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Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 (2016-)

2 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 300

Brief Summary

With the sheer line of classic Bahamas builds, the Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 is a handsome center console that comes fully-rigged for full-scale tournament fishing. For live bait anglers, the livewells are particularly impressive -- there's a lighted 50-gallon (189 L) well in the transom, another 100-gallon (378 L) well in the aft deck, each fed by 1600 gph pumps -- she can haul baits big enough for billfish when desired. Another feature is the hydraulic lift on the forward fish box hatch, making access to this giant box easy even when one's hands are full of angry wahoo or tuna. Her 53 mph speed in our test runs, powered with twin Evinrude E-TEC G2 300s, means she's capable of getting far offshore fast -- and even more importantly, of getting home quickly when weather threatens.

Key Features

  • Choice of over 1,000 hull colors
  • Built-in sink in transom with stainless steel faucet
  • Large portside transom door with heavy-duty hinges and latch
  • Lockable rod storage for 12 rods under sole, doubles as additional dry storage
  • 50 gal. lighted livewell in transom and 100 gal. livewell in sole
  • 1,100 quart fully insulated main fishbox with 90/10 split access doors
  • 2 additional aft fishboxes double as additional dry storage
  • 9 rod holders on standard leaning post
  • 10 rod holders recessed in console

Test Results

500 3.1 2.7 0.5 6.2 5.39 1674 1456 72
1000 5.7 5 1.25 4.56 3.97 1231 1071 71
1500 7.8 6.8 2.5 3.12 2.71 842 733 72
2000 8.8 7.6 5.05 1.73 1.51 468 407 74
2500 11.8 10.2 10.8 1.09 0.95 294 255 77
3000 17.4 15.1 13.15 1.32 1.15 356 310 76
3500 22.4 19.5 15.2 1.47 1.28 398 346 79
4000 29 25.2 17.95 1.62 1.4 436 379 85
4500 35.9 31.2 20.7 1.73 1.51 468 407 83
5000 43.7 38 28.7 1.52 1.32 411 357 91
5800 53 46.1 48.2 1.1 0.96 297 258 92


Length Overall 32' 7'' / 9.93 m
Beam 9' 10''
2.99 m
Dry Weight 8,500 lbs.
3,855 kg
Tested Weight 10,840 lbs.
4,917 kg
Draft 19''
0.48 m
Deadrise/Transom 24-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 300 gal.
1,136 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 10,840 lbs.
4,917 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.8 sec.
0 to 30 6.4 sec.
Ratio 1.85:1
Props Rebel 3-blade 15 1/4 x 19 3-blade
Load 2 persons, 8/9 fuel, full water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 70 deg., 64 humid.; wind: 0-6 mph; seas: chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 300
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 running shot

The Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 is a 32’7” (9.93 m) long boat with a 9’10” (2.99 m) beam that is designed to perform in myriad conditions.


For the Offshore 32, Andros Boatworks turned to the team at Michael Peters Yacht Design and to respected fishing professionals and guides to develop a center console that places a priority on fishing and can excel in offshore conditions with power provided by a pair of 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 2-stroke direct-injection outboards.
She has a conventional deep-V design with 24-degrees of deadrise at the transom and she’s available with twin outboards up to a maximum of 700-hp. Andros Boatworks builds the 32 Offshore on a custom basis so owners can equip her for a variety of uses from family boating to tournament fishing.
She is built to order.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 aerial

Andros determined that 32’7” (9.93 m) is the maximum length to still run efficiently with twin outboards, which keeps the price and operating costs reasonable.

Features Inspection

The Aft Cockpit.

For convenient boarding from the docks, passengers can step aboard the Offshore 32 on each side of the twin outboards. There’s space to pass in front of them on the swim platform. To port, a passageway to the cockpit closes with a transom door that can also be opened to make it easier to haul in a big tuna. The stern contains a centrally positioned 50-gallon (189-L) lighted livewell and a removable chum box that empties overboard outboard to starboard. Just ahead is the in-sole 100-gallon (378-L) livewell. The wells are fed by two 1,600-gph (6,056.7-lph) Rule Tournament pumps. Two in-deck insulated fishboxes double as dry storage. When it’s time for a cruise, an aft bench seat clips in place.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 bench

To enhance the boat’s versatility, this bench seat can be added to the aft cockpit. The passageway to port closes with a door and is the best way to land a large fish.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 bilge

A hatch in the cockpit sole ahead of the aft bench seat opens to reveal access to the bilge and livewell pumps.

No Gutters.

One thing we noticed missing from the Offshore 32’s cockpit was gutters. There are 2” (5.08 cm) drains in the aft corners of the cockpit, but Andros Boatworks doesn’t like cockpit gutters because they create a tripping hazard. Instead, all of the locker openings have scuppers to catch water and they drain directly overboard.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 fuel separator

A smart idea: the fuel/water separators are in a transom compartment so they can be easily serviced.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 label

We like the labels for the fuel system.

The Leaning Post.

