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Formula 370 Super Sport (2014-)

2 x 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 HO

Brief Summary

The Formula 370 Super Sport (SS) successfully combines the characteristic Formula handling of the FAS3TECH hull with the fit-and-finish the company is so well known for. For the luxury, the 370 Super Sport’s interior took on an entirely new persona that spawned from market research and customer feedback. Our test captain reports that the resulting combination is stunning in its presentation and a joy to operate, even in choppy conditions.

Key Features

  • 10-year structural warranty
  • 4 polished Bomar cabin venting hatches with screens
  • Extended swim platform with concealed swim ladder and pull-up cleats
  • Curved UltraLeather sofa seating with dual-height, wood dining table and filler cushions
  • Aft cabin stateroom with Sensus memory foam queen mattress
  • Garmin GPS navigational system with color chartplotter
  • Dino tilt steering wheel with silver burl/wood and brushed metallic insets
  • Dual-height cockpit tables with filler cushions
  • American Cherry wood grain-finish flooring throughout cabin
  • Optional transom-mounted stainless propane grill

Test Results

650 4.7 4 2.89 1.61 1.4 345 300 68
1000 6.3 5.4 4.85 1.29 1.12 276 240 67
1500 7.9 6.8 8.6 0.91 0.79 196 170 71
2000 8.8 7.7 15.4 0.57 0.5 122 106 76
2500 17 14.8 21.35 0.8 0.69 171 148 77
3000 28 24.3 26.75 1.04 0.91 224 195 83
3500 36.7 31.9 35 1.05 0.91 224 195 87
4000 40.4 35.1 43.5 0.93 0.81 199 173 86
4500 46.8 40.7 56.65 0.83 0.72 177 154 89
5000 53.6 46.6 75.4 0.71 0.62 152 132 85


Length Overall 38' 6'' / 11.73 m
Beam 10' 9''
3.27 m
Dry Weight 15,100 lbs.
6,849 kg
Tested Weight 16,747 lbs.
7,596 kg
Draft 36''
.91 m
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom 6' 2''
1.88 m
Bridge Clearance 10' 0''
3.05 m
Fuel Capacity 218 gal.
825 L
Water Capacity 43 gal.
163 L
Total Weight 16,747 lbs.
7,596 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 5.4 sec.
0 to 30 15.1 sec.
Ratio 2.0:1
Props 15 X 28P LH SS 4 BL Front 13.5 X 28P RH SS 3 BL Rear
Load 4 persons, 3/5 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 71 deg., 73 humid.; wind: 0-5 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 2 x 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 HO
Std. Power N/A
Opt. Power 2 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT Bravo Three X DTS
2 x 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG H.O. ECT Bravo Three X DTS
2 x 300-hp Volvo Penta D4 DPH Electronic steering Diesel

Captain's Report

Mission Statement

The mission of the Formula 370 Super Sport is to create a synergy of performance and luxury on a level that exceeds past versions. A newly styled interior design reflects years of gleaning customer feedback and is functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Finally, Formula's basic mission is to stay ahead of all other boat builders in class when it comes to eye-appeal and rough water performance.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The Latte Metallic topsides are a soothing addition to the beauty of the all new 370 Super Sport from Formula, and blend in harmoniously with the interior color scheme.

Distinguishing Features


This is the performance hull that the company’s go-fast boats are designed on. Twin steps draw air under the hull, reducing surface friction and increasing performance. Many boats have one step, but few have two. Everything from speed to fuel economy is enhanced.

Strong Warranty.

Formula stands behind its products with a 10-year structural warranty and a 5-year transferable "Formula Guard" protection plan. This plan includes engine and outdrives for five years.

Choice of Graphics.

Most builders have a “one-and-done” policy regarding graphic choices. Not so with Formula. There are three different choices so that the 370 Super Sport can be dialed in to the specific look that owners are striving for.

Axalta ChromaPremier Paint.

