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Sea Chaser 23 LX (2017-)

1 x 175-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2

Key Features

  • Swim Platform
  • Gunwale Mounted rod storage with coaming pads
  • Ropelocker
  • Folding Rear jump Seats
  • 2015 Standard console with Bait well
  • SS Power Grip Steering Wheel
  • EPA compliant EVAP emission ventilation
  • Patented Rubrail Mounted Forward LED Navigation lights
  • LED Stern light

Test Results

500 2.3 2 0.2 11.3 9.8 527 457.8 61
1000 4.5 3.9 0.6 7.5 6.5 351 305.2 68
1500 6.1 5.3 1.3 4.7 4 218 189.4 74
2000 7.5 6.5 2.2 3.4 3 160 138.7 82
2500 10.1 8.7 3.7 2.7 2.4 127 110.5 84
3000 14.8 12.9 5 3 2.6 139 120.5 85
3500 24.2 21 5.7 4.3 3.7 200 173.9 85
4000 32.6 28.3 7.7 4.3 3.7 199 173.4 88
4500 35.9 31.2 9 4 3.5 188 163.2 89
5000 41.6 36.2 10.9 3.8 3.3 179 156 92
5500 45.6 39.7 12.5 3.7 3.2 171 149.1 93
5840 47.5 41.3 13.7 3.5 3 162 140.9 94


Length Overall 23' / 7 m
Beam 103"
2.6 m
Dry Weight 2,450 lbs
1,111 kg
Tested Weight 3,170 lbs
1438 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom N/A
Bridge Clearance N/A
Weight Capacity 2,050 lbs
930 kg
Person Capacity 8 person
Fuel Capacity 52 gal
197 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 3,170 lbs
1438 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 3.3 sec.
0 to 30 N/A
Ratio N/A
Props 15 1/8x20 Rebel
Load 2 persons, 31/32 load, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 72 deg., 64 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: 1 ft

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 175-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2
Std. Power Not Available
Opt. Power Not Available

Captain's Report

Sea Chaser 23 LX runport

The Sea Chaser 23 LX is labeled by the builder as a general-purpose boat for multiple bodies of water both fresh and salt.


Buying a new boat can sometimes be overwhelming with the number of choices in the decision-making process. What Sea Chaser has done is provide some standard features so the boat comes from the factory water-ready for fishing with the addition of an outboard engine and a few other things. Serious anglers and those wanting to spend more time on protected and coastal waters with family and friends will want to add a number of options.

The name of this boat’s game is to keep the base price low so that each consumer can outfit the vessel for a specific purpose, without wasting money on needless equipment and frills. This can make a boat affordable to a greater number of people, and get new owners into boats at an affordable price.

This is a boat mainly designed for coastal and protected water, but on good days she can go offshore if conditions permit. She is primarily a fishing boat, but she can also be used by a small family for traveling in the Intercoastal Waterway and other protected locations for a day’s outing on the water.

Sea Chaser 23 LX idelport

The moderate height of the gunnels give the hull the feel of a coastal center console but remains in the bay boat overall size range.

Hull Step

Sea Chaser 23 LX on plane

A step in the hull’s running surface introduces air under the stern portion of the hull, lessening the wetted surface at planning speeds. This improves the boat’s top-end speed and fuel efficiency.

Major Features

  • • Stepped hull
  • • Locking rod storage
  • • Dual access center console with flip-up face
  • • Dual flip-up stern bench seats
  • • LED lighting in cup holders, deck, and underwater
  • • Easy access bilge compartment hatch
  • • Dual baitwells
  • • Pre-wired for trolling motor
  • • Step up to bow deck

Sea Chaser 23 LX layout plan

This layout plan of the Sea Chaser 23 LX shows the relatively large bow and stern casing decks, which are this boat’s primary mission in life.

Bow Casting Deck

The deep recess in the bow casting deck gives an angler the feel of standing in the boat, rather than just on it -- very reassuring when fishing in sloppy conditions. The built-in handrails have a dual purpose of a place to hang onto going forward and to help control the boat dockside.

