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Regency Pontoons 220 LE3 Sport (2017-)

1 x 200-hp Mercury Verado 200 Pro

Brief Summary

The REGENCY 220 LE3 rides on three 26” powder-coated aluminum pontoons -- something we rarely see on even the most expensive toons. Natural aluminum oxidizes and is hard to keep looking new -- but not so with the powder-coating. Powered with a 200-hp Mercury Verado, she topped out at 36.2 mph, plenty fast enough for most tow sports. A full-width swim platform with simulated teak decking provides a good spot to gear up with skis and also provides easy access to the outboard, a problem on many pontoon designs.

Key Features

  • 10+LIFE Warranty
  • Rail-Lock mooring cover with bow extension
  • 3 powder-coated performance pontoon logs with lifting strakes and wave deflectors
  • 11' color-keyed Bimini top with power-up and power-down feature, LED lights and storage pockets
  • Deluxe raised helm station with illuminated switches and gauges, tilt hydraulic steering and captain’s chair
  • Port bucket seat and plush lounge seating with lockable storage below and aft-facing lounges with lighted storage, including changing curtain in port bow lounge arm
  • In-console stereo with Bluetooth, USB input and dash-mounted remotes
  • Refreshment center with sink, pull-out sprayer and 13.5-gal. freshwater tank
  • Full-width swim platform with simulated teak flooring, ski tow pylon and fold-down reboarding ladder
  • Test Results

    700 2.9 2.5 0.7 4.1 3.6 194 168.6 74
    1000 4 3.5 1 4.2 3.7 197 171.4 73
    1500 5.5 4.7 1.5 3.8 3.3 176 153 72
    2000 7.3 6.3 2.1 3.5 3.1 166 143.9 72
    2500 8.9 7.7 2.9 3.1 2.7 145 126.4 73
    3000 13.1 11.4 4.1 3.2 2.8 150 130 77
    3500 17.6 15.3 5.8 3 2.6 142 123.1 79
    4000 20.7 18 7.8 2.7 2.3 125 108.7 83
    4500 24.1 21 10.1 2.4 2.1 112 97.6 86
    5000 27 23.5 12.3 2.2 1.9 103 89.7 85
    5500 30.4 26.4 15.3 2 1.7 93 81 87
    6200 36.2 31.4 22 1.6 1.4 77 67 89


    Length Overall 25' 4'' / 7.72 m
    Beam 8' 6''
    2.59 m
    Dry Weight 3,440 lbs.
    1,560 kg
    Tested Weight 4,634 lbs.
    2,102 kg
    Draft N/A
    Deadrise/Transom N/A
    Max Headroom open
    Bridge Clearance N/A
    Weight Capacity 2,185 lbs.
    991 kg
    Person Capacity 10
    Fuel Capacity 52 gal.
    197 L
    Total Weight 4,634 lbs.
    2,102 kg


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    Acceleration Times & Conditions

    Time to Plane N/A
    0 to 30 8.1 sec.
    Ratio 1.85:1
    Props 1 Enertia 16" x 11" 3-bl. Ss
    Load 2 persons, 4/5 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
    Climate 77 deg., 23 humid.; wind: 5-17 mph; seas: choppy

    Engine Options

    Tested Engine 1 x 200-hp Mercury Verado 200 Pro
    Std. Power 1 x 200-hp Mercury Verado Pro 4-stroke
    Opt. Power 1 x 250-hp Mercury Verado Pro 4-stroke

    Captain's Report

    Contents of Report

    Regency 220 LE3

    Deck length on the 220 LE3 Sport is 23’3” (7.1m), but overall length, which is what an owner would need to know for renting a slip, is 25’4” (7.7m).

    Mission Statement

    The Regency 220 LE3 Sport is targeted at a family looking for an upscale pontoon boat that offers the performance of a runabout in a well-equipped complete package.

    She can accommodate up to 10 passengers and features reclining aft-facing lounges, two captain’s chairs, and a power Bimini top. Power up to 250-hp is available.

    Distinguishing Features

      Powder-Coating. The pontoons, fence rails, Bimini top frame, and ladder are all powder-coated. This makes the boat more attractive and improves resistance to corrosion.

      Three Color Choices. Storm Blue fencing with White rails and pontoons, Pearl White fencing with Bronze rails and pontoons, and Charcoal fencing with Black rails and pontoons.

      Aft Facing lounges. Twin lounges in the stern let passengers stretch out.

      Dual Captain’s Chairs. A second captain’s chair is new for 2017.

      Power Bimini Top. Push a button, and the 11’ (3.4m) -long top provides instant shade.

      Rear facing camera. The rear-facing camera mounted on the back of the Bimini top frame comes standard.

      Rail-Lock mooring cover. Regency has the exclusive rights to this design until 2019. A track in the underside of the bow rails secures the mooring cover without the need for snaps.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Our test boat had the Storm Blue fending with the white powder-coated pontoons, rails, Bimini top frame, and boarding ladder.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The mooring cover secures in this track on the side rails, eliminating the need for snaps.