Formula uses this high-quality paint that has a bright luster, then covers it with Axalta clear coat for durability and longevity of high gloss. (See below). The test boat had a Latte colored hull which blends harmoniously with her interior colors.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The Formula 370 SS has a LOA of 38’6” (11.73 m), a beam of 10’9” (3.27 m) and a draft of 36” (91.4 cm).

Polished to Perfection.

Formula’s are always easy to spot among the throng of boats on the water. They’re the ones that look far and away better than the rest. On our tour of the Decatur, Indiana plant, we paused at the end of the line to watch a boat being finished out. No less than four workers were at the hull with orbital buffers bringing out the perfect shine. When one of them stepped back to admire her work, we joined in and looked at the mirror-like shine. We saw no flaws or imperfections in the reflection.
The video on Formula's "polish-to-perfection" construction method…

Excellent Tooling.

Formula knows that much of its premium reputation is because of the exceptional cosmetic nature of its hulls. Look at any Formula hull at a boat show and notice the play of light across the surface. Their hulls do not reflect light in waves much less as a washboard. The reason is because the plugs were board sanded for hundreds of hours. Then the molds have been maintained and polished to maintain the fairness of the plugs.


In our opinion, there are no boats built like Formulas in the U.S. in class and that gives owners of the 370 Super Sport bragging rights (although most Formula owners have too much class to brag). And that is what Formulas are all about, class and performance on the water.


Not surprisingly, price ($527,250) is another distinguishing feature of the 370 Super Sport. It simply comes with the territory.

Formula 370 Super Sport

This view of the underside of the 370 SS shows the twin steps of the FAS3TECH hull. Each of these steps draws air under the hull to reduce surface friction and increase performance.

Major Features

Concealed Anchor Windlass.

This is now a standard feature. It includes 150’ (45.72 m) of all-chain rode, a chain counter at the helm, a polished stainless steel anchor on a thru-the-stem anchor roller and a hand held remote.

Radar Arch.

The standard on the 370 SS is a radar arch but our test boat was fitted with an optional hardtop, a $16k upgrade, and it looked amazing. It was fitted with courtesy lights and blue LED pin lights.

7.3 kW Generator.

This is a LOW CO Kohler generator with sound shield.

Formula 370 Super Sport

There’s nothing like the mirror-smooth hull of the Formula 370 SS’ hull. Nor do most boats shine with the gloss of this one. It comes from meticulously polishing the finish over and over again until it’s perfect.

Chemically Bonded Hull-to-Deck Joint.

Formula chemically bonds the hull and deck components together and then thru-bolts them for added strength. It’s in this manner that the two are joined so as to become one solid component that cannot be separated from pounding seas, years of rack storage, hard beaching… The fiberglass itself will fail first. It’s that strong.

Formula Cast Cleats.

The 12 cleats on the 370 SS have the Formula logo cast into them. Not a big deal but indicative of the lengths this company will go to ensure that its boats are finished to perfection.

Waterproof Stereo Components.

While the stereo itself is not protected, and therefore remains concealed, the remote at the helm is, as are the 4- 6 ½” (16.5 cm) marine-grade speakers. Naturally, an MP3 port and 12V supply for the player are included and the stereo is Bluetooth enabled.

Center Foredeck Non-Skid.

Aids in safely transitioning to the bow deck. The non-skid also angles off to the cleat areas.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Once on plane, the 370 SS shows only a 5-degree bow high attitude, but onboard she has more of a level feel.

ST-60 Digital Depth Sounder.

A larger and more versatile display than the gauges we usually see. And this unit is standard.

All Weather Cockpit Seating.

These are made to withstand the elements. It starts with seat bases fabricated from StarLite XL synthetic marine panels. Top it off with DriFast foam that allows water to flow right through to drain holes underneath. Then upholster it with marine-grade vinyl covered with PreFixx stain inhibitor and stitch it together with Tenera UV resistant thread and, voila, a seat that can last.

Redesigned Cockpit Seating.

