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Ocean Alexander 80 Cockpit Motoryacht (Not in Production-)
(w/ Currently no test numbers)


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Brief Summary

There are currently three new 80’ Ocean Alexander motoryachts on the market and available on the American West Coast. They are all Ed Monk, Jr. designs, but all three are different and they illustrate the great latitude that owners have in customizing when having a “production” large motoryacht built. Truth be told, these size boats by all manufacturers are really built one at a time, and the only thing “production” about them is the fact that the hull, deck, superstructure and large fiberglass parts come out of fixed moulds. Beyond that owners have a high degree of latitude to modify the new builds, and even change existing boats, to suit one’s taste in décor or boat usage.

Key Features


Length Overall 77' 6''
23.62 m
Beam 20’
6.15 m
Dry Weight 144,000 gal.
65,454 kg
Tested Weight N/A
Draft 5' 0''
1.52 m
- Draft Up N/A
- Draft Down N/A
- Air Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity N/A
Person Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 35 gal.
132 L
Water Capacity 200 gal.
757 L
Length on Trailer N/A
Height on Trailer N/A
Trailer Weight N/A
Total Weight
(Trailer, Boat, & Engine)

Prices, features, designs, and equipment are subject to change. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.

Engine Options

Std. Power 2 x 1000-hp Caterpillar
Tested Power Currently no test numbers
Opt. Power Not Available

Ocean Alexander 80 Cockpit Motoryacht (Not in Production-) Line Drawing


Captain's Report

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
View from a Ocean Alexander 80 motoryacht anchored off the American West Coast at sundown. (Watch for the green flash!) With Ocean Alex you are only limited by your imagination, because their 80’ platform can take all sorts of modification.

The base Ocean Alexander 80’ (24.6 m) motoryacht has a 20’ (6.15 m) beam, draws 5’ (1.54 m) and weighs 144,000 lbs. (65,454 kgs.). This is a large, moderately heavy semi-planing motoryacht designed to travel from 18 knots to about 25 knots, depending on the engines installed. Of course they can be cruised at displacement speeds, and with a waterline length of nearly 70’ they can travel quite economically at 10 knots which is the square root of their LWL x 1.2. Two of the boats have a fuel capacity of 2000 gallons (7600 L) and the cockpit version carries 2450 gal. (9310 L) of fuel. That means these boats can be used for relative fast short passages, or long range slow cruising. As we said, these boats have lots of potential.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
This is the Ocean Alex 80 cockpit motoryacht which makes a versatile watersports platform. Fish from it – note bait prep counter, freezer and rod holders. Scuba dive from it – note huge swim platform and stow your air compressor in the lazerette.

Of the three 80’ Ocean Alexander motoryachts currently on the market one is a cockpit motoryacht, one has a sky lounge, and one has a hard top over the flying bridge. Prices run from $3.864 million for the 2009 CPMY powered with twin Cat C-32 ACERTS with 1650-hp each to the 2010 $4.229 million 80-footer with a sky lounge that is powered by twin 10V2000 MTUs with 1500-hp each.

Something to Remember

When looking at any new boat one should keep foremost in mind how the boat will be used for your particular application. There is an old saying which goes: “In every head, a different world,” and nowhere is that more applicable than when it comes to the usage of large motoryachts. So when looking at a yacht it is advisable to look past what you see, to how you would configure, decorate, and furnish the boat to fit your individual taste and application.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
The Ocean Alexander 80 motoryacht with sky lounge is ideal for going north in cool, rainy conditions often found in northern climates. Sky lounges also create more interior space economically and free-up room on the main deck for a larger dining area or office space, which is what was done on this particular vessel.

Be advised that the most important thing about buying a large motoryacht is the hull and deck structure, the engines’ reliability and installation, the boat’s plumbing and electrical systems, the vessel’s size and her sea-keeping abilities. Of secondary importance is the vessel’s practicality and equipment. And the third consideration should be its layout, décor and furnishings, because these items can be easily and in most cases, economically, change to suit the buyer.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
This is the hard top version of the Ocean Alex 80 motoryacht. The boat deck abaft the hard top is huge and can hold both a tender and a PWC, or a couple of motor scooters. When in port or at anchor put the tender and toys over the side and have a large sunning area and entertainment venue. We’d invest in a teak deck up there which will class it up and be great for parties.

Don’t Be Bashful About Personalizing

The first two categories of considerations speak for themselves, but the last one might be a bit confusing. Let us illustrate what we mean: Europeans like galleys that are nearly totally enclosed, as small as possible, and as divorced as possible from the areas of the boat used by the guests. Americans, on the other hand, generally like open galleys where the cook (who is usually one or both of the owners) can partake in the conversations going on in the settee or saloon. This proclivity has given rise to the “country kitchen” concept where the galley and the settee are combined. The American semi-custom builder Broward started this design about 18 years ago and it slowly spread to many other American builders of the years. Now it is the norm, not the exception in American builds.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
The top deck of the Ocean Alexander is exceedingly versatile. For example, Place your tender athwartships, leaving the area behind the settee for wet bar, BBQ, icemaker and an entertainment area…or, fit in a PWC and two scooters. Hot tub anyone?

