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Brief Summary

Most often we hear about boaters trading up to larger models, but in the realm of offshore fishing, the trend seems to be heading in the opposite direction. Owners of large convertible sport fish boats are downsizing to boats like the Pursuit OS 385 Offshore. In this case, it makes good sense as this boat can go virtually anywhere the larger ones can at a fraction of the operating costs, plus she carries a level of luxury in her interior accommodations that rival larger yachts.

Key Features

  • Custom non-skid deck, cockpit surface and gunwale boards
  • Helm seat with fold-up armrests and flip-up bolster
  • Cockpit entertainment center with sink, and cutting board with storage below
  • 240V cockpit grill with fiberglass cover
  • Portside bridge-deck L-shaped lounge with padded
  • Hardtop
  • Interior with solid Khaya and Maple floor
  • Forward dinette seating area convertible to V-berth
  • 4 stainless steel rod holders in gunwale
  • 300 quart insulated fiberglass transom fishbox with freezer plates


Length Overall 39’ 5'' / 12.01 m
Beam 13’ 0''
4 m
Dry Weight 18,915 lbs.
8,579 kg
Draft 42''
1.06 m
Deadrise/Transom 18-deg.
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance 10’ 10''
3.30 m
Fuel Capacity 370 gal.
1,401 L
Water Capacity 65 gal.
246 L


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Engine Options

Tested Engine Currently no test numbers
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power 3 x 300-hp Yamaha F300
3 x 350-hp Yamaha F350


Deck Warranty Extended 5-year
Hull Warranty Extended 5-year

Captain's Report

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Including the pulpit, the Pursuit OS 385 Offshore has a LOA of 39’5” (12.01 m), a beam of 13’ (4 m) and a draft of 42” (107 cm).

Mission Statement

Pursuit designed the OS 385 Offshore to not only provide a first-class fishing and cruising machine, but as a target for owners of larger sportfish boats to be able to scale down to. She can ply through virtually the same seas, fish the same fish, and do so in a boat that carries a fraction of the purchase price and a fraction of the operating expense. And she carries the unmistakable design and styling, fit-and-finish and highly-regarded reputation that the brand has become synonymous with.
The Pursuit OS 385 has a bridge deck with as much seating as found on the flying bridges of most large convertibles. Below she has all of the essentials for day-fishing or overnight trips.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Distinguishing Features

Dual Interior Layouts Offered.

The OS 385 Offshore can be ordered with either the standard layout that has a forward convertible dinette, or an optional layout with the fixed forward berth and a dinette to starboard.

Premium Level Build.

Without a doubt, Pursuit is among the top tier builders in class designing boats with a premium level of construction and fit-and-finish.

Outboard Powered.

Many express fishboats are inboard powered, a design that utilizes interior space that the outboard-powered OS 385 Offshore has turned into mid-cabin accommodation space. Further, outboard power adds more useable space to the cockpit. Pursuit offers either triple Yamaha F300s or F350s.

Impressive Standards List.

The OS 385 is well-suited for hard offshore fishing, and is fully-equipped right off the showroom floor. The options list mostly adds ancillary fishing gear and electronics.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

It’s hard to determine whether the OS 385 is a classy express cruiser that can fish, or a well-heeled offshore fishing boat with luxury cruising amenities.


Pursuit powers the OS 385 Offshore with a triple set of Yamaha outboards. This design removes the powerplants from beneath the cockpit deck freeing up much needed usable space and eases engine and systems maintenance. Further, today's outboard engines are highly reliable.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

With triple 300s she cruised at 23.3 knots. With 350s she cruised at 30 knots.

We haven’t tested this model, and therefore cannot provide a third-party evaluation on its performance. However, Pursuit has tested it quite rigorously and is more than happy to share its findings.

Triple V6 F300s

With the 370-gallon (1,400 L) tanks nearly full and a fully optioned out OS 385 Offshore put to the test, the Pursuit test team reached full speed at 6000 rpm and 49.2 mph (42.7 kn). At that speed she was burning 78.7 gph for a range of 198 statute miles. (We mention this fuel burn for comparison purposes only, as obviously no one runs a boat WOT for any length of time.)