The styling has been redesigned to improve the looks and comfort. A recessed “alcove” under the seatbacks allows for a way to add drink holders to the middle of the seats without sacrificing the number of available seats. LED rope lighting across the top is completely hidden from view, and its presence is not noticeable until the lights are activated. The resulting look is stunning.

Redesigned Cabin Seating.

The Ultraleather is still present for both the seat backs and bases, but a strip of suede has been added to the lumbar area. Extremely classy and eye pleasing.

Dual Height Cockpit Tables.

Filler cushions turn the U-shaped seating into a sun pad, or a bed for that matter.

Corian Themed.

All the counters are now Corian and the color scheme is carried to the mounts for the drink holders.

Molded Wet Bar.

While we’ve seen standard wet bars before, this one is done up with upscale features that we typically see in options listings. It has the usual integrated sink and here the Corian counter theme continues. A dual voltage pullout refrigerator with stainless steel front and beverage racks, a 17 ½ quart (16.6 L) igloo carry-on cooler and an in-counter trash receptacle are all included.

New Wood Finish.

A new finish color is offered called bourbon cherry and it was included on our test boat. It’s combined with the deep cherry veneer of the cabinets.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The deep bourbon cherry wood finish in the galley and throughout the cabin.

Additional Stemware Holders.

Formula knows that this isn’t a live-aboard boat but more of a high-class entertainment platform that also accommodates weekend overnights. More of the cabinet space has been changed over to dedicated stemware racks for the cocktails, and in one cabinet, the top of the door is glass inlayed and the tops of the rack project blue LED lights downward onto the stems for a cool look at night.

Corian Countertops.

Again, based on customer feedback, this theme of putting Corian everywhere continues at the galley. A single basin stainless sink has high-end Moet fixtures.

Formula 370 Super Sport

It’s easy to see here how the ride feels level from the interior of the 370 Super Sport even though we are yawing slightly to port as we go over another boat's wake.


The Formula 370 Super Sport has a LOA of 38’6” (11.7 m), a beam of 10’9” (3.3 m), and a draft of 36” (91.4 cm). With an empty weight of 15,100 lbs. (6,849 kg), 60% fuel, and 4 people onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 16,747 lbs. (7,596 kg).

WOT Speed.

With a pair of 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG HO engines turning 29 pitch propsets on BIII drives we reached a top speed of 53.6 mph at 5000 rpm. At that speed we were burning 75.4 gph for a range of 150 miles. It should be noted that this is one of the fastest speeds we have recorded in class (exceeded only by .5 mph by another Formula 370).

Best cruise

came in at 3500 rpm and 36.7 mph. That speed reduced the fuel burn to 35 gph producing a range of 224 miles and an endurance of just over 6 hours while still retaining a 10% reserve of fuel.

Best Cruise, V2.

For those folks who don't want to go that fast, and sometimes conditions won't permit it, it is good to know that by easing off the throttle to 3000 rpms, the 370 will go 28.0 mph with virtually the same fuel consumption on a mpg basis -- 1.04 mpg vs. 1.05 at 3500 rpm.
We had a time to plane of 5.4 seconds. We reached 20 mph in 9.5 seconds, 30 in 15.1 seconds, and continued accelerating through 40 mph in 20.3 seconds.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Captain Steve returns home after a long day testing the Formula 370 Super Sport. We can only hope there’s his favorite martini waiting for him once he's off duty.


Being that this boat is built on the hull of a FAS3TECH it’s little surprise that she handles outstandingly well. In fact, there’s virtually nothing in her handling characteristics that one would find untoward or out of line with not only the FAS3TECH line but the entire Formula line.

She accelerates cleanly

with minimal bowrise and no wandering of her heading. Once on plane add just 3-4 shots of up trim on the drives and she’s in her 5-degree high optimum running angle. However, because of her length and weight, that running angle feels much more like dead level. She has a stately roll into the turns, meaning nice and slow with no jerky motions and no tendency towards chine walking in the turns or at top speed.

Formula 370 Super Sport

When turning, the 370 Super Sport leans only 13-degrees into the turn remaining comfortable throughout.

