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Brief Summary

Strength, reliability, and functionality. Performance, reputation, and features. There are many important things to consider when buying a boat, and for many buyers the most important thing is how the boat looks. With today’s Grady-Whites, boat buyers can have it all. For those who have not yet seen the Grady-White Freedom 335, introduced last year in Miami, we have a treat in store. She is as modern and as tricked-out with amenities as they come, but perhaps more importantly she has a new look both inside and out which signals a sea-change in approach from the folks in Greenville, N.C.


Length Overall 33' 6'' / 10.21 m
Beam 11' 7''
3.53 m
Dry Weight 11,900 lbs.
5,398 kg.
Draft 26''
0.66 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance 9' 8''
2.95 m
Fuel Capacity 293 gal.
1,109 L
Water Capacity 44 gal.
167 L


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power 2 x 350-hp Yamaha Four-Stroke
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

A Snapshot Review--

The Mission of the Grady-White Freedom 335

Grady-White Freedom 335

The layout of the Grady-White Freedom 335.

The Freedom 335 has multiple missions. Yes, she is a large dual cabin boat that is intended as an "all-sports" vessel as adept at fishing as she is as being a tow boat for wakeboarding or tubing, or even being a scuba diving platform. But more than that, she is also intended to be a day boat for family cruising and as an entertaining venue for friends and clients.
By making the hardtop standard and including forward and side curtains, the 335 becomes a three-season boat in the north and a four-season boat down south. The standard VacuFlush head in a spacious compartment means that guests will be made to feel comfortable on a long-day outing.
In the process of designing the 335 the builder worked hard on its second mission which was to make virtually everything aboard appeal to ladies, as well men. To this end many of Grady-White's standard elements were amended to give this half of the population more of what they find appealing.
A third mission of the boat is to show by execution Grady-White’s passion for excellence in creating a new level of boating experience. Grady’s entire model line up blends the twin goals of form and function, but with the advent of this model they took it up another notch.

Grady-White Freedom 335

With a length of 33'6" (10.21 m) and a beam of 11'7" (3.53 m), the Grady-White Freedom 335 is one of the largest dual console bowriders on the market. But that's only the beginning of the story.


The Freedom 335 is a large step in a new and exciting direction for Grady-White.
The "Freedom" line means these boats can give their owners the "freedom" to do most anything they want on the water. Grady-White has been building dual console boats for nearly 40 years and so it well understands the concept. What sets this boat apart from the others is not only her size but also her looks, execution, and standard amenities.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The Freedom 335 has a two-tone hull -- Grady-White's traditional light cream color above the cove stripe and inside, and a sand-colored gel coat below. We think the subtle contrast looks cool.

Design Signals

Exterior Design.

Her trademark Carolina Flare bow and sheerline are beautifully executed in the 33 ft hull. Her freeboard forward is higher, her bow is sharper, and the dark navy cove stripe that follows the sheer is classically elegant. But what really catches our eye is the two-tone topsides that make her look a lot more exciting. The result is a profile that is both arresting visually and practical for offshore work both fishing and cruising.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The 335 in profile accentuates the Carolina Flare and sheer line and demonstrates the higher freeboard forward. The aft cockpit has a depth of 29" (.74 m) which keeps the little ones secure.

The look of the 335 and its name plate lets people know that this is a dual cabin boat with offshore, nautical DNA and not just a pumped-up sportboat on steroids. Her bloodlines are blue. She is intended to be able to handle sloppy, rough weather and sea conditions while keeping her guests dry -- even the ones sitting forward.

The Interior.

Another thing that makes the Freedom 335 such a sea change for Grady-White is her interior. It is there that the company has made changes in terms of design as well as in the amenities built in as standard equipment.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Note all of the curves and sculptured areas of the forward cockpit. The table has a Corian inlay, and stows out of the way when a platform for sun bathing or fishing is wanted.

Rounded Corners.

Virtually all radius' in the boat have been increased to give her a softer, modern look. They also make the boat more comfortable and ladies are certain to appreciate them. Tables both on the helm deck and in the forward cockpit are rounded and have fiddles. Both on deck and below, cushions are robust, double stitched -- and rounded.