As we stated earlier, the Offshore 32 is built to order. She comes standard with an aluminum leaning post with nine rod holders. After seeing the tackle station on the back of the leaning post, we can imagine many owners will order the boat with it. The leaning post has drawers, line spools and a series of tackle boxes so the boat will be ready to go after whatever fish a crew spots. The front side has a two-person seat with a backrest that should be comfortable for standing or seated travel.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 leaning post

The optional leaning post has two cup holders on top and when closed, takes up little space, leaving the aft cockpit open for fishing.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 leaning post

Open the hatches and there’s access to extra spools of line and large items up top; tackle in the middle and tool drawers below.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 helm seat

The captain and a companion can travel in a seated or standing position at the standard leaning post that has storage beneath the hinged bottom cushion.

The Helm.

At the Offshore 32’s helm, the steering wheel is centrally positioned with the engine controls to starboard. Switches for the Lenco trim tabs are abaft the shifts/throttles. The vertical forward dash has space for two chartplotters to be positioned at eye level. The manufacturer protects them with a hinged acrylic screen that has dual latches.
The VHF radio and stereo control are also shielded from the elements by the screen. Accessory switches with pop-out breakers are below the steering wheel and are also protected beneath an acrylic panel. Down low, there’s an angled footrest that spans the width of the console.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 helm

Placing the steering wheel in the center of the dash and the controls to starboard means that the captain will position himself to starboard, leaving space to port for a companion.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 t tops

Andros Boatworks makes all of its tops and towers in-house and the welds are some of the cleanest we’ve seen.

Integrated Structure.

Whether or not an Offshore 32 is ordered with the T-Top or tower, the console is built to accommodate the structure. Outboard on each side of the console, about 8” (20.3cm) off the deck, is a reinforced 3” (7.6 cm) wide pad to which the tower structure secures. The raised indented steps on each side create natural space for five rod holders and two cup holders.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 rod holders

On both sides of the console, there are five rod holders and two cup holders. The bolts for the tower bases go through aluminum backing plates and are secured with nylon lined backing nuts.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 tower

The T-top tower can be ordered with a second helm station with a large glovebox. Aft are five rocket-launcher style rod holders and two spreader lights.

Gunwale Storage.

Outboard on each side of the console, there’s space in the gunwales for storage that can be customized for rods or landing tackle. Raw- and freshwater washdown spigots on the vertical deck supports make it easy to connect hoses for cleaning the fore and aft decks.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 gunwales

The gunwales have padding that runs the length of the cockpit with space for customized storage underneath.

Versatile Console.

The front of the Offshore 32’s console has a bench seat with a backrest and two cup holders outboard. The cushion could be wide enough for two kids and the tower structure provides hand holds to hang on to. A rubber bungee-style latch holds it down and, when released, the whole seat lifts on two stainless-steel gas struts to reveal a step-down compartment with 6’2” (1.9 m) of headroom.
There’s space for a pump-out head and this option will make the vessel more family-friendly. Outboard to port are a locker and the circuit breaker panel. Batteries are in the lower compartment with the switches and digital voltage meters adjacent to the hatch to port. An upper hatch provides access to the rigging for the helm and electronics.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 console seat

The seat on the front of the console has two cup holders outboard and there’s space ahead for a couple of grab handles.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 head

Release the latch for the console seat and the structure lifts up on two gas struts. This photo shows the area with a pump-out head.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 no head

In this photo, there’s no head, which gives this crewmember plenty of room to move in the compartment.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 battery access

The lower console hatch provides access to the batteries and the upper hatch gives access to the helm electronics. Battery switches are on each side of the lower hatch.

The Bow.

Forward, the Offshore 32’s bow is wide open for owners to add seating or to serve as a large fishing area. Andros purposely designed her with lower decks than some competitive boats so a fish can be gaffed anywhere on the boat. The main fishbox is under deck and it has an 1,100-quart (1,041-L) capacity with 90/10 split access hatches. The larger hatch opens on an electric-lift ram and the main fishbox has a high-pressure raw-water washdown to help keep the deck clean. There are insulated port and starboard compartments aft. One available option is a large coffin-box cooler that secures on top of the power hatch.

In the forepeak

, the boat has an anchor locker and a windlass is an option. Grab rails are recessed beneath deck height and there are three in-deck rod holders on each side.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 bow

The Offshore 32’s bow has a 9’ (2.7 m) long fishbox that is 4’ (1.2 m) deep and has its own raw-water washdown.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 fish box

The power lift for the primary hatch on the fishbox is strong enough to lift the optional coffin-box cooler when the cooler is empty.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 lockers

Andros says that the Offshore 32 has space for 16 SCUBA tanks in the below decks lockers throughout the boat.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 casting bow

To keep the deck uncluttered for fishing, the bow cleat is a pull-up, the anchor locker hatch closes flush and the handrail is recessed. Notice the raised toe rail that anglers can use when throwing a cast net.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 anchor locker

The anchor locker hatch lays over flat so it won’t bounce in rough water.

Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 Engine

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 HP is probably the most technically advanced outboard engine on the market in class. In a nutshell, this 3.4 L engine provides 4-stroke fuel economy at cruising speeds with 2-stroke torque at the low and mid RPM ranges. Its strongest suit, however, is its low-maintenance design which integrates this steering and gear shifting into the body of the engine with no external rods or cylinders. Scheduled maintenance isn’t required for 5 years or 500 hours.
The E-TEC G2 has an internal oil reservoir, an 81-degree tilt range, and has auto-winterization. Its beltless magneto system is more reliable than the automobile-type alternators used on most other outboards. The engine was designed from the beginning to be saltwater-ready and carries a 5-year factory backed warranty which includes corrosion.

Power and Performance.

We tested the boat with twin 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards turning Rebel 15 ¼” x 19” (38.7 cm x 48.3 cm) three-blade stainless-steel propellers through 1.85:1 reductions. As-tested, the combined boat and engine weight was 10,840 lbs. (4,917 kg).

Running in a light chop

on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, we hit a top speed of 53 mph (46.1 knots) at 5800 rpm.

Best cruise

came at 4500 rpm where the boat ran 35.9 mph (31.2 knots) and consumed 20.7 gph (78.4 lph), giving the Offshore 32 a range of 459 statute miles with 10% of the boat’s fuel capacity in reserve.
In acceleration tests, the boat planed in 3.8 seconds and ran to 30 mph (26.1 knots) in 6.4 seconds.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 running shot

Twin outboards push the Offshore 32 to impressive speeds and her bow entry and broad flare should make her a capable wave crusher.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 engines

For maximum efficiency, the Offshore 32 has a built-in transom bracket that positions the motors well aft, which maximizes their trim influence and the boat’s performance.


We put the Offshore 32 through a series of maneuverability tests and were impressed by her nimble, predictable handling. When we ran a series of slalom turns through another boat’s wake, the deep-V bottom with 24-degrees of deadrise and a sharp entry sliced through the waves.
In circle turns, she carved a tight radius leaning and banking through the turns even at full throttle. When we ran through the confused seas and crossed the wakes of a much larger sportfisherman, the boat handled the waves with ease.

Andros Boatworks Offshore 32 running shot

For an experienced captain heading for deep, blue water, there’s nothing like a tried and true deep-V design. The Offshore 32 did exactly what we asked of her in multiple turning tests.


Andros Boatworks builds the Offshore 32 with hand-applied biaxial structural fiberglass, vinylester resin and high-density foam coring. The transom is cored with high-density foam board. When fabricating the transom, Andros’ personnel drilled a series of ¼” holes and applied resin and fiberglass to the transom between the hull material and the new transom. Then the transom material is clamped securely in place and resin is poured through the ¼” holes. Finally, the top of the transom is finished with fiberglass. Once the transom cures, the fiberglass stringers are bonded in place and filled with flotation foam, which is used to fill over structural voids. The deck and small parts are built with the same basic process and materials and the hull and deck are attached with mechanical fasteners and with Plexus bonding adhesive.

Attention to Details.

The Offshore 32 carries 300 gallons (1,136 L) of fuel in three aluminum tanks that are coated in LineX rubber coating that is used to protect truck bed liners. Deck hardware, thru-hull fittings and gas struts for locker hatches are all stainless steel. Five 8” stainless steel pull-up cleats provide tie-up options and keep the deck uncluttered. Dual 1,500-gph bilge pumps have two independent float switches mounted at different levels, which increases safety. Custom-made high-speed baitwell pickups are mounted in a transom recess so they don’t affect hull efficiency or clog in shallow water. Tin-coated copper wire is used throughout and all wire connections are made with heat-shrink connectors and epoxy coating.

Base Price

• $167,525 with twin 250-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards and ICON, Digital Throttle & Shift and Optimus Steering

• $178,060 with twin 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards with 4.3” (10.9 cm) ICON touchscreen

Options to Consider and Price

• 7” (17.8 cm) Evinrude ICON color touchscreen ($2,180)

• Windlass with anchor, 400’ (121.9 m) of rode and chain ($4,850)

• Dual station T-tower (hardtop stand on console) ($18,750)

• Electronics box in hardtop or soft-top ($990)

• Custom fiberglass leaning post/tackle center ($3,450)

• Folding bow bench seats ($2,700 per pair)

• Folding aft bench seat ($1,850)

• Battery charging system with shorepower port ($925)

• Under-gunwale LED lighting ($880)

• Coffin box with cushion ($1,900)

• Raw-water washdown ($560)

• Yeti 65 cooler ($400)

• Full boat cover ($3,890)

• Choice of Garmin GPSMAP 7608, 7610, 8208 MFD, 8212 MFD and 8215 MFD charplotters/fishfinders ($2,150 to $6,999)

• Choice of Garmin GMR 424, 624 or 1224 Open Array Radar and pedestal ($3,999 to $5,799)

• Choice of VHF radios from Garmin, Icom or VHF radios starting at ($399)

• Triple-axle welded trailer ($9,568)


To keep the price more reasonable, Andros Boatworks designed the Offshore 32 for twin outboards from the start. The boat isn’t offered with triples. The lighter weight of the 2-stroke Evinrudes could make the most sense because of their power-to-weight ratio, fuel economy and low maintenance requirements. They burn cleaner than most 4-strokes and they don’t need maintenance for 500 hours or 5 years.

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