She also has a solid feel

that can’t be denied. She cuts through wakes with little fanfare thanks to her weight, and spray is kept to a minimum. She just feels like a larger boat and that is something that most find comfortable and reassuring.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Upon accelerating the bow comes up only 9-degrees… among the lowest bowrise in class. We’ve only seen pontoons do less than that.

Formula 370 Super Sport

You can just make out the two steps in the hull mixed in with the spray. They inject air under the hull reducing surface friction.

Features Walkthrough

For this model year, the theme is one of raising the bar on the level of class and luxury onboard the 370 Super Sport. We’ve been of the opinion that this was a hard task to accomplish given the level that already exists on this boat, but Formula managed to pull it off. One of the ways it managed this task is by adding much more Corian throughout. The fabrics have also been up-scaled along with the design of the seats themselves, and the three-tone color scheme. And now it seems the mix of colors and materials is much easier on the eyes than previous models.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The layout shows U-shaped seating in the cockpit, a mid-cabin below with the head to starboard, and a forward dinette that converts to a berth all the way forward.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Even at rest, the Formula 370 Super Sport presents a stately profile that seamlessly blends both her speed and graceful lines.


As we step aboard our test boat, there is optional teak grain vinyl decking ($3,820) across the platform that adds a distinctive touch of class along with the safety of being non-skid. The double wide aft-facing chaise lounge has been upgraded to convert to a sun pad electrically now, but the standard table in the cockpit will need to be removed for it to go all the way down. Previous versions were lowered manually.

Handy Switch.

A nod to the design team for putting the switch to actuate the seatback right in the armrest. Too many times we’ve seen the switch located in a remote area for reasons unknown to the rest of the world. Here it makes much more sense. To lower the seatback fully, the cockpit table will have to be removed though.
There is a pair of stainless drink holders to the sides, which is good as one is always used to hold anything but a drink… sunglasses, cell phone… MP3 player….etc. And it is here that we see the start of the Corian theme that will be carried throughout the boat. This Corian is available in no less than 7 color schemes, the test boat shown has the Silverite color. Alternates are Burled Beach, Earth, Lava Rock, Night Sky, Sonora and Tumbleweed.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The aft facing chaise converts to a sun pad at the touch of a button in the armrest now.

The Vinyl

is marine-grade but now there are three tones along with a dark piping across the seat that, on our test boat, were all a soft tone that kept the bright sun from reflecting back into the eyes.

Formula 370 Super Sport

At the aft seat, the stainless drink holders are mounted in Corian, a design theme that is carried throughout the boat.


The cockpit is entered from the port side and U-shaped seating is to port opposite an entertainment center. The seats have been re-designed for style and functionality, and now include small “alcoves” in the bottom of the seatbacks that conceal the grab handles and drink holders without impeding on the usable space of the seat itself.

Comfortable Seats.

The use of multiple foam densities in the cushions can easily be felt in the separations that are present throughout. Formula obviously tried to take a cue from German automobiles which have relatively firm seating for support, without forgetting that Americans like seats to be comfortable to sit in for a long time. Multiple densities of foam in different sections helps to achieve a special "Formula feel."
A pedestal table is covered in Corian, and of course both sections lower and accommodate filler cushions to form a sun pad.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The cockpit has U-shaped seating to starboard, a wet bar to port and lounge seating opposite the helm. The custom-patterned cockpit carpet is standard.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Here we can see the separate cushions that make up each seat, and the open spaces under the seatbacks that conceal the grab handles. Again, the drink holders are mounted to Corian.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The cockpit pedestal tables are topped with Corian, a continuation of the theme we will see as we make our way through the 370 Super Sport. These look good and are much easier to keep clean than wood tables which tend to stain, dry out in the hot sun and need lots of TLC. They have dual height adjustments for cocktails and dining or as a base for standard filler cushions for sun bathing.

Adding blue mood lighting

to cockpits is all the rage these days, having been started on megayachts many years ago. But Formula has a different take on this lighting theme. These lights can be seen in strategic places throughout the cockpit including in the overhead, seatbacks, headrests, and of course, the usual lighting at the deck level.

