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Burger Boat Company Sea Owl II (2010-)

Brief Summary

Next spring the venerable Burger Boat Company in Manitowoc, WI will launch the 142’ tri-deck Sea Owl II. While we have not met the owner (and don’t even know who he is), we can tell a lot about him by looking at the yacht he has designed. Note that we say “the owner” -- not the naval architect, nor the captain, nor even the builder. This owner has a well-educated eye that appreciates traditional, conservative motoryacht design (the kind that Burger is famous for). He is also an owner that has spent many days at sea over the years and knows that Murphy must have been a yachtsman. The owner is also a dreamer, a man who plans to do a lot of long-distance cruising in the company of friends. And, he is a connoisseur of fine, practical boat building. We think that we all – no matter what size motoryacht we’re thinking about buying, from 40’ on up – can learn from studying the designs of Sea Owl II.