, Blu-ray and Bluetooth, plus flat screen TVs throughout the boat.

Riviera 575 SUV ottoman

Here we see the versatile elongated ottoman nestled up against the sofa. It can be used with a tray on top as a cocktail table and serves as a bench seat for the dining table to port. Inside there is storage.

Riviera 575 SUV salon

One of the interior layouts includes this L-shaped lounge. The panoramic windshield and slide-open side windows allow in natural light and fresh air. Note the expanse of glass.

Riviera 575 SUV dining table

The dining table is hi-lo and can serve as a cocktail table in both positions. We like the SS grab handles. It also lowers to make the platform for a bed when guests are reluctant to leave.

Riviera 575 SUV high-gloss

The dining table has a high-gloss finish.

Riviera 575 SUV skylights

On the overhead above the salon are two electrically-actuated skylights. Note the handhold running down the centerline -- something rarely found on most boats in class.

Galley. The galley is to port on entry, and is equipped with the latest in premium-brand appliances and conveniences from all over the world, complemented by satin oak timber cabinetry with teak accents above the solid-surface bench tops. The refrigeration features two fridge and two freezer drawers.

A built-in dishwasher is within easy reach of the stainless steel sink. On the counter is a 3-burner electric stovetop. The aft bulkhead has a wide opening glass window that brings the excitement of the cockpit indoors.

Riviera 575 SUV galley

The fully-equipped galley includes solid wood cabinetry, a cooktop, an oven and even a dishwasher. The wood deck treatment is standard.

Riviera 575 SUV extra galley space

Opposite of the U-shaped galley is more galley space. The counter here can be used for food prep or as a side board when entertaining guests. To the right are four pull-out drawers for the refrigerator and freezer.

Riviera 575 SUV flatscreen tv

Hidden behind the galley counter is a flat screen TV. We see it here in the raised position.

Open-Air Galley Window

One of the attributes of the 575’s design is the opening aft window adjacent to the galley. This serves a number of purposes: (1) it brings fresh air into the galley and salon, (2) it keeps the galley cook involved with the cockpit conversation, and (3) it allows food to be passed out to guests in the cockpit.

Riviera 575 SUV aft window up

Here we see the aft window, which is part of the aft bulkhead, in the up position. Note that all the closures are stainless steel for durability, easy maintenance and tight fit.

Riviera 575 SUV aft window closed

The aft window in the closed position. It dogs down and is water-tight.

Riviera 575 SUV galley view

Looking out from the galley into the cockpit.

The Cockpit

In this age of motoryachts and express cruisers with aft decks that are up high, it is refreshing to find an express cruiser with a genuine cockpit. And while most people think of them for fishing -- and they are certainly designed for that -- Riviera knows full well that most people will be using them as their primary entertaining venue.

Prime Entertaining Venue. The Riviera 575 SUV has a cockpit designed for entertaining a large group with cocktails, a cookout or an informal buffet dinner. With comfortable seating on the mezzanine and on the transom bench seat, women will have places to sit while the men perch on the cockpit covering boards.

Riviera 575 SUV cockpit seating

The cockpit seating area with removable cocktail table installed. Look closely at the steps up to the port side deck and note that the treads are teak. All fiberglass steps should be covered in teak or some other non-skid surface.

A Cozy Mezzanine. While many convertibles have mezzanine seating, few have them arranged like the one on the Riviera 575. We like the L-shaped settee and the large square table. Not only will it be a prized place for sundown cocktails and a cool spot for breakfast or lunch, it will also serve as a convenient sideboard while having a cocktail in the cockpit.

The teak deck on the mezzanine comes standard.

Riviera 575 SUV cockpit evening

Evening is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoor seating and grill area.

Riviera 575 SUV cockpit table

The cocktail table in the cockpit gives this area the dual purpose of a comfortable place to sit while watching baits, or having lunch and entertaining.

Riviera 575 SUV side wet bar

The starboard side wet bar has a built-in dual electric barbecue and sink beneath the molded fiberglass hatch.

