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Brief Summary

Obviously the design team at MasterCraft has been busy. Always known for thinking out of the box and for being wakeboat pioneers, the folks at MasterCraft have now combined an awesome wakeboat with just the right amount of luxury and amenities to satisfy not only the pros, but the families, too. And they didn't forget to add the "cool" factor either.

Key Features

  • Large 25 footer (rivals 28 footers in terms of seating and storage)
  • Very secure and dry ride due to high gunnels and modified deep vee
  • On board head
  • Optional wet bar
  • Bow arm rests
  • Convertible passenger seat
  • Great wakes for wakeboarding and wakesurfing


Length Overall 25' 5'' / 7.74 m
Beam 8' 6'''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 5,150 lbs.
2,336 kg
Draft 32''
0.81 m
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 90 gal.
340 L
Water Capacity none

Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Captain's Report by Capt. Steve

MasterCraft X-55

MasterCraft has stepped up and added stunning graphics, awesome performance, and a hard to match comfort level in their newest X-55.

Captain's Report by Capt. Steve

The Bottom Line

Since MasterCraft was one of the first builders to jump on wakeboading with the legendary X-Star in 1996 and has built many wake dude-rocking models since, it stands to reason that the X-55 is going to be hot. She is just one of 9 models in MasterCrafts' famous "X" line of purpose-built wakeboats.
First, the X-55 is big. At 25'5" (7.74 m) and 5,150 lbs. (2,340 kgs.) she is the largest boat in the company’s X-Line.

MasterCraft X-55

We can’t think of any other way to put it other than the MasterCraft X-55 “rocks.” She is strictly for wake dudes who like to strut their stuff.

Naturally, ballast plays a big role in the wake game, but equally important is the complex geometry to the hull and its weight. MasterCraft uses a variable degree deadrise that starts out with a deep-V forward, and then flattens out as the hull carries aft. Sink the stern with full ballast and fuel and the X-55 will displace 6,500 lbs. (2,954 kgs.) of water and be able to create wakes that are fat, thin, curling, tall, or virtually anything else wanted by the trickster on the end of the tow.
Does this mean that you'll then be able to continue wakeboarding in a 3' (1.0 m) chop running against an ebbing tide? Not likely, but you will be able to handle the minor chop that would otherwise keep you at the dock, and certainly you'll be able to keep crossing your own self generated wakes, which will likely be rather large, and do it while keeping your guests, and boarder much more comfortable.

MasterCraft X-55

Variable geometry to the bottom and curved lifting strakes, along with weight, are what add to the X-55's ability to really dial in the wake you're looking for.

A Comfort Factor

I've been on my share of MasterCraft boats and they do have a knack for building boats that are luxurious. They can also design boats to handle a crowd. The X-55 is rated to for a capacity of 18 people or 2,928 lbs.(1,330 kgs.) whichever is reached first. Its wide bow alone will hold 7. MasterCraft adds armrests to the forward facing seats, something that is rarely seen, and that spells real luxury in a wakeboat.
The twin-tipped pickle-fork bow also allows MasterCraft to have a convenient forward re-boarding ladder. That's a crucial factor for someone like me that also likes to beach the boat. Also, for people who dock their boats bow-in, in a Med-mooring set-up which makes getting on and off the boat easy and safe.

In the Cockpit

In the cockpit the reversible spotter's seat with its flip-back is clever and practical. Since you're not going to be towing 100% of the time, why would a builder make a boat with a fixed observer's seat that must always face aft? I never understood that, and apparently MasterCraft agrees. Now there is a comfortable seat for riding in the boat to and from the tow zone, or even just spending the day cruising.
But start towing, or even shut the engine down and drift down the river with friends, food, and drinks, and that reversed seat becomes a blessing. Plus it's wide and comfortable, and both the captain and the observer get flip-up bolsters.

MasterCraft X-55

The flip-up arm rests are classy. Notice the double drink holders. I like that since one is always used to hold anything but drinks. You can also see the air-dam for blocking the wind on the chilly mornings.

MasterCraft X-55

The reversible observer's seat is crucial to enjoying your X-55 when you're not towing. Notice the flip-up bolster for added convenience when facing forward.

MasterCraft X-55

When facing aft, there's even room for another person to stand behind and watch along with the dedicated observer.

Family Friendly

Of course there are those who have to ask why there's a head on the X-55 wasting storage space. Obviously these are likely guys with no family, and perhaps no girlfriends either. But suffice it to say that I wouldn't even get to pull out the checkbook, if the boat didn't have accommodations for my girls to answer nature's call. And the added ability to utilize the head as a changing room cannot be underestimated, since a waterfront restaurant usually comes at the tail end of our days on the water.

MasterCraft X-55

Anyone complaining about storage has obviously never stepped aboard the X-55. It's everywhere.

The X-55 isn't lacking for storage by anyone's standards. Both sides of the aft walkthrough feature gull-wing hatches that house cavernous storage, and under the seats is even more. The forward port seat also has dedicated space for a carry-on cooler. And let's not forget the convenience of having a sink and refrigerator in the cockpit. MasterCraft even thought of the trash receptacle under the seat just aft of the sink.

MasterCraft X-55

Notice how wide the seats are. And because they're also spaced apart enough, you can have adults facing each other as well.

MasterCraft X-55

Lighted drink holders… check. Snap-in carpet… check. Transom walkthrough… check. Storage under all seats, including dedicated space for a cooler… check. Look at how the aft seats are curved for added comfort.

MasterCraft X-55

There's even a seat at the transom. And the platform being so low to the water makes for a great staging area not only for putting the boards on, but for climbing out of the water as well.

Cool Factor

Every X-55 comes with a premium "Zero-Flex" wakeboard tower with swivel board racks. It's also collapsible for conveniently storing your X-55 in your garage. And let's not forget the awesome graphics choices that are now available.

MasterCraft X-55

Check out the LED lights in the center of the tower. And if you look closely you can see the camera attached to the tow point. It clips to the tow line to follow the rider back and forth across the wake. These awesome speakers are, of course, optional.

MasterCraft X-55

And of course there's the choices in rocking graphics packages that really brings the cool factor to the water.

BIG News

B.I.G. is MasterCraft's acronym for Boat Instrument Gauge. It provides a method for seeing at a glance all the operating parameters of your X-55 including fuel, speed, temp, and cruise settings, but there's much more to this cool feature. You can also save an individual rider's settings for ballast, trim, and cruise speed into a named profile to quickly get to the comfort level that each rider prefers. And you can even create those profiles on the fly and save them to a thumb drive. Going out on a friend's MasterCraft? Bring your thumb drive with you to instantly load and ride.
The BIG also allows you to watch the action from the tower thrill-cam and even play DVDs from the optional player.

MasterCraft X-55

BIG stands for Boat Instrument Gauge, and it offers a lot of features in a small package.

She is Feature Rich

In addition to what has already been noted there are a number of other attributes that should be mentioned: first, the boat is large inside and rivals the room found in competitors that are 3’ longer; second the boat is secure and dry because of her relatively high freeboard and modified V bottom design; third, MasterCraft makes plenty of options available so you can customize the X-55 to your own needs. For example, some people might like the optional wet bar in the cockpit.; fourth, there are really too many little quality details to mention, such as the convertible passenger seat.
Most important of all, though, the X-55’s primary feature is that she makes great wake, and isn’t that what it is all about? The surf’s up, anyone need a driver?

MasterCraft X-55

The layout of the MasterCraft X-55.