Best cruise

came in at 3500 rpm and 25.7 mph (22.3 kn). That speed reduced the fuel burn to 27 gph which translated to a range of 302 statute miles.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Triple V6 F350s

With the same loaded boat and larger engines, she was again put to the test. This time top speed reached 54.1 mph (47 kn). That speed produced a fuel burn of 100.54 gph and a range of 171 miles. Best cruise came in at 4000 rpm and 34.4 mph (30 kn). Now the fuel burn was reduced to 37.9 gph producing a range of 288 statute miles. Now consider that this cruise speed is one that this boat easily achieved, and one that large battlewagons struggle to achieve at full throttle and a horrendous fuel burn.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore


Pursuit is a family run company now in its third generation of management. In that time, the design and build process has been refined and Pursuit is among the highest regarded in the industry today. The level of fit-and-finish on these boats is at the premium level and the dedication shows through in every corner of the OS 385 Offshore.

Bottom Shapes.

She has a decidedly sharp entry, a necessary feature in a boat designed to encounter heavy seas. Her bows then lead to a wide flair to add buoyancy when running down a sea, and to throw water well clear of the hull. Strakes and chines are as we would expect with a boat that carries the handling characteristics consistent with a Pursuit pedigree.

Sound deadening

insulation is matched to a stringer and assembly process exclusive to Pursuit that result in, what the company tells us, is among the quietest cabin environments available. Stringers are a true vacuum-infused part, bonded to the hull and foam filled. They are finished on the top to create a clean, smooth bilge.

Colored Hulls.

The standard hull color is white, but additional colors are offered. Choose from either Flag Blue, Stars and Stripes, Fighting Lady Yellow or Oceana Blue for an additional $6,380. If any of these colors are selected, go ahead and have the helm pod color matched at no additional charge. Otherwise, keep it the standard grey.

Operational Considerations


The OS 385 Offshore is kept powered while underway by a standard Panda 8 kW diesel generator. That’s right… diesel. It’s probably more reliable than gas, but more importantly has low CO emissions and, in our opinion, diesel is the best way to go for a generator for safety reasons. However, as a downside, this means that it can’t draw fuel from the same tanks as the gas outboards. As an upside, it also means that the range of the 385 is unhampered by the use of the generator.

When AC electrical is needed

, the generator runs off of its dedicated 25-gallon (95 L) fuel tank. Is 25-gallons (95 L) enough? Well let’s see….The typical fuel burn of one of these generators at ¾ load is .4 gph so that translates to 62 ½ hours of run time. That should do it.


, a standard 25’ (7.6 m) 50-Amp shore cord connects to 240V/60 Hz dockside power. An optional 50’ (15.2 m) cord ($110) is also available. A 12 KVA isolation transformer is included. Battery systems include no less than 7 batteries with trays and switches. They’re kept hot with a 20-Amp charger for engine starting batteries and a 40 Amp charger for the house, electronics, and bow thruster batteries.

In-House Electrical Systems.

Veteran boaters know from experience that the most vulnerable system on any boat is its electrical system. Pursuit does not subcontract the manufacturer of either the 12V/110V main distribution panel or the boat's wiring harness, preferring instead to manufacturer them in-house in order to insure that they are "rock solid", to use the company's description of them.


Ground Tackle System.

Moving to the bow, the molded pulpit is fitted with a 316L stainless steel roller. The rode runs back to a standard anchor windlass with controls at both the lower and optional upper helm as well as from a remote located in the anchor locker. The locker drains overboard so go ahead and let the water run over the chain from the fresh/raw water washdown in the locker. A 10” (25.4 cm) mooring cleat is provided but a chain binder secures the rode. Six more 10” (25.4 cm) stainless cleats are located throughout the boat, including the midships areas. A stainless skid plate protects the stem.

Helm Deck

Overhead on the helm deck, the standard hardtop is closed molded making it well finished on both sides. It includes spreader lights, 6 LED courtesy lights, 4 rod holders, and canvas storage for PFDs. An optional tower is offered and the hardtop offers no concerns about supporting the weight of its occupants as it itself is supported by Pursuit's proprietary vacuum infused windshield frames, and aft by powder coated heavy duty aluminum piping that serves double duty as the ladder.

Good Windshield Design.