Riviera 575 SUV stern lounge

Built into the transom bulkhead is a padded lounge seat that one rarely sees on a sportfishing boat; it is plush and comfortable. To the right of it is a livewell with a glass so that anglers can keep an eye on the condition of their bait.

Riviera 575 SUV stern lounge up

The compartment below the transom bench seat is insulated and can be used as a fishbox. Note the livewell with glass front with its lid up. In the down position it becomes a counter for drinks and snacks.

Riviera 575 SUV fishbox

There is an additional insulated fishbox built into the cockpit sole to port. Of course, it can be used for storage.

Systems Control. Built into the aft bulkhead, just above the mezzanine seating, are two fiberglass hatches. One leads to all of the breakers and battery switches for the electrical systems, and the smaller one leads to a manual bilge pump and control valve. A C-Zone system comes standard.

Riviera 575 SUV controls

All of the ship’s battery switches are easily accessible and clearly labeled to show which circuit they control.

Riviera 575 SUV hatch access

Three fiberglass hatches in the cockpit allow access to the bilge, pod drive and lazarrette.

Riviera 575 SUV cockpit hatch

This cockpit hatch, on the starboard side, allows access for servicing the pod drive unit.

Riviera 575 SUV bilge

This center cockpit hatch leads to the lazarette. Additional fiberglass hatches open to gain access to pumps, thru-hulls and seacocks.

Wet Bar and Barbie. To starboard is a wet bar complete with electric grill, icemaker, sink and fridge. This is a handy layout, and one that we like, because it adds utility to the boat and keeps the chef in the thick of conversation with guests in the cockpit. It also keeps smoke and heat outside.

Riviera 575 SUV countertop

The countertop for the grill and sink can be used for drinks and an ice bucket when the facilities are not being used. Ice maker and refrigerator are below.

Riviera 575 SUV mezzanine platform

The mezzanine platform is 9” (23 cm) above the cockpit sole. Note the standard teak deck and the rounded corners on everything.

Riviera 575 SUV hampers

Under the seating are hampers for much-needed storage. This is a good place to stow life preservers as well as soda and bottled water.

Riviera 575 SUV refrigerator

The aft locker under the seat is a standard refrigerator, creating tremendous capacity to keep things cool, such as soda and beer.

Riviera 575 SUV transom door

This is a transom door done right, with a fiberglass covering board over the door to help keep guests in the boat. Capt. Steve is seen here pulling out the shower wand, which has hot and cold water.

Riviera 575 SUV cul de sac

In aft quarters, Riviera has molded in a “cul-de-sac” with robust hardware and a 13” (33 cm) cleat that is easily accessible. Note the electrical connection for shore power.

Riviera 575 SUV livewell

The lid on the livewell has a thoughtful recess, so fingers won’t get smashed.

Riviera 575 SUV fish box in deck

This in-deck fishbox can double for much-needed storage.

Riviera 575 SUV canvas awning

We like this well-designed, factory-installed canvas awning, which does the job, is lightweight and is extremely well designed to fit in with the look of the boat. Avid fishermen will probably forgo the awning or make it smaller.

Riviera 575 SUV hydraulic swim platform

The optional hydraulic swim platform is 4’ (1.22 m) and the fixed platform is 1’4” (0.41 m), providing a total of 5’4” (1.63 m) of swim/tender platform.

Riviera 575 SUV entering water

We tested the platform and discovered that it is very easily managed. Here we can see the tender entering the water.

Riviera 575 SUV submersible platform

Once launched, the platform becomes a submersible swim platform. The chalks for the tender can be easily removed when not in use.

Riviera 575 SUV side deck steps

Steps to the side decks are sculptured into the fiberglass molding and have been done with great artistry -- like the rest of the boat. We would put teak treads on these steps. Note the courtesy lights.

Riviera 575 SUV side decks

Side decks are 14” (35.6 cm) wide, which is a good compromise between wide side decks and interior cabin space. Safety rails are 26” (66 cm) high aft and 27” (68.6 cm) at the bow, which exceed both ABYC and CE standards.

