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Brief Summary

One of the most striking things about boats is how similar they all are with each other in their class. Which is to say, one 150-footer is remarkable similar to another 150-footer, in general layout and function, even thought they are totally custom designed from the keel up. You can imagine, then, what production boats must be like. But here and there we find exceptions (which prove the rule), and it is there we usually find the most interesting boats, no matter what their size. The Marlow 57E CB is such a boat. At $1.550 million she is as affordable as any boat in this class, but price is not what caught our eye. Rather we were intrigued by her layout and her unorthodox concept: an “expedition” yacht designed for and capable of semi-displacement speeds, a boat that is light-weight, has a fully cored hull and is powered by twin engines. Is that the way “expedition” yachts are suppose to be?

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