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Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT (2018-)

Mercury 115 hp 4-stroke

Brief Summary

Factory rigged with a Mercury® outboard, Minn Kota® trolling motor, the TRACKER® Pro Guide™V-165 WT is a built-tough fish and ski boat. Rated for up to a 115-horsepower outboard, it can accelerate to speeds in excess of 40-mph for adventurous family fun and getting to the drop fast. The interior space is efficiently utilized to provide the greatest amount of storage and function. Plus, add the optional tow pylon and a wide range of tow-sports is easily within reach.

Key Features

  • Aft swim platform w/boarding ladder
  • Lowrance® HOOK-4x color fishfinder w/ CHIRP sonar, DownScan Imaging™, and transducer
  • Passenger console w/ storage compartment, drink holder, and small items tray
  • Expanding foam injected into hull cavities for added hull stiffening, flotation, and a quieter ride
  • Bow panel w/ trolling motor receptacle, 12V outlet, and motor tilt switch
  • Marine-grade, fishing friendly cut-pile carpet on fishing deck(s)
  • Adjustable aerator heads for maximum water control
  • Factory-matched, performance-tested aluminum propeller

Test Results

750 3 2.6 0.4 8.6 7.5 197 171.1 52
1000 4 3.5 0.6 6.7 5.8 153 133 68
1500 5.8 5 1 6.1 5.3 139 120.8 75
2000 6.9 6 1.6 4.5 3.9 102 88.8 75
2500 8.5 7.4 2.4 3.5 3.1 81 70.7 74
3000 19.3 16.7 2.8 7 6.1 161 139.7 81
3500 23.3 20.2 3.5 6.6 5.8 152 132.6 83
4000 28.4 24.7 5.2 5.5 4.8 127 110.1 83
4500 32.6 28.3 6.1 5.3 4.6 123 106.7 82
5000 36.4 31.7 7.2 5.1 4.4 117 101.6 85
5500 40.9 35.6 9.5 4.3 3.7 99 85.9 87
5800 42.7 37.1 10.4 4.1 3.6 94 81.8 88


Length Overall 17' 6" / 5.33 m
Beam 8' 1"
2.46 m
Dry Weight 2,844 lbs.
1,290 kg
Tested Weight 3,356 lbs.
1,522 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 20 deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,750 lbs.
793 kg
Person Capacity 6
Fuel Capacity 25.5 gal.
97 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 3,356 lbs.
1,522 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.2 sec.
0 to 30 9.2 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props 13 1/4x17P Black Max
Load 2 persons, 3/5 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 68 deg., 48 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine Mercury 115 hp 4-stroke
Std. Power 1 x 90-hp Mercury XL FourStroke
Opt. Power 1 x 115-hp Mercury XL FourStroke

Captain's Report

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT running

The all-welded aluminum TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT is a compact fishing powerhouse.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT running

The optional Mercury 115 XL FourStroke proved to be powerful and relatively quiet.


Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT running

The tall wrap-around windshield is a big plus for operator and passengers alike.

The TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT is purpose-built for fishing and family fun. It is a multi-species boat that can be used for towing and general exploring. The key thing about the boat is its stability which is important when having children and guests aboard.


The unitized aluminum deep-V hull with reversed chines, pressed in strakes and 20-degree deadrise at the transom is ruggedly built to provide an aggressive, solid ride. The tall wrap-around windshield adds protection from the elements and spray.

The trend these days is away from boat-task specialization, and toward multi-use. This 16’ (4.87 m) TRACKER is a good example of that trend.

Major Features

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT deck plan

This overhead view clearly displays that the TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT is well-equipped for fishing. Note the three seats are moveable to any of the standard five pedestal mounts.

    Moveable Seating. The three passenger seats are movable to 5 different standard pedestal mounts.

    Fore and Aft Fishing Platforms. Raised and carpeted.

    All Welded Deep-V Hull. 35-degree deadrise at the bow, 20-degree deadrise at the transom

    Well Thought-out Storage.

    VERSATRACK Accessory Mounting. Allows anglers to customize their accessories for the style of fishing they prefer.

    Durable Paint Coating. Tracker Marine simply has the best painting process in the industry.

    Competitive Pricing. Because Tracker Marine is the largest builder of aluminum boats in the world it has tremendous economies of scale that are passed along to the consumer in pricing.

    Quality Construction and Materials. Because of its economies of scale, Tracker Marine does not have to cut corners or skimp on labor or materials to produce a quality boat at a competitive price. In fact, for the last few years its focus has been on quality, not price.

    Warranty. Tracker claims to have the best aluminum boat warranty in the industry, and we have no reason to doubt them. See below for more details.

Click on the pdf link below to read the full warranty…


Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT

The Pro Guide™ V-165 WT tested possessed a substantially solid ride that made it feel like a bigger boat.

The TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT has a length overall of 17'6" (5.33 m), and a beam of 8’1” (2.46 m). With an empty weight of 2,844 lbs. (1,290 kg), 60% fuel and two people on board, we had an estimated test weight of 3,356 lbs. (1,522 kg).

Top Speed. With a 115-hp Mercury 4-stroke turning a 13.25 x 17 pitch Black Max propeller the boat reached a top speed of 42.7 mph at 5800 rpm.

Best Cruise. The best cruise came in at 3000 rpm and 19.3 mph. At that speed, the 2.8 gph fuel burn translated into 7 miles per gallon and a range of 161 statute miles while still holding back a 10% reserve of the boat’s 25.5-gallon (96.53 L) total fuel capacity.

Acceleration Times and Test Conditions

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT test data


Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT running

Deep deadrise and reversed chines provides a smoother, dryer ride and better overall performance.

As for handling, this boat has an aggressive and solid feel to it. We found her remarkably comfortable for her size. It’s a small boat with a big boat feel.

Upon hitting the throttle, the boat reached planing speed in 3.2 seconds, accelerated to 20 mph in 5.5 seconds and continued on to 30 mph in 9.2 seconds. This means it will be able to get beginning boarders up quickly.

We recommend that operators be aggressive with the trim. A pull from the engine torque will be felt as she accelerates, but when the trim comes in, that pull goes away.

She’s got a firm feel to the steering and that lends itself to a steady ride rather than allowing for a captain to get heavy handed. She rolls comfortably into turns and tracks well with no tendency to fall off the turn or spin out.

We experienced no ventilation in normal turns.

When crossing wakes she rides up and over rather than through and stays dry as she throws the spray low and wide.

Boat Inspection

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT docked

The Pro Guide™ V-165 WT is laid-out primarily for fishing and offers a secure, 26” cockpit depth.


Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT bow

The elevated bow casting platform measures 6’4” (1.93 m) wide at the consoles, 2’5” wide at the forward-most point and 4’7” (1.39 m) deep, fore and aft. Note the pedestal base in the center. One of five throughout the boat.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT trolling motor

The standard Minn Kota® PowerDrive™ provides 55-lb. (24.9 kg) thrust, 54" (1.4 m) shaft, foot-control trolling motor and this image shows the foot pedal storage.

All Boats Should Have Anchors. While the emphasis of this boat is on fishing, owners should not forget that all boats must have an anchor -- and should have an anchor rode cleat mounted on the bow of the boat on the centerline. The starboard side casting deck locker can be dedicated to a lightweight Danforth-style anchor, and we would have a proper cleat added in the aftermarket.

The Bow Casting Deck has marine grade carpet. Effective for non-skid.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT livewell

Port side bow 19-gallon (72 L) aerated livewell. Note the reinforced hatch-lid.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT storage

The bow starboard side storage can doubles as anchor locker or a cooler. Note the reinforced lid and latch along with the drain.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT cup holder

Located in the bow of the boat is a cup holder starboard and a tool holder to port. Note the panel mounted in the riser with the 12-volt outlet, trolling motor receptacle and motor tilt switch, as well as the two VERSATRACK® accessory-mounting channels in both the port and starboard gunnels.

Walkthrough Windshield

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT walkthough windshield

The tall walkthrough windshield with tempered safety-glass provides protection and opens to allow a 21” egress.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT rod storage

Shown in the open position is the walkthrough lockable rod storage for 6' to 8' (1.8 m to 2.4 m) spinning and baitcast rods. Note the reinforced hatch-lid.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT courtesy lights

Shown above is the walkthrough courtesy lights. Courtesy lights only need to pay off once to be well worth it.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT battery

The trolling motor battery is located under the walkthrough rod storage.

Port Side Console

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT console

Port side passenger console comes standard with a glovebox-style storage compartment, small items side tray and 12-volt outlet.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT drink holder

There is a standard drink holder and speaker built into the port side panel below the port side console.

Helm Console

The helm is well organized, functional, and comes standard with a storage shelf in the center, dedicated cell phone storage, Bluetooth® connectable stereo, a fixed sport steering wheel and 12-volt outlet for accessories.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT helm

The helm features illuminated single-function gauges with speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter, fuel gauge, water pressure and trim gauge are all standard on the Pro Guide™ V-165 WT.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT helm toggle

The standard helm toggle switches are clearly labeled and within easy reach. The red horn button is conveniently located which is important. Note the built-in cell phone holder.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT fish finder

The Pro Guide™ V-165 WT comes standard with a Lowrance® HOOK-4x color fishfinder with CHIRP sonar, DownScan Imaging™ and transducer.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT fishing seat

The movable driver/fishing seat with sliding base adjustment comes standard.

Our test captain felt that the helm seat could go to starboard about 3” (7.62 cm) which would also provide more cockpit space behind the walkthrough. We also felt the standard fire extinguisher could be moved to a less problematic position than its current location under the helm.


Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT cockpit

The Pro Guide™ V-165 WT cockpit has 2’2” (.66 m) depth and comes standard with the movable driver/fishing seat plus two additional movable fishing seats and five in-deck pedestal seat base locations. Note, the cockpit deck area has marine-grade vinyl floor covering in the cockpit area.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT

Between the helm and companion seat is in-deck storage which is a good place for gear that can get wet from rain water and not be hurt or mildew.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT boxes

There are two deep top-loading lockable boxes in the cockpit sides great for rods up to 8' (2.4 m) and gear.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT side storage

The side storage houses the paddle and mounting clips that come standard.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT fishing deck

The elevated fishing deck is carpeted and holds the aft 29-gallon (110 L), 50" (1.3 m) aerated livewell to port and the cranking battery and bait bucket holder on the starboard. Note the seat pedestal mounting bracket and the optional tow-sport pylon receiver.

Aft casting deck is raised and measures 7’2” (2.18 m) from port to starboard and 2’8” (.81 m) fore to aft at the gunnels and 1’6” (.46 m) in front of the outboard engine well.
Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT

The VERSATRACK® accessory-mounting channel in gunnels is standard throughout the cockpit of the TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT. VERSATRACK accessories are optional. Shown is the optional VERSATRACK tool holder.

Mooring Cleats. TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT has six 5” (.43 m) fixed cleats.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT ladder

ABYC standards call for all boats to have a re-boarding ladder that can be reached by someone in the water. It is also to reach 22” (.86 m) below the waterline, as this standard ladder clearly does. This feature makes the boat able to be used for towing sports.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT

Single-axle trailer is standard with the TRACKER® Pro Guide™ V-165 WT.

The Single-axle trailer comes standard with Chrome wheels and matching hub covers with 14" (35.6 cm) radial tires powder-coat finish and impact, corrosion and chip protection shielding. TRACKER® makes its own trailers matched specifically for each model.

The trailer also features heavy-duty upright load guides for easy, centered loading and carpeted bunks and fender boards to protect the hull.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT

The standard trailer’s space-saving, swing-away tongue reduces storage length. Great for the garage.

Aluminum Construction

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT fishing boat

A properly built aluminum fishing boat is far more complicated to build than most people realize.

Aluminum Hull. Tracker models are all welded -- and that includes hull seems, bulkheads, stringer system, transom and gunnels. They are all joined to form one unitized construction stronger than the individual parts. TRACKER® says that the aluminum is .100 mm thick and the aluminum alloy is 5052. Advances in robotic welding and welding techniques are evident in the TRACKER® builds. TRACKER® backs the hull with a limited lifetime warranty.

Decks. The decks are pressure treated and are made of marine-grade plywood which is commonly used in the boating industry for decking in aluminum fishing boats and in pontoon boats. It carries a limited lifetime warranty. The plywood is covered marine-grade carpet on the raised fore and aft casting decks and vinyl flooring covering in the cockpit.

Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT chine flats

Note the wide chine flats that give the boat stability and deflect spray. The deadrise at the transom is relatively deep for this type of boat which will make it more comfortable in sloppy conditions in a large lake.


Following is a boiled down version of the warranty description on the Tracker Marine website. We recommend that consumers read the fine print of all boat and engine warranties. Below is a link to a pdf of the Tracker warranty in its entirety.

    5-year bow-to-stern warranty. Covers parts and labor for defects in materials and workmanship on virtually everything on the boat except electronics, trolling motor, and outboard engine.

    3-year warranty on powder coat finish adhesion, trolling motor and fishfinder. Fishfinder and trolling motor must be factory installed.

    Limited lifetime structural and deck warranty. For original owners. Includes interior ribs, transom, exterior welds and decking.

    Provision for transfer to a second owner. May be transfered for up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

    All warranty issues are handled by a Tracker dealer.

    Full warranty coverage – no pro-rating.

Click on the pdf link below to read the full warranty…

Options to Consider

The well-featured Tracker Pro Guide V-165 WT has very few options.

    • Mercury 115 XL FourStroke outboard

    • VERSATRACK® cutting board

    • VERSATRACK® tackle tray

    • VERSATRACK® tool holder

    • VERSATRACK® drink holder

    • VERSATRACK® downrigger bracket

    • Ski tow pylon

    • Trailer brake upgrade

    • Boat cover

Price: $21,995 with 90 XL 4-stoke engine and trailer.


The TRACKER® Pro Guide™V-165 WT is a fully-featured freshwater fishing boat that is sporty to drive. It has a six-person capacity. However, for fishing it would be best if the number of anglers were limited to three or less.

The aluminum construction, and warranty is impressive.

The boat handled like a much larger boat and provides confidence on a quick ride to the fishing grounds or other destinations.

With its power and responsiveness it would make a more than adequate tow-sports boat with the optional tow pylon.

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