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Larson FX 1850 DC (2016-)

1 x 150 H.O. Evinrude E-TEC G2 25" Shaft

Key Features

  • Available in nine hull colors
  • Bow storage compartments with fiberglass finish
  • Aerated stern livewell
  • Aerated bow baitwell
  • Center Lockable rod storage capacity
  • Driver Deluxe seat with Air Ride pedestal and slider
  • 2 passenger fishing seat with removable pedestal
  • Stern jump seats
  • Painted Shoreland'r 4000 lb. trailer with disc brakes

Test Results

500 2.5 2.2 0.2 12.5 10.87 405 352 71
1000 4.4 3.8 0.5 8.8 7.65 285 248 73
1500 6.2 5.3 0.95 6.47 5.63 210 182 73
2000 7.4 6.4 1.65 4.45 3.87 144 126 72
2500 8.1 7 2.85 2.84 2.47 92 80 74
3000 11.6 10.1 3.75 3.09 2.69 100 87 77
3500 23.8 20.7 4.25 5.59 4.86 181 157 82
4000 28.9 25.1 5.55 5.2 4.52 168 146 80
4500 33.4 29 7.25 4.6 4 149 130 82
5000 37.3 32.4 9.05 4.12 3.58 134 116 85
5500 40.7 35.3 10.6 3.83 3.33 124 108 88
5900 44.1 38.3 12.3 3.58 3.11 116 101 89


Length Overall 18' 6'' / 5.64 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 2,400 lbs.
1,089 kg (w/ eng)
Tested Weight 3,469 lbs.
1,574 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom 16-deg.
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 1,750 lbs
794 kg
Person Capacity 7
Fuel Capacity 36 gal.
136 L
Water Capacity N/A
Length on Trailer 21'
6.40 m
Total Weight 3,469 lbs.
1,574 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.3 sec.
0 to 30 5.9 sec.
Ratio 2.17:1
Props Rebel 15 1/2" x 17" 3-b ss
Load 2 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 76 deg., 86 humid.; wind: 0-2 mph; seas: calm

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 150 H.O. Evinrude E-TEC G2 25" Shaft
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 8 Evinrude engine options from 115-hp to 200-hp
4 Honda engine options from 115-hp to 200-hp
8 Mercury engine options from 115-hp to 200-hp
11 Suzuki engine options from 115-hp to 200-hp
5 Yamaha engine options from 115-hp to 200-hp

Captain's Report

Larson FX 1850 DC running shot

The Larson FX 1850 DC has a LOA of 18’6” (5.64 m), a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m), and a deadrise of 18-degrees.


Larson’s FX 1850 DC (dual console) is a fishing-first, multi-purpose family boat, aimed towards families that love to fish, but also want to waterski, tube, and cruise as well. Those interested in a fishing boat that can adapt to other scenarios are most likely to be attracted to the FX 1850.

Distinguishing Features

Vec Hulls. Larson’s hulls are created with a VEC closed mold, the only fishing boats in the world to use this method. This creates a precise fiberglass boat. When the mold is opened, a one-piece hull comes out with stringer system and flotation chambers built in. Computer-driven robotic routers and cutters continue the precision in trimming and cutting before the handwork via calibrated tools occurs.

The VEC hull has advantages over aluminum -- no stress points for leakage, as it is all one piece. No “tin slap,” just a firmer response that doesn’t rattle everything and everyone on board against a big wave. The one-piece design also allows for a more open, fishing-friendly design.

Major Features

  • Aerated bow baitwell (18 gallons) with light and timer
  • Aerated stern livewell (25 gallons/50” length)
  • Custom steering wheel
  • Rotary tilt steering
  • Dual console with walkthrough windshield
  • Center rod storage locker
  • Center ski storage
  • Port rod self-draining storage
  • Stern jump seats
  • Deck reinforcement for down riggers/rod holders
  • Bow/stern casting platforms
  • Automatic bilge pump
  • Aerator pump for livewell
  • Stereo with four speakers and MP3/iPod connections

Larson FX 1850 DC running shot

The FX 1850 DC’s design seeks to optimize performance with fishing in mind.

The FX 1850 DC is built with Larson’s proprietary VEC fiberglass construction technology, which creates a consistent hull lamination thickness that controls the overall boat weight and ensures maximum flotation and strength. The FX 1850 is primarily a fishing boat -- a larger, extended keel makes back trolling more precise and strakes that run the length of the hull bottom, which makes for better lift and traction at low speeds. The hull isn’t specialized for fishing, watersports, or cruising, but aims at versatility for all three.

Features Inspection

The FX 1850 DC is rated for a seven-person capacity, with more room available with fewer passengers, as seats can be removed from the cockpit.

Seating. The FX 1850 DC is rated for a seven-person capacity/1,750 lbs., but has some versatility with removable seats and multiple mounting points.
Larson FX 1850 DC cockpit

View from the cockpit of the helm seating, note here the deluxe seat in the captain’s position with the fishing seat in the companion’s place.

The FX 1850 DC features six separate 7x7 seating mounts in the integrated fiberglass deck; she comes standard with one “deluxe” seat at the helm with air ride pedestal and slider. There is also the option to have both the helm and companion seats “deluxe,” which means armrests, headrests, and recline/swivel capability.

Larson FX 1850 DC running shot

The FX 1850 DC reached a top speed of 44.1 mph at 5900 rpm and took 2.3 seconds to get up to plane.