Day Boat for Entertaining

Grady-White has always been known as a premier builder of center consoles, walkarounds, and more recently express fishboats and because of that it is easy to forget that Grady-White pioneered the dual console concept in saltwater applications. There are now nine Dual Console models in the Freedom line ranging from the 192 to the 375.

Seating Capacity.

The 335 is basically divided into four different venues for entertaining:
1) The

aft cockpit

which seats five (with an option for two more) and has a wet bar/galley plus a fold-down sideboard to port.
2) The

helm deck

which can seat six and has a fold-away table.
3) The

forward cockpit

which can seat five and has a table; and;
4) The

port side compartment below

which can seat four or sleep one.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The optional electric grill is over the refrigerator, drawers are to the left and a trash container is behind the lid. The counter is Corian.

Entertainment Console.

Abaft the helm seat is a console that comes standard with a refrigerator, sink, drawers and Corian countertop. A 1300-W electric grill is optional and requires an optional 4 kW generator when not plugged into shore power. (We would consider a propane grill if a generator is not needed for other purposes, such as running the optional A/C system which come in 8,000 BTU and 16,000 BTU capacities.)

Keeping Cool.

The boat comes with a 120-gal. cooler but remember that there are two insulated boxes with drains on the 335. One is the 166 qt. box in the stern and the other is a 230 qt. in the bow on the starboard side. With three large coolers there is enough cold storage for beverages as well as one left to dedicate exclusively for ice.

Hardtop and Canvas.

Not many boats come with a standard hardtop, but the Freedom 335 is one of them. With it comes a forward and two side curtains. That makes a planned trip on the water for a picnic or an evening cruise a "go" event even if the sky is threatening. If it rains, simply put up the side curtains and stay dry while a summer shower passes over.
We like the canvas and hardtop because it turns the 335 into a three-season boat for northern latitudes. And when the sun is beating down all but the dedicated sun worshipers will be happy to stay in the hardtop's shade.

Advantage of the Grady-White 335 Dual Console

We hate thinking about the number of water outings we have seen aborted because people were afraid that a little weather was coming in. With the Freedom 335, in most cases that should not be a major consideration.
Because of her high freeboard forward, sharp entry, her high wraparound windshield with doors closing off the walk-through, and her hardtop -- this boat is made to shrug off snotty conditions. With the front and side curtains up, and the cozy cabin below family or guests will be well protected and dry in this dual console.

Special Family Friendly Features

Electrical Assist.

Grady-White has made sure that everything on the boat can be easily worked by all members of the family -- including the kids. For example, the helm seat moves fore and aft at the flip of a switch. In the aft cockpit a large seat extends electrically out of the dinette console eliminating the horsing around that often comes when manual-moving seats get stuck.

Grady-White Freedom 335

A helm seat for two, moves fore and aft electrically. Note the footrests for people with both short and long legs. We'd like to see the bolster separated in the middle so that the skipper could stand while the companion sits. Note the high windshield frame which will be below the line of sight whether the skipper is sitting or standing.

Helm Seat For Two.

This is important. We think that on all family boats of nearly any size at least two people ought to be able to sit facing forward -- the skipper and a companion. Because a couple can sit together they both can share in the fun and responsibility of piloting the boat together.
This is the best way we know of to get "buy-in" on a boat that a spouse might otherwise not be so thrilled about. Mom or Dad can also be joined by one of the kids in order to teach the basics of boat handling and build their confidence.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Looking aft to the closed console door in the boat's port side cabin. There is storage behind the beach bag. Note standard cherry and holly cabin sole.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Looking forward in the portside cabin. Note the lip of the platform at right that will make up a bed when electrically activated.

Grady-White Freedom 335

When the platform is deployed there is enough room for one person to comfortably take a nap; perhaps two can fit if they cuddle up.

Cabins Below.

A special feature of the 335 is tucked into the port console. This makes an ideal changing room for people wiggle out of their wet bathing suits and putting on dry clothes. The compartment is large and has a bench seat that can hold three or four people setting. Kids will love to play down there or hang out watching the optional flat screen TV.
A platform under the deck can be electrically moved to meet the bench seat thereby creating a bed. This is a good place to take a nap or to sleep overnight in a pinch. Because the bed is electrically actuated there is no hassle in its deployment.


The head is under the helm console to starboard. It is large and has a shower as well as a VacuFlush toilet and sink. Pressure cold water is standard, a 6 gallon (22.7 L) hot water heater is optional. A shower is standard and there is a sump. The head has a standard exhaust system but does not have a portlight. Both the port side cabin and the head can be air conditioned.