Riviera 575 SUV sunning cushions

Optional bow sunning cushions are flanked by rails and cup holders. We like the white tint on the hatches, which blend in with the deck. It is this sort of attention to aesthetic detail that sets Riviera apart from many other builders.

Riviera 575 SUV cleats

There are two 13” (33 cm) cleats flanking the ground tackle, which are extra high off the deck and strategically placed. They perform double duty for both the anchor rode and mooring lines. Under the port side hatch is the windlass control, and the staboard hatch gives access to the chain locker. There is both freshwater and saltwater washdown bibs under the hatches.


Riviera 575 SUV accommodations plan

The three stateroom, two head accommodations plan of the Riviera 575 SUV.

The Riviera 575 SUV has three staterooms and two heads. The master stateroom has a private head with separate shower stall. This stateroom is remarkably large for a boat of this size, and that is due to its 16’10” (5.13 m) beam and its position in the boat. The VIP forward is pretty much the same as other boats in class simply because there is not much any builder can do in this space to make the basic design different -- but there are differences, and they are in the details. The guest cabin on the starboard side has been cleverly designed and has a remarkable amount of space.

The Master Stateroom

Riviera 575 SUV master bed measurements

The master bed measures 6’8” (2 m) head to foot by 5’10” (1.8 m) wide. Note the level of high-gloss woodwork. All mattresses in the 575 SUV have inner springs.

Master Stateroom. The master stateroom has a full-size bed which has room on either side, even allowing storage cabinetry along both perimeters. It also has its own sofa, TV integrated into a home theater system, and full walk-in cedar-lined wardrobe with full-length mirror and shoe racks. The headroom is 6’3” (1.9 m).

Riviera 575 SUV passage

This image shows the width of the passage between the bed and the sofa. The door to the head is at right.

Riviera 575 SUV standard tv

Capt. Steve points out the large flat screen TV, which is standard.

Riviera 575 SUV large sofa

The sofa is relatively large -- bigger than the love seats we sometimes see in boats this size. Note the chest of drawers at right. The deep pile carpet has a soft pad under it.

Riviera 575 SUV air draft

Not letting this unused “air draft” go to waste provides much-needed storage.

Riviera 575 SUV air conditioning

Capt. Steve is pointing out the air conditioning that wafts out over the molding above the head of the bed. This treatment is much more attractive than the metal grate that we often see on boats. Under the molding are fixed reading lights.

Riviera 575 SUV starboard side

On the starboard side of the master are four large bins for storage. Behind Capt. Steve is a hanging locker, and to the right is a walk-in closet.

Riviera 575 SUV closets

The master stateroom has a walk-in wardrobe (left) as well as a hanging locker (right). All closets are cedar lined.

Riviera 575 SUV edges

Riviera is averse to straight edges in its contours both outside and inside -- cabinetry and doors notwithstanding. Note the pleasing radius in the bulkhead in the master stateroom. This kind of work is more costly than the standard mitered joint.

The Master Head has a separate shower stall with glass door and teak seat. There is an opening port and an exhaust fan. The head has a “Quiet-Operation” toilet on a raised fiberglass platform. A fiberglass inner liner makes it easy to keep the head clean.

Riviera 575 SUV portlights

All opening portlights, such as this in the master head, have a sensor on them that signal at the helm if they are open -- this is an important detail on any boat going offshore.

Riviera 575 SUV master head

The master head is a fully fiberglass module that is easy to keep clean. Storage cabinets are above and below the wash basin.

Riviera 575 SUV shower

The shower stall has a frameless glass door and handheld showerhead attached to a slide bar.

Washer & Dryer. Every boat that is going to be used for cruising needs a washer and dryer. Washer/dryer combos are a good compromise on smaller boats, but they don’t do as good a job of drying as a separate unit.

The 575 SUV has both a separate washer and dryer. They are located in the passageway to the master stateroom, so they couldn’t be handier.

Riviera 575 SUV storage

Below this drawer for linen storage is the washer. Behind Capt. Steve’s back is a door that covers the dryer.

Riviera 575 SUV dryer

Looking past the dryer into the master stateroom.