Sea Chaser 23 LX bow

A step leading up to the bow makes it much easier getting onto and down from the elevated casting deck. We like the raised gunwales, as they should keep anglers from going too far when concentrating on fighting a fish.

Sea Chaser 23 LX bow open

Multiple hatches on the bow deck lead to locking rod storage, a large livewell, and an insulated cooler under the step up. The port and starboard locking rod lockers are a bit unusual because they are hinged forward, but we think it is a good idea as it allows this space to be used effectively.

Sea Chaser 23 LX anchor locker

The anchor locker hatch has flush stainless steel hardware, along with a notch in the deck so the hatch can be closed with the anchor deployed. Full marks to Sea Chaser for putting a pull-up cleat on the bow centerline on which to tie-off the anchor rode. This is the way it should be done, but many low-cost builders these days are not doing it.

Sea Chaser 23 LX anchor compartment

The anchor compartment is deep and has a molded shelf with keepers that allow a Danforth-style anchor to hang in place.

Sea Chaser 23 LX bow deck panel

The boat comes pre-wired with a panel on the bow deck that includes a trolling motor plug, 12-volt outlet, and rocker switch to raise and lower the engine.

Stern Casting Deck

The stern casting deck is recessed and can be used for additional seating when not in use for fishing.

Sea Chaser 23 LX stern corners

Both stern corners are angled and have wedge-shaped trim tabs. This design still leaves plenty of room on top of the deck for fishing.

Sea Chaser 23 LX rear deck

Multiple fiberglass hatches have stainless steel hardware with the exception of the motor well hatch, which can lift completely out of the way for better access.

Sea Chaser 23 LX center hatch

The center hatch lifts to form a seat. In the folded position, the hatches rest on a recess in the deck and remain solid when walked upon.

Sea Chaser 23 LX port hatch seat

For additional seating in the stern, the port hatch opens to form a seat similar to the center one. Both of these jump seats are supported by thin cables on each side, and note that there are grab handles both outboard and under the center seat. This is an important detail and is in compliance with ABYC standards, something that we don’t see on some low-priced boats in class.

Sea Chaser 23 LX center seat

The entire center seat lifts and is held in place with gas shocks. This allows access to the fresh water tank, pumps, and seacocks for maintenance. Always make sure on any boat that thru-hull fittings below the waterline have seacocks or gate valves -- and are reachable! -- and that the hoses are double-clamped.

Sea Chaser 23 LX storage and rigging

To either side of the motor well are hatches that open for storage and rigging access.

Sea Chaser 23 LX livewell

Built into the port corner of the stern deck is a plumbed baitwell. It has a clear lid that makes it easier to keep an eye on the bait’s condition throughout the day.

Sea Chaser 23 LX ladder

A swim platform with a three-step telescoping ladder hangs from the port transom. It has a grab rail to make it easier to climb back into the boat. This is a real safety feature should anyone fall overboard.

Center Console

Our test boat was equipped with an upgraded center console that offers maximum access to the interior of the console. The entire face lifts up and is held open with a pair of gas shocks.

Sea Chaser 23 LX center console design

The center console has an unusual design with a molded footrest and a thoughtful toe kick below. The top-mounted switch panel uses rocker switches with breakers. Its location lets the captain monitor systems with a glance down. Note how the T-top supports are screwed down on the deck with a wide stance for added stability.

Sea Chaser 23 LX wedge dash

The wedge shape of the dash puts the electronics at the perfect angle for viewing when standing. This is a somewhat unusual design that gives up the typical flat surface on the top of the console in order to shorten the fore and aft dimension of the console itself, which provides more deck space for anglers. We think it is a good trade-off that the two cup holders can be used to hold cell phones or a handheld VHF radio.

Sea Chaser 23 LX door

This center console has two ways to access, something we rarely see. The bi-fold side door is great to quickly stow gear or grab something out of the console.

Sea Chaser 23 LX console face open

With the console face in the up position, for privacy, a curtain can be deployed that encircles the head area. The standard Porta-Potti that comes with this option can be upgraded to an electric flushable head with a 9-gallon holding tank.