Grady-White Freedom 335

This is a large head as dual consoles go. Note that there is adequate storage and place to keep the toilet paper dry.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The teak grate makes it easier to sit and shower, or to sit and get dressed for that matter.

The New "Soft" Touch Grady-White

Everyone knows that Grady-White's heritage has been to appeal to rough and ready anglers who wanted nothing better after a day on the water than to get back to the dock and hose the blood and fish scales out the scuppers as fast as possible. Owners of the Freedom 335 can do that too or march to the beat of a slightly different drummer.
While it will still be possible to hose the deck down, some care should be taken in some other areas such at the helm and around the entertainment console, for example. Nevertheless, the Freedom 335 is designed for a dual personality.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The red arrows point to the all of the "soft" touches that Grady-White has made to this area of the boat. Contrasting vinyls and carpet, wood and Corian go a long way to making the 335 something special.

Wood & Fabrics.

Everywhere on the 335 we find contrasting vinyl colors and wood accents have been carefully placed where they serve the purpose of warming up the boat and taking the edge off of the slick fiberglass. The instrument panel has wood, the cabin soles are cherry and holly, the head even has a teak grate.

Warming Her Up.

These details, along with the curves and the plush cushions, have been tastefully introduced around the boat, and taken together they "soften" the boat. That means Grady-White is making the boat more livable, more cozy, more aesthetic pleasing.
There are a lot more features and amenities in this boat than we could ever put into words, so let's see the rest of the boat in pictures--


Grady-White Freedom 335

The optional cockpit access door on the starboard side has proven to be popular. While this is made to order for scuba divers most everyone seems to like it.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Avid anglers can opt for the 30-gal. livewell with light and 1,100 gph pump. The standard boat comes with a cooler here. The insulated fish box in the transom is 166 quarts and has a drain. It makes a great cooler for beverages when entertaining. We'd use the cooler at right for ice for mixed drinks or make it exclusively for kids' drinks.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Bird's eye view of the aft cockpit with the fold away transom seat out of the way and the electrically actuated seat to port retracted.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Here both seats are ready for guests. Grady-White also has an optional fold-out seat that will go in the bulwarks at the left. For those planning on a lot of entertaining, we would recommend that option.

Grady-White Freedom 335

This fold down counter with Corian inlay makes a classy sideboard upon which to set up hors d'oeuvres and stemware.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The close-up of the "spotter's" seat moves out automatically and is good place from which to watch the action on the end of tow line. Note the rounded corners of the laminated fixtures and cushions. This is one of the features that makes the 335 an "all purpose" boat.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The helm seat electrically moves forward and aft which puts the wheel within reach of nearly everyone. There is plenty of real estate on the console for two screens if the electronics are rearranged, but increasingly boaters are using only one multi-view screen. This boat has an optional bow thruster which is intended to be used with the left hand while the right one is on the gears.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The table on the helm deck folds out of the way when not wanted. Not only is it handy for lunch and cocktails, but it can also make a good nav table -- or a place to play gin rummy. One of the positive things about having a Corian table and special coating on the vinyl cushions is that red wine or fruit punch can be served aboard without fear of staining.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The optional sun shade extender is seen here all the way out of the standard hardtop. It is electrically motivated and is becoming increasingly popular on boats this size.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Entertaining is one of the things that the Freedom 335 is all about. Note five people are in this cockpit, but there is room for a couple of more -- and then there is the rest of the boat. Kids can be in the bow and adults astern or whatever.

Grady-White Freedom 335

Eight people are on this boat and she is not even close to capacity. We guess that 15 could be handled on deck.


We have not discussed loading this boat up with options for fishing, but obviously Grady-White has an option list with nearly anything a keen angler might want. Likewise for watersports where a tow pylon is optional. Skis can be stowed in the port cabin and wakeboards can be stored there or on brackets on the hardtop structures.
We have not tested the boat so can make no comments on her performance and handling to date.

Grady-White Freedom 335

The big story about the Grady-White Freedom 335 is how she looks both inside and out, as well as the practical amenities included as standard that make this dual cabin craft an "All-Purpose" boat. Yes, that is a beautiful optional two-tone hull.