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Brief Summary

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, all sportboats were powered by 2-stroke outboard engines. We know that is hard to believe, but it is true. You see, prior to 1957, there weren’t any stern drives, because they hadn’t been invented yet. And 4-stroke outboards were not yet even a gleam in Mr. Yamaha’s eye. On lakes all across America boaters raced their wooden, aluminum and fiberglass boats against each other and usually the boat with the biggest engine was the fastest. In those days, 60-hp was about the biggest outboard engine anyone had. Yup, and the boats were fast, or at least seemed like it. Today you can count the number of outboard-powered sportboat models on one hand, but they seem to be on the cusp of coming back as a power option on sportboats. There are a lot of advantages to outboard-powered sportboats and the new Larson 1700 LX is an entry-level sportboat with a retro look and a price tag that is so low that it permits this Larson model to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of brands that specialize in building inexpensive boats.