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Brief Summary

MasterCrafts have been the tow boats of choice among world-class sliders since 1968, when the company first built 12 boats in a Tennessee horse barn. Now many serious watersports fans lust after the ultra-stylish 20' because her hull is so versatile and she looks cool.

Key Features

  • Surf tabs
  • Pickle fork bow
  • Removable cooler
  • Wraparound seating


Length Overall 20' 0'' / 6.1 m
Beam 96''
2.43 m
Dry Weight 3,500 lbs.
1,587.6 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 45 gal.
170.3 L
Water Capacity N/A


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power 1 x 320-hp Ilmor 5.7L
Opt. Power 1 x 382-hp Ilmor 6.0L

Captain's Report

MasterCraft X-2

The hull of the X-2 is striking, and her tower is uber-techno. Other towers are available, including a folding model. The company offers many graphics options, too.

First Class Features

MasterCraft promotes four main features on the X-2: Wraparound seating, the picklefork (SuperFly) bow, Surf Tabs and a removable cooler. We think this boat has enough interesting things going on to overlook the cooler, but it makes sense when you think about it. You can fill it, then easily bring it aboard and avoid the mess and waste of time transferring ice and drinks from one container to another.
The V-hull with a single step for added performance, the swimmer-safe inboard power and running gear, the high-end construction and the elegant finish all are features that make this beauty so compelling. The X-2 also has a long list of options to let every buyer create his personalized X-2 just the way he wants her.

MasterCraft X-2

The picklefork bow widens the foredeck to allow for roomy, comfortable seating. An insert is available to turn it into a sunpad, of sorts. By using sponsons high on the hull sides to create the bow, MasterCraft retains the V-hull, with its performance and handling advantages.

MasterCraft X-2

A wraparound lounge aft and the SuperFly front combine to make room for a crowd to sit in comfort aboard the X-2. A dealer we spoke with said he sells many X-2s to folks who don't wakeboard or ski at all, but like to cruise the lake in style, comfort and class.

MasterCraft X-2

Most removable coolers aren't as well integrated as the one aboard the X-2. A cooler is a vital part of any day on the water, and we like how MasterCraft has allowed the handles to remain easy to grab, but still out of the way.

MasterCraft X-2

Surf Tabs allow the X-2 pilot to control the wake for wake surfing – an up and coming activity only done behind inboard boats.

MasterCraft X-2

Add the water to the ballast tanks to drag a tall wake for board acrobatics. This picture says it all.

Power and Performance

Standard power for the MasterCraft X-2 is a 320-hp Ilmor 5.7L fuel-injected V-8 linked to a V-drive and conventional propeller. A 382-hp 6.0L Ilmor is optional. Both engines will run on unleaded 87 octane fuel, a plus now that gasoline is almost as costly as champagne. In accordance with the new emissions laws, both engines have catalytic converters, and meet CARB, EPA and EU standards for Super Ultra Low Emissions. Each is covered by a five-year emissions warranty and a three-year limited engine warranty.

MasterCraft X-2

The standard Ilmor 5.7L V-8 has a cast-iron block with catalyzed exhaust manifolds to meet the strictest emissions requirements. A front accessory drive is propelled by an auto-tensioning serpentine belt.

We haven't tested the X-2 so can't comment on performance. However, a ski/wakeboard boat is more about wake size, good handling, ease of use, and safety more than flat-out speed or fuel efficiency. MasterCraft owners control their wakes three different ways. The size is adjusted by adding water to the built-in ballast tanks. A heavier boat rides deeper in the water, creating a bigger wake. The optional center tab, called a Wake Adjustment plate, trims the nose of the boat, knocking down any spray, tuning the clean water behind the boat and reducing the size of the wakes for beginning riders The company's Surf Tab system, essentially trim tabs but with more precise, controls are used to drop a forward corner of the boat at wake-surfing speeds, typically 10-12 mph. This adds additional curl to the wake and lets a person surf in a bigger pocket behind the boat. At high speeds the surf tabs become inoperable.

MasterCraft X-2

The X-2's Ilmor inboard spins a conventional prop through a V-drive. Inboard boats are safer with swimmers in the water, as the prop's tucked well under the hull.

Bottom Line

MasterCraft is one of the premier ski boat brands, and the price reflects that: MSRP for an X-2 with standard power is $70,220, near the top of the range for boats like this. We found several tricked-out boats for sale at prices over $75,000, and one even over $80,000. That's a lot of scratch for a 20-footer, but our local dealer admitted that most boats go out the door, well-equipped, for around $70,000 after negotiation, maybe a bit more with a trailer.

MasterCraft X-2

MasterCraft creates helm stations as high-tech as aboard the space shuttle, and maybe more so: The space shuttles are 30 years old, but the X-2 is 21st-century. The toggle switches to the left of the wheel control optional features, like washdown and seat heaters. (Yes, we said seat heaters.)

However, if you want an Aston Martin or Ferrari you have to pay for one, and it's the same for MasterCraft: All the company's models are among the top boats around, and you get what you pay for (or pay for what you get). The upside is, when you decide to trade up, we expect you'll find your MasterCraft has held her value better than other boats with lower inital costs.
We always advocate buying quality, and make no exception here. This boat is not for everyone, and everyone knows it.

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