Formula 370 Super SportFormula 370 Super SportFormula 370 Super Sport

Here are some clever ways to add mood lighting to the cockpit.

Drinks Anyone?

Wet Bar.

Across from the U-shaped settee is a wet bar covered in… guess what… Corian. A sink is plumbed to the 43-gallon (163 L) pressure water system. In the center is a trash receptacle and forward is an insulated, self-draining cooler. With the covers all closed a huge amount of counter space makes food prep a cinch.

Party Time.

Below are two doors, aft is storage for a small removable cooler and this space also serves as the location for the house battery switches and circuit breakers. Forward is a cockpit refrigerator and here’s a spot where we’d like to see the acrylic door removed. The refrigerator has its own door and opening one door to get to another seems a bit counterproductive.


Also, missing from the equation is a grill. One is available on the options list -- a transom-mounted stainless propane grill with infrared technology, stainless shelf and carrying case ($1,360).

Formula 370 Super Sport

To port is a wet bar, all covered in Corian countertops. It even includes a standard cockpit refrigerator.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The aft door leads to the ship's batteries, an igloo cooler and a mounted fire extinguisher.


The 370 Super Sport comes standard with an arch that will accommodate the array of antennas, from radar to GPS to stereo and everything in between. It served its purpose and looks great on the boat, but there is a better option. Our test boat was fitted with the optional hardtop ($15,960) and it not only looks much better than the arch alone but it’s also more functional. It includes polished stainless speaker grilles, LED courtesy lights and blue pin lights underneath, and there’s a racing stripe right down the top side of it. Frankly, it really made the difference on our hot, sunny test day.

Formula 370 Super Sport

It’s easy to see the advantages of a hardtop over an arch, especially on a sunny day.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Our test boat was also fitted with the optional SureShade retractable sunshade ($8,400). This one can even be used while the boat is underway.

Just ahead, and across from the helm, is a doublewide chaise that can be used either facing forward, aft, or to simply face the good looking captain. All boats are tradeoffs and this seat is one such case. While it would be better to have a forward facing seat, this side facing seat allows for much more room in the cabin below. It can also be easily seen how the theme of upgraded seats continues here.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The rich theme of good-looking seats continues with this port side observer’s seat.


The good looks continue at the helm. The earth tones serve well to knock down the glare of the panel. Formula went with the latest gen VesselView display to the left, just below the twin analog tachs. In the center is a standard Raymarine chartplotter. Three options are available with increasing functionality with prices ranging from $5,680 to $21,355 with radar and autopilot.

Dash Details.

To the right of the nav screens is an ST-60 depth gauge, the twin trim indicators and a Lewmar chain counter. Controllability is offered by Mercury’s DTS digital controls, offering a host of features including engine sync and single lever. The trim tab controls have digital indicators to the sides.
Forward is the optional Axius joystick ($16,720) that worked flawlessly when maneuvering around the dock. The level of controllability never ceases to amaze with this system and anyone having concerns about moving up to this level of boat should not be concerned when this system is fitted.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The helm features a host of standard equipment that will offer complete functionality on the level this boat was intended. Upgrades are available for increasing cruising capability. The dash panel is with Liquid Black and a brushed metallic finish.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Our test boat was fitted with the DTS controls, trim tab controls with LED indicators, and the Axius joystick. This Dino steering wheel has the optional wood and brushed metallic insets.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The helm seat is double wide and features the same level of upholstery as the rest of the vessel. Dual flip-up bolsters are icing on a very comfortable cake.

Engine Installation

The engine compartment is accessed from a switch at the helm that lifts the aft seats with a powered ram. Under the hatch we had a pair of 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG HO engines that included SeaCore saltwater corrosion protection. The installation was a little tight but it’s not like we need to crawl around the engines either. (The boat's beam is 10'9"/3.27 m.)
Forward is a step that allows a more comfortable position for daily checks and light maintenance. For more involved maintenance, the lift arm can be easily undone by removing a pin and the hatch can be opened fully.

