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Brief Summary

We’re told by fashionistas that the latest trends that are paraded on the runways of Milano and Paris are inspired by the styles offered by small boutiques in the south of France which are sometimes owned by designers that are also the seamstress, tailor and store clerk. They cater to self-assured clientele, women like Brigitte Bardotb, but not as famous, in towns like Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. That may or may not be true, but if you have ever wondered where the large builders of sportboats and express cruisers draw their inspiration – and design courage – there is little doubt where that is. It is from the small town of Sarnico on Lake Iseo in northern Italy, just south of the Alps. That is the home of Riva. It is there in the workshops of second and third generation boat builders that marine artwork – and fashion -- is created. And the sign of great art and great fashion is that it never goes out of style and it always looks thrilling – even 100 years later.

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