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Brief Summary

For people who do not want a center console, but who do want a boat that looks salty and has the versatility to be a bowrider for watersports and the ability to morph into a coastal fishboat, this could be the answer. The Grady-White bloodlines and mystique come standard.

Key Features

  • 4 rod holders
  • 2 aft seats
  • Helm and companion pedestal chairs
  • Blue cockpit lights
  • Starboard bow insulated 44 quart ice box
  • 316 grade stainless steel steering wheel
  • Lockable glove box
  • Walkthrough tempered glass windshield


Length Overall 19' 2'' / 5.84 m
Beam 8' 0''
2.44 m
Dry Weight 2,475 lbs.
1,123 kg
Draft 14''
.36 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance 4' 9''
1.45 m
Fuel Capacity 62 gal.
235 L
Water Capacity N/A


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power 1 x 150-hp Yamaha F150
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Grady-White Freedom 192

The Grady-White Freedom 192 has a rated capacity for 8 people. Note that this boat has the optional, aft-facing spotter seat that folds down into a sun pad.

Mission of the Grady-White Freedom 192

Grady-White discovered the popularity of dual console boats decades ago and now has a fleet of 9 of them stretching from the Freedom 192 to the Freedom 375. What they all share in common is the ability to be fishing boats when needed, or salty looking bowriders for watersports or general boating activities. Being the smallest in the series, this model has long been popular on both freshwater and salt. She can do most anything her size permits and can be easily handled by young boaters in addition to granddad.

Grady-White Freedom 192

The Freedom 192 has all of the basics and not much extra. One of the compelling aspects is her simplicity of operation. Further, she is virtually maintenance-free.

Distinguishing Features


Grady-White has had a dual console in its line-up for over 30 years, and while its smallest model has been re-designed and up-dated over the years, the basic 19' (5.79 m) boat is still the same. There must be something about her that boaters like.

Looks Salty.

The signature Grady-White sheer line has been carried down to the Freedom 192, something along with her name, that signals a rugged saltwater fishing boat rather than a freshwater sportboat.

Solid and No Frills.

One of the most desirable aspects of the Freedom 192 for many people is that she is no-frills -- things easily broken because they are delicate, complex, or eye-candy, are simply not installed. For many people, if their boat can't be washed down with a garden hose and forgotten, they don't want it. When we compared the 192 with other boats in class we discovered that she is the heaviest by several hundred pounds. Since there are no-frills, that extra weight must be in the construction.

Stable Dealerships.

Generally speaking, Grady-White has one of the most stable -- and oldest -- dealer organizations in class.

One Price.

While many boat builders give larger wholesale discounts to high-volume dealers, Grady-White does not. The small dealer pays the same to the factory as the top-selling dealer for identical boats. This practice helps the small dealer to compete with the big dealers, and stabilizes used boat prices.

C. Raymond Hunt Design.

This design firm invented the deep-V recreational boat hull at the dawn of the fiberglass boat era and is one of the sport's leading designers still. Grady-White is one of the few builders which has used the firm for a dual console hull.

Grady-White Freedom 192 life style

This is a scene we like to see: kids having fun on a small boat -- and they all love towing sports.

Standard Features

316 Stainless Hardware.

All deck hardware is 316 ss, which is the highest grade used in recreational boats.

Self-Bailing Cockpit.

Both the cockpit and insulated coolers drain overboard, not into the bilge.

Courtesy Lights.

The cockpit has blue LED courtesy lights.

Forward Bolsters.

The forward seats have bolsters which serve as back rests.

Ice Chest.

The forward starboard seat is insulated to serve as an ice chest and is self-draining overboard.

Grady-White Freedom 192 ice box

The standard bow’s insulated starboard 44 quart Ice with overboard drain.

Fishing Rod Amenities.

Four rod holders and 4 horizontal rod racks under the gunwales.

Grady-White Freedom 192 rod

Shown is one rod holder out of the standard four.

Pedestal Seats.

Both the helm and companion seats are on pedestals.

Lockable Storage.

The hatch in the side of the helm console is lockable which means fairly large items can be secured.

Windshield Wiper.

The helm windshield has a wiper.

25" (63 cm) Cockpit Depth.

This is a relatively good depth for this size boat.

Grady-White Freedom 192

Shown are four horizontal rod storage racks.

Grady-White Freedom 192 running shot

Here we see the optional aft-facing "spotter" seat. Grady-White calls it a "sleeper" seat because it folds down to be used for a nap or sunning.

Dual Console vs. Center Console

Regular readers know that we like dual console boats. The reason is because they are so versatile, and can be used for most anything in both fresh and salt water. Not surprisingly many buyers of dual console boats come from center consoles. Likewise many new buyers consider both center consoles and dual consoles before settling on a dual console. Why? We think here are four major reasons--


Everyone has in their mind's eye what their dream boat should look like. Having seen bowriders since birth many boaters have that image of a boat indelibly printed on their brain. For these people, center consoles don't jingle the right chimes.
Then, there is the desire for a boat with a "salty look" alluded to above. A boat "type" is just as important for making a personal statement as is the brand, maybe more so. The Freedom 192 definitely sends different signals than does a sportboat dual console tarted-up with hull graphics and chrome.


Center consoles are usually designed to facilitate active anglers who brook few compromises when it comes to fighting fish effectively. Dual consoles have comfortable bow seating and usually two or three seats in the stern in addition to the helm and companion seats.

Towing Sports and Cruising.

