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Cobia 237 SE (2010-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)

Captain's reports and/or test numbers for this model are archived.
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Brief Summary

Who said, “Less is more”? The architect Mies van der Rohe usually gets the credit, but it’s really a line from an 1855 Robert Browning poem, Andrea del Sarto. (Who says isn’t educational?) We don’t know if either of those guys liked to fish – Browning was probably some iambic-pentameter pansy -- but if they did, they’d have loved Cobia’s 237 SE. It’s a back-to-basics center-console fishboat that’s comes complete with almost everything you need to head offshore and wet a line. Lots of boats do that, right? But most of them load you down with lots of extra stuff you don’t need – fancy stuff, maybe stuff meant to appeal to your wife so she’ll let you write the check, or maybe just stuff to help justify a premium price. Only trouble is, not only does your wife not fish, but she doesn’t do maintenance, either, so you end up fixing all the frilly stuff you don’t need in the first place.

Captain's Report

Cobia 237 SE (2010-) Captain's Report is archived.