VIP Stateroom. The forward guest stateroom mirrors the high level of luxury of the master. A full-size island bed allows for good side access. There are cedar-lined closets, bedside ledges with fiddles that can be used for books and mobile devices. The VIP stateroom has private access to the largest head on the boat, which is shared.

The Second Head. To port is an ensuite head for the VIP stateroom, including a solid surface vanity with top-mounted porcelain sink bowl and porcelain head. The separate shower stall features a frameless glass door, along with a tiled floor. This head is actually larger than the master head, and has a second door in the passageway so that it can be used by those in the guest cabin and as a day head.

Riviera 575 SUV guest stateroom

The VIP guest stateroom has a full-size island bed and cedar-lined hanging closets. Note the storage cabinets above, which use the bow flare of the boat, and the drawers in the foot of the bed. This is good use of space, as there is never enough storage on any boat, no matter how large.

Riviera 575 SUV VIP stateroom

Capt. Steve measure 6’4” (1.93 m) of headroom in the VIP stateroom at the foot of the bed. Note the soffit he is touching serves to distribute the air conditioning evenly.

Riviera 575 SUV VIP bed measurements

The bed in the VIP measures 6’ (1.83 m) head-to-foot and 5’1” (1.55 m) wide and has an inner spring mattress. Note the large horizontal windows, which brighten the cabin, along with the translucent hatch in the overhead.

Riviera 575 SUV hanging lockers

The VIP cabin has good-sized hanging lockers.

Riviera 575 SUV drawers

Adjacent to the passageway door is a chest of drawers that is unusual to find in a forward cabin. To the left is the second hanging locker.

Riviera 575 SUV roomy passage

The door from the VIP to the head nestles into a relief in the bulkhead that allows it to rest completely out of the way, thus providing more room for passage -- a remarkably thoughtful touch.

Guest Stateroom

Riviera 575 SUV guest bunk beds

The guest cabin has bunk beds, with the lower one slightly wider than the upper. A hanging locker is to the right. Note the drawers under it.

Riviera 575 SUV vent

Another chest of drawers has been installed in the forward bulkhead. The placement of the A/C vent at the foot of the bed is correct -- we have seen it on some boats at the head.

The Engine Room

Riviera 575 SUV headroom

Headroom is not an issue in the Riviera 575 SUV, as this image shows. There was also adequate room between the CAT diesels for fluid checks.

Riviera 575 SUV engine passage

The passage between the engines is wide. Battery boxes are on the deck at left.

Riviera 575 SUV dip stick accessibility

The dip stick is easily accessed on the port engine. Note the start/stop button on the CAT display so that the engine can be started in the engine room -- this is a handy feature.

Riviera 575 SUV fans and demisters

Delta-T fans and demisters are installed on the 575 SUV. These are the best demisting systems on the market and have a complicated internal baffle system, with vanes that take salt spray out of the air and drain it overboard, thus keeping salt out of the engine room to reduce corrosion. Note the premium Mastervolt inverter and charger systems at right. Note the fuel tank sight gauge at the bottom of the image.

Riviera 575 SUV nuts and bolts

Marking the engine mount nuts and bolts is something we only occasionally see. This lets owner/operators know at a glance if they need to be tightened. Note the heavy CAT bushing and engine mounts.

Riviera 575 SUV bilge water sump

We like the bilge water sump, another good idea in the 575 SUV engine room. A seawater strainer is at right and easily accessible.

Riviera 575 SUV remote control

In Capt. Steve’s left hand is a simple remote control device that allows him to dock the boat from the cockpit. They are ideal for an owner/operator.

Riviera 575 SUV overhead star

There is a lot of boat in the Riviera 575 SUV, and she looks sleek and modern, as well as being a good vessel offshore. She has 12’10” (3.91 m) air draft.


Put simply, we find the Riviera 575 SUV to be an extraordinary boat. Virtually everything has been done correctly, all equipment is the best available on the market, the boat is built to go to sea, she has attractive styling, her joiner work and fiberglass fabrication is first rate, and she can be used for cruising, entertaining and fishing. What more could we ask for?