    Features Inspection

    The Stern. Because the aft facing lounges are new on the 220 LE3 Sport, we’re going to step aboard the boat at the stern, which has a full width swim platform that measures 8’ (2.4m) across and 1’3” (.38m) fore to aft. To starboard, there’s a four-step ladder built from the same substantial rails as the Bimini top. Fold-up cleats in each aft corner tuck out of the way when not needed, and there’s a socket ahead of the outboard for the heavy-duty aluminum ski tow pylon.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The full-width swim platform is finished in synthetic teak, and there are inspection plates in each corner.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The ladder has a heavy-duty feel, and the powder-coated finish lends to the boat’s high-end impression.

    Regency 220 LE3

    A remote control for the stereo is located just ahead of the ladder.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The brushed aluminum ski tow pylon extends well above the motor to ensure that towropes won’t get snagged.

    Best Seats On Board. A 1’7” (.48m) -wide stainless steel gate opens inboard, so passengers can step into the 220 LE3 Sport’s aft cockpit. On each side, there are aft-facing chaise-style lounges that are thickly padded and recline at a comfortable angle. We measured space between the lounges at 1’11” (.58m). There is a lighted speaker and cup holder plus a 12-volt power plug on each side. A portable table can be inserted into a socket in the aft deck. To keep passengers secure, stainless-steel rails that extend 8” (20.3cm) above the cushions wraparound to the aforementioned gate.

    Regency 220 LE3

    This centrally positioned gate opens inboard. Notice that it’s filled in with the Regency logo so that a small child or dog can’t squeeze through any openings.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The aft-facing seats have raised side cushions that help keep passengers in place.

    Regency 220 LE3

    This photo gives an idea of how a full-sized adult fits in the aft facing lounge.

    Rear Storage. The bottom cushions on each side open on scissor-style hinges that hold up the pad. The batteries are under the bottom cushion to port while the starboard side is open. The hinged middle and upper cushions also open to provide storage access, but need to be held up.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Lightweight, maintenance-free Optima batteries are beneath the aft starboard lounge cushion, and notice the plug for the shorepower.

    Regency 220 LE3

    All the cushions on the aft lounges open on, and notice that the seats are built on plastic frames that will never rot. This is consistent throughout the boat.

    The Bimini Top. Raising an 11’ (3.4m) - long Bimini top by hand isn’t easy, so Regency made sure passengers don’t have to. Pushing a button at the dash raises the 220 LE3 Sport’s Bimini top quickly and efficiently. If required to get under a low bridge, it lowers just as easily. An aft-facing camera is installed on aft side of the rear rail in the frame, and the images can be seen on the Lowrance HDS7 screen at the helm.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Not only does the Bimini top raise with the push of a button, it’s color-matched to the boat.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The rear facing camera mounted on the back of the Bimini can let a driver keep an eye on watersports activity or provide a view when backing into a slip.

    Two Is Better Than One. Moving forward from the aft lounges, there are two captains’ chairs amidships. Each one has folding armrests, and they swivel, adjust fore and aft, and recline. Outboard of the port seat, the boarding gate opens inward and secures with a magnetic latch. Forward of the port captain’s chair, a changing curtain folds out from the aft side of the bow lounge.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The second captain’s chair to port is new for 2017.

    Regency 220 LE3

    At 2’9” (.84m), the portside gate is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The changing curtain folds up easily from the aft end of the port bow lounge.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Forward of the faux teak that’s between the aft lounges, the cockpit and bow are finished in this mat that’s easy to clean with a hose.

    The Helm. The 220 LE3 Sport’s entire helm is raised off the deck to ensure that the captain has an unobstructed view when driving the boat. For added comfort, there is angled footrest covered in synthetic teak. The dash has multi-function SmartCraft gauges on each side of the Lowrance HDS7 fishfinder/chartplotter. The helm has two cup holders, a cell phone holder with a 12-volt plug nearby, a remote control for the stereo, and push button-style accessory switches. The digital controls are positioned so that the driver can use the armrest on the captain’s chair. Forward in the base, there is a locking glove box.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The helm is efficiently laid out and raised 3” (7.6 cm) off the deck to give the captain better sightlines.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Multi-function gauges and the Lowrance fishfinder/chartplotter provide all engine navigation information on the same level.

    Regency 220 LE3

    A locking glove box in the base of the dash is a perfect place for wallets and car keys.

    Cockpit Storage. Moving forward into the 220 LE3 Sport’s bow, a hatch in the base of the helm console opens a large locker where we also found the stereo. Just below, a plastic hatch opens on a gas strut to reveal a locker in the center pontoon that has more than enough space for boards and skis.