Décor Directions

Décor and furnishings are another example where European and American tastes diverge. Most of the designs coming out of Italy and copy-cat England these days are stark, simple designs featuring Modernistic furniture and solid colors for fabrics and vinyls, usually brown and tan. Americans tend to think this approach to interior décor is more appropriate for a penthouse apartment on the Via Veneto than for a motoryacht going to sea. But the driving force of yacht design the last two decades has been from Italy, so who is to say which direction is “right”? In fact it, is all a matter of taste. (But let us hasten to say that there is such a thing as bad taste, no matter what one’s culture or nautical approach, and that is to be avoided at all cost.)

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
This is only one of the possible main deck plans for the Ocean Alexander 80 motoryacht. Why not enclose the galley? Or, rip out the settee and install a formal dining area? How about a U-shaped galley with counters on three sides? Add barrel chairs, or a desk, or anything else in the saloon.

Change is a Good Thing

All of this is to say, if you don’t like the furniture, wall coverings and décor on the boat you are looking at, simply imagine it with whatever you DO like! It can be changed for very little cost and, in fact, if the builder is motivated he might change it all for you for free upon signing a contract.If you see an open galley, but you would prefer it closed, simply ask the builder to install bulkheads and a door. If you see a built-in settee, but you would prefer a separate stand-alone table with six chairs, ask the builder to rip out the settee. If you don’t need two stairways to the flying bridge or sky lounge, ask the builder to take one out and install a desk, wet bar, cabinets, day head, or entertainment console in the space made available.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
We like the full beam master stateroom and the walk-in closet to starboard. Note the size of the 3rd stateroom in this design: it is a foot or so wider than on most boats because the hallway is offset to starboard. The captain has huge space, and fuel tanks are a sound barrier.

One of the positive aspects of the Great Recession when it comes to buying a large, multi-million dollar yacht these days is that if your check book is open, most builders are all ears. Tell them what you want and what it will take to make the deal.

A look at the Standard Equipment

In glancing over the standard equipment on the Ocean Alex 80s we find a number of things that we like that are somewhat unusual on builds in this class from any yard. Those things are—*36-hp hydraulic bow thruster and a 25-hp hydraulic stern thruster. There are two things we like here: 1) they are hydraulic not electric, 2) the bow thruster is 36-hp, which should move the boat in a breeze, particularly if it is hooked up to a main engine PTO.*Stainless steel rudders. This is quite unusual. They are both strong and very expensive to make.*There is a third engine/thruster control on the aft deck. This will come in very handy when Med mooring.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
This sky lounge/pilothouse version of the Ocean Alexander 80 has a U-shaped galley and a dining table. Note the desk up forward where the helm usually is on other versions.

*We like Ocean Alexander’s stainless steel engine beds; they are as large and as well fastened to the stringers as we have seen in the industry in this class boat.*An Octoplex electrical control system which means virtually all lights, music, powered appliances, etc. can be controlled from one simple panel and the captain or owner does not have to be running all over the boat to turn things on and off.*Delta-T demisters, air dampeners, and fans in the engine room. These keep saltwater out and shut off air in case of fire.*Watertight pantograph, dogged-down side doors on the superstructure.*Low-noise air extraction fans in the heads. (“Low-noise” is the key here.)*Granite soles and seats in the showers.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
This version of the Ocean Alex 80 has a country kitchen/helm area combined so everyone is part of the action all of the time. We’d take the burl wood columns out as well as the cabinet over the island to open up the area. Europeans might want to close in the galley. Do your thing!

Galley Equipment

There are several things we see in the galley that we think are practical and worthy of note—*Drawer-type shelving of the type installed in modern household kitchens so that the bottles in the back can be easily reached.*An overhead dish locker forward, plus custom-made drawers with plate holders. There is never enough room for dishes, etc. in most galleys, and it is important to keep things from moving around in a seaway.*Lazy Susan in the corner.*36” JennAir Custom Panel French Door Refrigerator. We think that this is about the best refer/freezer on the market for a large yacht. *27” Gaggenau cook top and a 24” Gaggenau electric oven.

Ocean Alexander 80 MY
The master stateroom is pretty much the same in all of the layouts of the Ocean Alexander 80 motoryacht. It has proven to be a classic design for this size boat.


Given the size of the boat and its engines, to say nothing of the laundry list of world-class equipment installed as standard, there is a lot of boat here for the money. By keeping your eye on your intended purpose for the boat – i.e. entertaining, long range cruising, short-hop day trips, watersports platform – and your climatic range, you should be able to find that one of the three Ocean Alexander 80 motoryachts suited for your application.Perhaps best of all for consumers these days is that the Great Recession has caused an abundance of product and a scarcity of buyers. That spells serious potential when it comes to opportunity to strike a great deal in large motoryachts. For a confidential consultation about any Ocean Alexander boat --

Standard and Optional Features


Full Warranty Information on this brand coming soon!

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