Just aft of the helm/companion seats are mounting points for two more seats, these coming standard as fold-down fishing seats with removable pedestals. The final two mounting points are one each in the bow and stern casting decks and can be outfitted with the options of fold-down fishing seats or the “butt seat,” both on pedestals.

Larson FX 1850 DC cockpit

A view of the cockpit with the driver and companion seats.

Two fold-up jump seats sit behind the driver and companion seats. Finally, the bow can be outfitted with optional snap-in cushions to form a sun pad, though its non-skid surface and seating mount make a great casting platform as well.

Larson FX 1850 DC jump seats

A view of the jump seats opened up.

Larson FX 1850 DC helm

Shot of the helm and dashboard; note the touchscreen electronics not present that would be mounted just to starboard of the wheel.

The helm. The helm’s design is sleek and intuitive, starting with its custom chrome and black steering wheel, which has rotary tilt steering. There are stainless steel accent panels behind the trim and fuel gauges.

Speedometer, tachometer, and compass are standard and there is room for a nav screen. The design around the side-mounted throttle was awkward -- armrests on the captain’s seat add comfort, but none nearby the throttle are a missed opportunity. Additionally, the compass is hard to read from its place on the dash panel.

Larson FX 1850 DC dash

Shot of the dash/helm.

The windshield is a three-piece; one each for the two consoles, and the single, movable piece in between that acts as a gate to the bow section. This means no sightlines with panel dividers, and the FX 1850’s windshield is nice and tall.


Larson FX 1850 DC storage

The bow storage hatches.

Bow storage. The storage below deck in the bow has a fiberglass finish, and the four hatch panels makes it easier to access the gear down below without disturbing too much in the process.

Stretching through the center of the bow aft between the dual consoles sits the locker rod storage with four dedicated rod tubes and large center section ideal for water skis, the hatch lifts clean and easy on a large hinged gas shock.

Larson FX 1850 DC locker

View of the center hatch storage locker with dedicated rod storage.

Finally, there is an aerated baitwell in the bow section, 18-gallon capacity with a light and a timer.

Cockpit Storage. The rod storage continues with four portside gunwale mounted rod holders, which is self-draining through the bilge. On the starboard side, the FX 1850 has netting that can serve as Tackle Tray Storage and further storage more generic in nature than the portside rod holders.

Larson FX 1850 DC rod storage

Portside dedicated rod storage, which self-drains from below.

The stern has a livewell of 25 gallons (95 L) with a lip to include the smaller baitwell bucket, as well as storage on both port and starboard sides.

Fishing Features. We’ve touched on some of the FX 1850 DC’s fishing capabilities -- the hull design optimal for the sport, the bow and stern casting decks, the fisherman’s seating, the equipment-specific storage space, the bait and livewell.

Larson FX 1850 DC livewell

The 25-gallon (95 L) stern livewell in action.

Larson offers many options to maximize the fishing experience, including trolling and kicker motors, various electronic dashboard devices, and the gunwale rails in the cockpit make handy mounting points for clamp-on rod holders.
Larson FX 1850 DC fishing

Casting from the bow platform with trolling motor installed.

While the bow casting deck and cockpit are excellent stages to cast and fish from -- ample space, proximity to storage, guiderails, cushioning, and rod holder mounts all around -- the stern deck is a bit more cramped than many boats of this type.

Watersports and Cruising Features. There is little about the FX 1850 DC that can be specifically classified as enabling either a day of watersports or cruising. This is to be expected -- it is primarily a fishing boat, after all. However, there are options -- the ski-line pylon, for instance -- that make certain you’ll have no need to wonder if you can.

Larson FX 1850 DC storage

Storage throughout means the FX 1850 DC can flip to watersports on a dime.

The storage is adequate for equipment, seating is ample and very comfortable, the bow works as a sunpad when equipped with its cushioning, and the stereo system works well when entertaining. The stern boarding ladder makes access to the boat before or after swimming easy and safer.

Power and Performance

Larson FX 1850 DC engine

The Larson FX 1850 DC had a top speed of 44.1 mph powered by a single Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H.O. outboard.

Larson FX 1850 DC running shot

The Larson FX 1850 DC handles smoothly for a boat dedicated to fishing trips.

Test Results. Powered by an Evinrude E-TEC G2 150, we recorded a top speed for the Larson FX 1850 DC of 44.1 mph at 5900 rpm. It took 2.3 seconds to plane, 3.1 seconds to 20 mph, and 5.9 seconds to 30 mph. Our best speed on the FX 1850 DC came in at 23.8 mph at 3500 rpm, which yielded 5.59 mpg and 181 statute mile range.

The FX 1850 DC tackled running across the wake remarkably without landing hard or anything short of comfortable. Taking the boat on a corner at speed was surprising in its ability to handle and maneuver.


  • Galvanized trailer
  • Tandem trailer
  • Seat options (deluxe/fishing/“butt” seat)
  • Bow rails (for rod holders)
  • Stern rails (for rod holders)
  • Ski tow pylon
  • Choice of snap-on mats for decks
  • Dashboard electronics
  • Battery charger banks


For those in the market for a boat made to be all-utility for family fun, the Larson FX 1850 DC may come up short. But for those primarily interested in a fishing boat that will be fully ready to pull double duty, we think this boat is worth a look. Most of the options center around specializing one’s fishing exploits, and while the design errs on the fishing side throughout, the dual console layout does open up your possibilities for watersports and cruising without compromising its central utility.