    Regency 220 LE3

    This compartment in the helm console would be a great place to stash a carry-on cooler.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Regency lined the bottom of the ski locker with the same mat that we found on deck in the cockpit. This should help protect skis and boards.

    The Bow. Forward, each bow lounge measures 4’8” (1.4m) long and 1’10 ½” (.57m) deep with comfortably reclined backrests. Down low at the forward end, there are speakers and cup holders with LED lights on each side. The bottom cushions on each side are hinged and open to reveal lockers in the seat base. When closed, they lock in place. The 1’9” (.58m) -wide bow gate opens to a small platform that is 8’ (2.4) wide and 1’3” (.38m) deep and has foldup cleats on each corner. Custom fixtures on each side of the bow fence house LED navigation, docking, and accent lights.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Notice how high the backrests for the bow lounges come up. We measured freeboard at the bow at 4’8 (1.4m).

    Regency 220 LE3

    Installing the table in the bow turns the area into a comfortable spot to enjoy lunch.

    Regency 220 LE3

    There are cup holders and speakers down low, and the tri-tone textured upholstery adds a touch of class.

    Regency 220 LE3

    Lockers under the bow seats on both sides lock when closed.

    Regency 220 LE3

    An upscale boat needs a place to toss away trash. This hidden wastebasket is a good idea.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The bow gate is 2’1” (.63m) tall. It opens inboard and secures in place with a magnetic latch.

    Regency 220 LE3

    At 1’3” (.38m) deep, the bow platform has enough space to make it easy to board from a dock.


    The Pontoons. The 220 LE3 Sport’s pontoons are 26” (66cm) in diameter, and they all have lifting strakes and keels welded in place to improve performance and handling. The middle pontoon doesn’t extend as far forward as the outboard sponsons, which have heavy-duty wave deflectors. Additionally, on the aft end of the middle pontoon, the center pod contains the fuel system and positions the motor farther aft.

    Regency 220 LE3

    All the pontoons have 26” (66cm) diameters and lifting strakes.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The motor pod contains the fuel system, and it places the motor farther aft, which improves trim leverage and delivers cleaner water to the propeller.

    The Numbers. We tested the 220 LE3 Sport with a 200-hp Mercury Verado Pro 4-stroke outboard. With two people on board, a full tank of fuel and test equipment, our boat weighed an estimated 4,634 pounds (2,102 kg). The engine had a 1.85:1 gear ratio and turned an Enertia 16” x 11” (40.6cm x 27.9cm) three-blade stainless-steel propeller.

    Our test boat ran a top speed of 36.2 mph (31.5 knots) at 6200 rpm, and we found best cruise at 3000 rpm. The 220 LE3 Sport ran 13.1 mph (11.4 knots) and burned 4.1 gph (15.5 lph), which translates to 3.2 mpg (1.36kpl). This gives her a range of 150 statute miles (130 nm) with 10 percent of the boat’s 52-gallon (196.8-liter) fuel capacity in reserve. In acceleration tests, we hit 20 mph (17.4 knots) in 4.8 seconds and to 30 mph (26.1 knots) in 8.1 seconds.

    Regency 220 LE3

    With single engine, the 220 LE3 Sport tops 30 mph (26.1 knots) and can run 150 statute miles (130nm) at cruise.


    In turns, the 220 LE3 Sport felt, well, sporty. She leaned into the turns and came around in a tight radius in each direction. When we crossed the wakes of our photo boat, she responded to changes in course quickly, and her sharp bows cut through the waves with ease.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The 220 LE3 Sport makes tight turns, and notice how flat she rides through the maneuver.


    The 220 LE3 Sport is built with multiple chambers in pontoons that are formed out of 0.100” thick 5052 marine alloy. The deck is formed out of 7-ply pressure-treated wood that has a lifetime warranty, and it attaches to the pontoons with full-width heavy-duty Z-bar supports that bolt to extruded M-brackets. The side fences are installed with vibration-deadening insulation, and all furniture is built with rotomolded plastic that won’t rot. The box-beam transom is all aluminum for strength and durability. To protect the boat from run-ins with the dock, the heavy-duty rubrail is powder-coated and has heavy-duty corner castings.

    Regency 220 LE3

    The heavy-duty wave deflectors and rubrail are designed for the long haul.


    $56,995 with a Mercury 200 L Verado Pro 4-Stroke outboard.


    10+ Life warranty.


    The Regency 220 LE3 Sport is a do-everything pontoon that should appeal to a family that enjoys a variety of activities on the water. With the 200-hp Verado outboard, she has the power and performance to handle watersports towing duties and at 25’4” long, she’s big enough to handle less-than-ideal conditions when unexpected winds pick up.

    The powder-coated pontoons, side rails, and Bimini top frame most certainly give the boat the upscale feel that the manufacturer is looking to portray, as do the plush multi-textured upholstery.

    The comfortable aft-facing cushions will no doubt become the most sought-after seats aboard and the forward open concept enhances the boat’s versatility.