Pursuit's method of supporting the hardtop has the added benefits of keeping the windshield mullions small so as to not limit visibility, while still providing the strength needed for support. Being integrated, the tempered glass runs all the way up to the vacuum-infused windshield frame which abuts the hardtop, thus eliminating the gap we often see between the top of the windshield and the hardtop with isinglass.
Three pantograph wipers, with independent controls, are supplied to clear spray and all are fitted with freshwater washers. To the sides, the windows slope gracefully downward in a downeast style that adds a measure of character to the OS 385 Offshore’s profile, complimented by the curves of the shear line.


The helm is a fiberglass pod unit, colored grey to knock down any glare in the windshield. It’s hinged at the bottom so as to tilt out and allow easy access for installations. Steering is via a 16’ (41 cm) Edson stainless wheel with steering knob mounted onto a tilt base connected to Teleflex power assisted dual cylinder hydraulic steering.

Control Amenities.

A standard bow thruster is included, but with Yamaha as the outboard of choice, it would be good to consider the Yamaha Helm Master control system in either the basic (deletes standard thruster) version ($30,130) or with the bow thruster ($32,695). This system adds true fly-by-wire functionality to the OS 385 Offshore. The system includes electronic steering, an electronic key system, anti-theft system, Yamaha’s hi-def LCD engine displays and the all-important joystick for precision close-quarters maneuvering.
Even with a joystick, a bow thruster comes in handy because sometimes we just want to move the bow only, without rotating the whole boat. Tying off to the pair of forward pilings at the dock is a situation that comes to mind.


The panel is designed with plenty of open real estate to accommodate a pair of 12” (30.5 cm) displays of choice, but Pursuit offers a set of Raymarine E125 hybrid touch displays ($24,060) as a factory-installed option. We would also consider the ACR remote controlled spotlight ($2,520) and the 4 underwater lights ($2,200) since we fish well after the sun has dipped far below the horizon.
The helm seat includes flip-up armrests and bolster.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The standard helm is grey but if hull colors are chosen then the helm can be color matched. The bow thruster joystick is next to the VHF, and the electric thruster is standard. Upgraded Yamaha helm controls, that include a joystick, are offered.

Fishing Considerations


As a fishing boat, the OS 385 Offshore is well-suited to compete against much larger sportfishing boats, and that is why she is an ideal candidate to trade down. The working area of the OS 385 is clearly in the cockpit and it appeals to both hard-core fishermen and cruisers alike. Fishermen will appreciate it as it comes fully equipped with dual freezers, two 68-gallon (257 L) in-deck fishboxes with macerators, a blue, 50-gallon (189 L) recirculating livewell and well-equipped rigging station.
A 300-quart (284 L) transom fishbox is refrigerated and can be cooled down to freezing via the digitally controlled thermostat. Blood is easily washed overboard thanks to a raw water outlet. The deck comes reinforced for the installation of a fighting chair.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The rigging station allows for plenty of room for storing tackle.

Four stainless steel rod holders are mounted in the caprails. Rods can be securely stored not only in 6 holders inside lockable storage under the gunwale, but also in cabin holders that secure another three. There are also two rod holders each side on the aft hardtop legs.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

In the standard hardtop version, we can see the optional Top Gun outriggers, and the six rod holders across the transom. Four standard rod holders are mounted into the caprails and the aformentioned four rod holders on the aft hardtop legs.

Fishing Options to Consider

While Pursuit equipped this boat quite nicely the few options available are largely focused on allowing owners to dial in to the type of fishing they intend to do. Feel like hunting down some yellow fin tuna? Then consider adding the tower ($37,155 if water delivery, $42,685 if land delivery) with a second control station ($3,580). We would absolutely add the 6 transom rod holders ($1,480) for putting out a larger spread to the stern. With the hardtop we’d add the Rupp Top Guns ($2,865) with 18’ (5.5 m) poles. If the tower option is chosen then go for the Tournament Outriggers ($8,795).

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The optional tower provides an elevated operating station, easily supported by the standard hardtop. Note that upper-helm support piping does not interfere with forward windshield visibility.

Cruising Considerations


For cruising, again the cockpit is the central focus point. The forward entertainment center includes an outdoor galley with a sink, cutting board with storage below, and a 240V cockpit grille. To starboard there’s a 64 quart (60.6 L) refrigerator/freezer with a digitally controlled thermostat. Already we’re able to have outdoor picnics in the fresh air, of course with a waterfront view. If another spot to relax is desired, then go for the optional forward deck lounge cushions ($3,960) and the installation also includes deck rails for safety.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Whether the food is brought onboard, or caught onboard, a cockpit galley is just the way to prepare meals while the party continues.