In this close-up image, the red arrows show how the curtain is stowed in a net, the green arrows indicate plastic caps over bolts, and the black arrows point out a modest coaming that should keep rain water out of the compartment. Note that the cables and wiring are bundled in a vinyl tube.
Sea Chaser 23 LX forward seating console

The face of the center console has a cushion set for forward seating. A pair of grab handles are through-bolted on either side of the seat cushion for safety.

Sea Chaser 23 LX idelport2

A desirable option is the aluminum base T-top. The size of the top provides shade at the helm but does not overpower the look of the boat by being too large.

Sea Chaser 23 LX black powder

The aluminum T-top and leaner seat are black powder coated. This not only matches the black hull color, but maintaining this finish is easier than a typical anodized aluminum finish, which will quickly oxidize and become mottled-looking. The yellow arrows indicate the athwartships support, which is out of the line of sight for most captains. The red arrow points out the support that gives the T-top lateral stability.

Sea Chaser 23 LX hardtop

The top of the T-top is a fiberglass shell that gives the look and durability of a full hardtop, but without the added weight of a two-piece construction.

Sea Chaser 23 LX electronics box

This hard shell option includes LED lights, a PFD storage bag, and a fiberglass electronics box. Putting electronics up here is decidedly a neck-breaker -- we would use it for other stuff.

Sea Chaser 23 LX leaner

The back of the aluminum leaner seat has four rocket-launcher-style rod holders and a starboard cutting surface that includes a pair of stainless steel cup holders. Below the seat, a cooler can be stored, held in place by a nylon bungee net.


Sea Chaser 23 LX idel

The Sea Chaser 23 LX is designed for protected water and coastal work in appropriate conditions.

The max horsepower rating for the Sea Chaser 23 LX is 250-hp -- but does she need that much muscle? We don’t think so, nor did the owner of this boat. Our test boat was powered with a 175 Evinrude E-TEC G2, which has a gear ratio of 2.17:1, a 25” shaft, and was propped with a 15 1/8” diameter by 20” pitch Rebel 3-blade stainless steel propeller. This setup provided plenty of performance and had no issues powering the boat.

Performance Numbers

Top Speed. Our test boat had an estimated test weight of 3,170 lbs. We hit a top speed of 47.5 mph at 5840 rpm. For the mission of this boat, and given its size, we think 47.5 mph is fast enough. Too much seep in a vessel this size and classic calm water is asking for trouble. And if it is rough, conditions will dictate slower speeds that the human body can tolerate.

Best cruise was 32.6 mph with a fuel burn of 4.3 mpg. The boat was on plane in 3.3 seconds.

Ride and Handling

Sea Chaser 23 LX side

The Sea Chaser 23 LX has a relatively shallow deadrise at the transom, which allows her to get into shallow water.

The 23 LX rode surprisingly well across a choppy Biscayne Bay on test day. The hull was solid with no rattles or T-top shutter. The boat responded quickly to the rotation of the steering wheel and the turns were predictable without any slide. We experienced no chine waking or ventilation of the prop in hard over turns. By no means is this boat underpowered with the 175-hp outboard.


$28,551 Boat only

Available Options

  • • Electric flushable head with 9-gallon holding tank
  • • 6” hydraulic jackplate
  • • Electric trim tabs with indicator panel
  • • Forward deck padded swivel seat with base
  • • Raw water washdown
  • • T-top hard shell with LED lights, PFD storage, and electronics box
  • • Canvas Bimini top
  • • Flip-up console with changing station and Porta-Potti
  • • Sound system


This boat can accommodate a variety of activities on the water. Large open lakes, inshore bays, and even some light offshore duty when conditions permit -- all would be possible. The feel of the boat is slightly larger than many traditional bay boats in the same size range because of the large fore and aft casting decks. The boat carries a USCG capacity rating for 8 people, which is based on a volume formula and not on the number of appropriate seats -- which is 5.

Sea Chaser 23 LX runstar

A big plus is that this boat has the ride and features of a larger hull but in a size that’s easily managed by one person and it can be powered by a modest size outboard. By adding just a few options she could go from the dealer, to the gas station, to the water.

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