Standard Features in the engine room

include a fume detector, courtesy lighting, an automatic fire suppression system, and two bilge pumps with a high-water alarm. The engine mounts are through-bolted. This is an important detail for a boat like the 370 Super Sport which is designed to be slammed and banged around offshore in square ones.

Standard engines

are the 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAGs. Our twin 8.2 MAG HO option (add $16,740) brought us to the 430-hp level. A diesel option can be had with Volvo Penta’s D4 engines (add $67,380) which will bring the 300-hp each to the playing field. And since this is built on a FAS3TECH hull, it makes sense to at least offer the same engines as the FAS3TECH boats.

For People in a Hurry?

A pair of 520-hp Mercury Racing engines with B3 XR outdrives should do the trick (add $74,660). For those that like to go fast they might as well let everyone know what they're up to with the optional Captain's Call cut outs ($6,140). We have never tested the 370 Super Sport with those engines, so it is best to ask the folks at Formula what the extra 180 horsepower might accomplish.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Formula includes a 7.3 kW generator as standard on the 370 Super Sport.

Formula 370 Super Sport

With the hatch open, there’s plenty of room to access the engines for daily checks.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Our test boat was fitted with a pair of 430-hp MerCruiser 8.2 HO engines, and these also included SeaCore protection from saltwater corrosion.

Formula 370 Super Sport

A standard Lewmar windlass is concealed under a hatch at the bow. Foot controls are forward. Formula provided easy access to the underside to manage the rode.

Formula 370 Super Sport

A polished stainless anchor rests in a stainless steel anchor roller at the bow. Both it, and the windlass are standard. A remote spotlight is available ($2,915).

Below Decks


As we make our way below we enter a spacious cabin trimmed in rich woods finished to perfection. The cabin is climate-controlled with an optional reverse cycle 16,000 BTU air conditioning/heating system and kept clean with an installed, standard central vac system.

Getting in the Mood.

The galley is to port, and by now we have come to expect the Corian countertops. The usual cast of appliances is present here. Plenty of storage is above and below. Forward is a unique feature. A cabinet is glassed in at the top, and this section is used to house the stemware. Blue lights shine down on the glasses adding a romantic touch at night. Beneath the stemware is a small compartment with a 110V outlet so it can be used to house a coffeemaker. The refrigerator is mounted just to the other side of the stairs.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The galley is small but well suited to this type of boat. The convection microwave is mounted below, amidst perfectly finished cabinetry.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The single burner stove is recessed, eliminating the need for sea-rails. The cover is connected to a micro-switch that shuts the stove off when closed.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The sink is stainless. Note the stylish gooseneck faucet. Just behind is a trash receptacle that allows sweeping crumbs right off the counter and into the trash.

Formula 370 Super Sport

All the drawers are fabricated using dovetailed joinery, and we would expect nothing less from Formula.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The head is just to port of the entry stairs and even here we see Corian counters and excellent wood cabinetry. The porcelain "Flush and Forget" VacuFlush head is standard. It’s a wet-head serving double duty as a shower with a curtain sliding across. Note the shower seat at right.

Formula 370 Super Sport

An opening portlight is behind the curtain, and plenty of storage is behind the mirrored doors. Note the standard exhaust fan on the bulkhead.


For Cozy Gatherings.

Forward is the dinette and a classy place to be it is. The seats are butter soft Ultraleather both top and bottom, and in between is UltraSuede making a nice offset that is quite pleasing to look at. Four opening hatches are overhead, two opening portlights are to either side and flush-mounted speakers are flanking a mirrored bulkhead forward. Of course the pedestal tables will lower to form a berth.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The forward dinette makes a welcoming place to gather for cocktails, a light meal, or just a place to chat while waiting out a passing rain shower.

Formula 370 Super Sport

Just behind the dinette is a flatscreen TV mounted to a cabinet door, with the ship's electrical panel behind.