Again, center consoles are often designed for a specific activity and are not well-suited for towing sports. Likewise, they are not set-up for comfortable cruising with a big crowd of friends.

Cover From the Elements.

Virtually all center consoles have standard or optional T-tops which, while they may protect the captain and one passenger from sun and rain, leave anyone else in the elements. A dual console first has a windshield to protect passengers from spray as well as a standard or optional Bimini top where four or more people might be able to take cover under.

Features Inspection

Grady-White Freedom 192 rod storage

The forward anchor locker with standard rode storage.

Grady-White Freedom 192 bow

Note the port and starboard bow box cushions.

Grady-White Freedom 192 lockers

The standard bow compartments.

Grady-White Freedom 192 windshield

Facing aft we see the windshield walkthrough with tempered glass and wiper on the starboard side. Note snaps on the windshield header for the optional vista top covering.

Grady-White Freedom 192 storage

The standard lockable starboard console compartment with light and storage pocket with two tackle trays.

Grady-White Freedom 192 electronics

The helm includes a standard flush mounted electronics area.

Grady-White Freedom 192 cockpit

While she is one of the smallest Grady-Whites built she has a remarkable amount of cockpit room because she is outboard-powered. Note the rod holders and rod racks under the gunwales.

Grady-White Freedom 192 swim platform

The integrated outboard mounting system with the standard swim platform and ladder. We like the two hand-holds left and right of the ladder.

Grady-White Freedom 192 rub rail

The substructure of the rub rail is tough PVC material with a stainless steel insert for damage control.

Advantages of the Grady-White Freedom 192 Dual Console

Small is Good.

What we particularly like about the Grady-White Freedom 192 is that she is small. Small means that she is less expensive to buy and operate. Also, while there are a number of dual consoles on the market built by predominately fishboat builders, there are only a couple of other models available this small.


We like to see kids operating boats as young as state laws will permit so long as they have the proper boating education. The Freedom 192 is easy to operate, requires little trim, is stable, and with a stainless steel insert in its rub rail, is hard to beat up. Of course, because she is under 20' (6.09 m), the Freedom 192 will float level if swamped, as required by the USCG.


With an 8' (2.44 m) beam she is easy to trailer and can be squeezed into a double-door garage, if not, a 9' (2,74 m) wide single, depending on the trailer width. We would simply wrap her up for the winter if left outside and dispense with the canvas covers we normally recommend. During the season she can be left out on a mooring because of her self-bailing cockpit. The only concern, then, will be birds.

Bottom Shape.

C. Raymond Hunt & Associates designed the Freedom 192 (and all of the other Grady-Whites for that matter). We wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the smaller boats it has worked on, bringing its practical expertise to a type boat that has been dominated by freshwater boat designers.
Grady-White calls its Hunt bottom shape a "SeaV2" design, by which it means a “variable” V hull which has a sharp, high-deadrise angle in the bow, and more shallow bottom sections aft. Grady-White does not publish what the deadrise is at the transom, but we suspect on this model that it is more than earlier 19' (5.79 m) Grady-White versions. The result of the Hunt bottoms is a more comfortable ride in choppy conditions at speed.

Performance and Handling

We have not tested the Grady-White Freedom 192 and therefore can make no comment about the boats speed, fuel consumption, bow rise, time to plane, noise, handling and other operating characteristics of the boat.

Engine choices

are either a Yamaha 150 4-stroke or a Yamaha 200-hp 4-stroke. Grady-White has long had an exclusive relationship with Yamaha Motors and does not pre-rig for any other brand. Our experience with this model suggests that a 150-hp option is more than enough power for most applications.

Grady-White Freedom 192 hull colors

We are big fans of colored hulls -- and painted ones at that. Make ours Harbor Blue.

Options to Consider

There are really not too many options to consider. Anglers will want to consider the 13-gallon livewell on the starboard side, and the pressurized washdown bib and hose. Watersports enthusiasts should consider the towing pylon, the cockpit freshwater shower fed from a 10 gallon tank, and the "port sleeper seat" which goes horizontal and doubles as a spotter seat when vertical.
We think everyone should opt for the extra battery and switch and the hull color. Grady-White offers gelcoat in the company’s Classic White, Coastal Fog Blue or Sand. Polyurethane painted hull sides can be specified in (Fog Blue is a gelcoat option, so I added it to the sentence with gelcoat), Harbor Blue, Sea Glass, or Vista Blue.

Grady-White Freedom 192 helm seat

The optional Deluxe helm chair slides fore and aft and swivels; it also has arms and thicker padding than the standard seats.

Grady-White Freedom 192

The Freedom 192’s optional port sleeper seat is horizontally adjustable with a fore or aft facing backrest and a storage drawer.

Grady-White Freedom 192 pylon

The optional ski pylon.

Grady-White Freedom 192 livewell

Anglers will particularly like the optional 13-gallon (50 L) starboard insulated raw water livewell with cushion.

Grady-White Freedom 192 freshwater shower

Anglers and watersports enthusiasts alike should consider the cockpit freshwater shower. This option comes with a 10-gallon (38 L) tank.

Grady-White Freedom 192 vista top

Optional black Vista top with front and side curtains.


The MSRP of the Freedom 192 is under $50,000.-->

Grady-White Freedom 192 running shot

We think the Grady-White Freedom 192 is a good "starter" boat for anyone, and in fact, she is probably all many people will ever need for both freshwater and saltwater boating.