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Midnight Express 39 Cuddy (2010-)

Brief Summary

Midnight Express was started in 1999 and the first model the fledgling company launched was the 39. Now, if the government can ever be a yardstick of whether a boat is a success or not, this is one of those times. Correctly figuring that bad guys had fast boats, and something faster but still smooth running was needed, the 39 was immediately snapped up and put to use by the military and law enforcement community as a high-speed interceptor. With its “don’t even try to outrun me” lines and performance, it was an instant success. But just like the Humvee, a target audience for a civilian version was identified and the 39 saw new life with civilian clientele. Today, the 39 is available to us mere mortals in two versions, the open and cuddy. But for those of us looking for a boat with style and speed, step aboard as we take a detailed look at one hot boat.