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Larson 1750 LX (2009-)

This model has not been tested.

Brief Summary

Larson has been coming on strong the last few years with innovations, up-grades and strong styling and their latest new boat -- the 1750 – is the line’s “starter sportboat.” We’re told that the new model has gotten a good reception at retail and as we surf the net we see that Larson dealers all over the country have them in stock and are making deals that range from $19,500 down to $15,000, depending on the engine and options installed. One dealer even says that for a $175 a month a new 1750 can be all yours. No wonder this model is off to such a strong start -- the pricing is certainly sharp. We can’t remember the last time we saw a good brand name like Larson selling new for as little as about $1,000 per foot, but evidently that’s what’s going on these days.