Mid Cabin

The mid cabin is under the cockpit deck and features a queen sized berth lying next to a mirrored bulkhead. We measured 2’ (.6 m) of overhead clearance. There’s space for a flatscreen TV, full-width storage, phone jack and 120V outlets.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The mid cabin is occupied fully by a queen-sized berth with a memory foam mattress.

More Standard Equipment

In addition to the standard equipment mentioned all through this report there are a few other items that are standard, that often are options on other boats in this size range, and jump out at us as worth mentioning. They are--

Trim Tabs.

The 370 SS is fitted with traditional hydraulic Bennett trim tabs with switches and indicators at the helm. We think it is noteworthy that Formula does not use the newer electrical trim tabs that are becoming popular with most builders.

Electronic Entertainment Systems.

Here, Formula leaves little to be desired. Below there is a Clarion AM/FM/10-disc CD stereo, iPod docking station, and an iPod/MP3 player port with 2 6-1/2" speakers. On deck there is a remote, 4 6-1/2" 150W speakers (two in the radar arch and two facing the swim platform below the transom pad) with separate tweeters and a 200w subwoofer. Amplification is 600w. (All that is needed is Bluetooth.) There is also a standard 26" LCD HDTV/DVD combo player below.

Remote-Control Courtesy Lights.

Want to impress your guests at night when walking down the dock to the 370? The swim platform has blue/white courtesy lights that can be turned on with a remote control fob.

Bimini Top with Side Curtains.

This is an important standard feature that turns the Formula 370 Super Sport into a three-season boat and can allay the fears of friends who might melt in a passing rain shower. The standard arch comes with the ability to be fitted with a Bimini top, isinglass front, side and extended aft enclosure. The system has easy to mount zipper connectors and Sumbrella acrylic fabric with a vinyl under coating.

Formula 370 Super Sport

One of our few criticisms of the Formula 370 Super Sport -- just below the TV is a corner piece of cabinetry that makes for a tight squeeze between it and the table, but the air conditioner pump is inside so it’s a necessary trade-off.


Formula’s 370 Super Sport

as tested had a base price of $543,990 with the twin MerCruiser 8.2 L MAG HO engines with BIII-X outdrives and DTS controls.

Our test boat

was also fitted with the sport hardtop ($15,960) with a SureShade extendable awning ($8,400), the Axius Joystick ($16,720) with VesselView display, Seacore saltwater protection ($6,555), bow docking lights ($785), a VHF radio ($1,410), an upgrade to a Raymarine e127 chartplotter ($5,680) and the teak vinyl decking on the swim platform ($3,820). The Latte Metallic color with clear coat ($5,980). This brought the price as tested up to $609,300.

Are Options Necessary?

The base price of the boat with the standard 8.2 L engines and BIII drive is $527,250. The question begs: is it necessary to have all of the expensive options? The answer depends on how the boat is going to be used. In familiar waters we would say the only option necessary is the VHF radio. In saltwater, we would get the SeaCore anti corrosion system ($6,555).
Also, there is no use having a Formula, in our opinion, without also having the painted hull and clear coat. If that breaks the budget, we'd suggest considering another, less expensive brand of boat.

Formula 370 Super Sport

The Forumla 370 Super Sport looks long, low and handsome with its Latte Metallic color and clear coat buffed to a high shine. She looks like a million bucks, but only costs half that.


A half-million dollars (or more) might seem like a lot of money for a 37' (11.27 m) boat, and it is. Certainly no one needs a Formula boat, and industry statistics indicate that most people in this size range buy other, less expensive, brands. However, for certain boat owners, there are few other boats to seriously consider. For them, Formula has it all -- cache', performance, styling, features, and tremendous pride of ownership. In this case we are reminded of the old saying that, "No one ever has buyer's remorse when buying quality."
To that we would add that Formula boats never seem to go out of style -- even old ones are usually still head-turners. And for people who want to hold on to a boat for 10 years, there is something to be said for buying a boat that is well-built and will probably have the highest resale value in its size range and type.

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