If swimming is in the day's plan, then the hot/cold freshwater shower will be a welcome feature when coming aboard. An 11-gallon (41.6 L) 220V hot water heater is standard and it’s fed from the 65-gallon (246 L) freshwater tank. On hot days, the bridge deck can be cooled with the 240V, 16,000 BTU air conditioner.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Rather than go with the typical fold down aft bench seat, Pursuit went with dual seats that can be stowed away individually when it’s time to go to work.

Helm Deck

The portside L-shaped lounge makes a great place to relax when underway while remaining within conversational distance from the captain at the helm. The comfort level is where it needs to be, there is three-sided protection, and the horizon is visible from the seated positions. The non-skid fiberglass decking can be dramatically up-scaled with the addition of teak and holly flooring ($7,055).

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The helm deck makes an excellent place to relax, particularly while underway. The seating can accommodate forward or aft-facing occupants and air conditioning vents add climate control to the protected environment.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Regardless of whether steaming out on the cockpit seats or in the protection of the helm deck, the visibility is outstanding.

Accommodations Deck

Down below, Pursuit went with yacht-caliber materials that only add to the appeal of this boat and transform her from a “take-on-anything” offshore beast, to a welcoming overnight cruiser with ocean views. Solid wood veneers with light colors, solid wood flooring and matching fabrics are seamlessly blended to create a rich, cozy feeling. Natural light comes in through dual 17” x 17” (43.2 cm x 43.2 cm) overhead hatches and hull-side portlights.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

In the standard layout, the forward dinette converts to a berth, the galley is to port, and the head is to starboard.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

In the optional arrangement ($2,570), the forward dinette is replaced with a fixed berth and seating takes the form of a settee to port. The galley is moved to starboard, just forward of the head.


There are two arrangements available. In the standard layout, the eye first carries directly forward where Pursuit placed the convertible dinette that allows for meals and gathering around a custom-made wood table by day, and comfortable sleeping accommodations by night. Storage drawers are beneath and a starboard side storage locker is cedar-lined.
Accent lighting illuminates both the dinette base and the steps to the V-berth. Conversion from a dining area to a berth is via an electrically actuated pedestal that lowers the solid wood table where filler cushions complete the transition. A standard 32” (81.3cm) flatscreen TV is mounted to the forward bulkhead.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

A beautiful balance of wood and light give the lower deck a rich yacht-caliber ambiance.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The dinette provides a welcome place to gather whether spending the night on the canyons or at a distant marina for the weekend.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The electrically actuated table drops down to accommodate filler cushions, completing the conversion to a berth.


To port is a full galley that includes the usual cast of microwave, two-burner stove, a pair of 7.5 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer drawers and all wood cabinetry. A fiberglass sink is embedded into the Corian counter top.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Drawers have push-button latches. A courtesy light is at deck level. Opening portlights add ventilation when cooking. And an air conditioning vent is to the right of the microwave.

The Head.

A full size head is to starboard. It includes a separate shower and a seat for use when underway. A VacuFlush toilet is standard and plumbed to an 18-gallon (68.1 L) holding tank. The Corian theme continues here and surrounds a designer sink. A full-length mirror is inside the framed head door.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

The head continues the yacht quality use of woods and Corian. The shower is enclosed with frosted green acrylic.

In both layouts, the mid-cabin remains the same. A double berth is large enough to accommodate two adults. And her 13’ (4 m) beam allows enough room for the inclusion of a settee to port with sitting headroom and reading lights.

Pursuit OS 385 Offshore

Here’s a clever layout for a mid-cabin design. The entry is far from the usual crawl space that we typically see. It is not only roomy enough to easily enter, but there’s plenty of room for a settee to starboard.


The Pursuit OS 385 Offshore is offered with two power options. If triple Yamaha 300s are selected she’ll be priced at $528,485, including the Command Link Plus LCD display. If more power is needed or desired, then she can be equipped with a set of triple 350s for $545,315.


Obviously, that’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards, and certainly cheaper boats can be had. But this is not a cheap boat. It’s a premium boat and that represents a lot of things, mainly a raised level of quality that is out of reach for some buyers. Just as a high-end car signals that the owner is a cut above, so it is with owning a Pursuit. We think owners will appreciate having the OS 385 Offshore under their feet no matter how the boat is used.

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