Polyform HTM Fenders

Polyform HTM Fenders: Designed for Versatility

The design trait that sets Polyform’s HTM fenders apart is that the line passes through the middle. HTM stands for “hole-through-middle” and the company says that having the line pass through the middle provides maximum protection in a wide variety of applications. The series is designed for vessels ranging from 20’ (6.1 m) to 50’ (15.24 m) in four sizes and a variety of colors.

Polyform HTM Fenders

HTM fenders can be temporarily used on the boat or permanently secured to a dock and the center-tube design makes them easier to secure at the top and bottom.

All the HTM series fenders have even wall thickness for strength and durability. Molded-in ribs improve strength and abrasion resistance and the ends are reinforced. They can be used in vertical or horizontal orientation. Polyform says they’re designed for medium-duty use in permanent and unprotected moorings and all HTM fenders have Polyform’s unique valve with screw closure. All the fenders are available in as many as 22 colors.

Polyform HTM Fenders

The HTM-4 can be used to protect the unblemished hullsides of yachts up to 50’ (15.2 m).

Polyform HTM Fenders

Polyform HTM fenders come in four sizes with the above dimensions.

Polyform HTM Fenders

This image shows the advantage of the HTM series’ center tube. It can be pre-fit with a line and the height can be easily adjusted.

Complete Coverage

To better protect the HTM series, Polyform also offers EFC Series Covers that are hand-washable. They’re made with a premium-grade polyester yarn that is durable and resistant to abrasion and UV exposure. The covers resist water absorption, which reduces the overall weight of the fenders when they get wet. Covers are available in black or navy blue and are woven in a fashion that results in a seamless tube so there’s no chance splitting.

Polyform EFS Cover

Polyform also offers FenderFit Fender Covers that are custom made for the HTM series.

All Polyform fenders including the HTM series and the covers are available at Defender Marine. Click to see the full selection and find the best match for your boat.