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Brief Summary

If you want a semi-custom sport or fishing boat, but don't want to sell a vital organ to pay for it, take a look at the Concept 27. She has a classic 24-degree deep-V hull, so you know she'll ride nice in open water; She's ruggedly built, so she won't fall apart; rated for up to 350-hp, she'll be fast; and she is extremely customizable, so you can get exactly the boat you want, and not what somebody else wants to sell you. Even better, thanks to the company's practice of selling factory-direct, your Concept 27 won't come with a price tag approaching the national debt. Buyers willing to forego fancy graphics and lots of options can buy a Concept 27, with a 225-hp Mercury Optimax outboard, for around $45,000. In an industry where money talks, the Concept 27 has a lot to say.