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Sea Ray 250 SLX (2014-)

1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 350 MAG

Brief Summary

Sea Ray's "SLX" designation signals that the builder has put "luxury" styling and up-graded materials into this model to raise her above the standard offerings on the market. Her helm instrument console is particularly impressive, and we like her slightly retro centerline cockpit access from the stern. But perhaps the boat's most important attribute, is her "Quiet Ride" technology. The 250 SLX at hr "best cruise" setting of 3500 RPMs has a 76 dbA sound level according to our meter. This is extremely quiet by any standard.

Key Features

  • Automotive-style dash with walnut accents, wrapped visor and panel and stainless steel bezels
  • Full beam, deep, integral swim platform with walkthrough from platform to cockpit
  • Fully finished storage compartments with hinged access
  • Quiet Ride technologies with patented Tuned Transom for noise reduction
  • Stereo with Wireless Bluetooth™ and media inputs
  • Two seating plans (wet bar or added seating) both fully integrated
  • Mojave Tan hull color option
  • Armrests incorporated into forward facing boat seats

Test Results

600 3.7 3.2 0.8 4.6 4 312 271.5 65
1000 5.5 4.7 1.5 3.8 3.3 254 220.6 70
1500 7.9 6.9 2.5 3.2 2.7 213 185.5 73
2000 8.8 7.7 4 2.2 1.9 149 129.1 75
2500 14.3 12.4 5.8 2.5 2.1 166 144.7 81
3000 22 19.1 6.9 3.2 2.8 217 188.5 81
3500 28.3 24.6 8.7 3.3 2.8 220 190.9 82
4000 34.6 30.1 11.7 3 2.6 200 174.3 84
4500 39.2 34 15.4 2.5 2.2 172 149.2 84
5000 44.7 38.9 20.5 2.2 1.9 147 128 85
5200 46.8 40.7 24.2 1.9 1.7 131 113.5 86


Length Overall 26' 6'' / 8.07 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 5,581 lbs.
2,531 kg
Tested Weight 6,114 lbs.
2,773 kg
Draft 36''
91 cm
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom Open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 75 gal.
283.9 L
Water Capacity 21 gal.
79.5 L
Total Weight 6,114 lbs.
2,773 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.3 sec.
0 to 30 4.7 sec.
Ratio 2.20:1
Props 22.5 Pitch Prop Set
Load 2 persons, 1/4 fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 49 deg.,38 humid.; wind: 15-25 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 350 MAG
Std. Power 1 x 300-hp MerCruiser 350 MAG ECT Bravo III with DTS
Opt. Power 1 x 380-hp MerCruiser 8.2 MAG ECT Bravo III DTS

Captain's Report

Sea Ray 250 SLX

Sea Ray took a completely new hull and built a premium bowrider, loaded with upscale features. She is called the 250 SLX and like other boats in this series she has lots of eye candy.

The mission of the 250 SLX is to blow the cobwebs off every mediocre, mid-sized bowrider on the market and give boaters a straight shot of adrenaline. By building a completely new boat the 250 SLX is intended to appeal to sophisticated boaters that have sharpened their visual acuity on the best that the world of design as to offer. Inside the vessel Sea Ray has upgraded its upholstery treatments, as noticed at the helm console, in particular. By building the 250 SLX with its more costly "Quiet Ride" technology, the company has doubled down on quality to trump the competition in an area that can't be seen -- but certainly can be heard. In other words, Sea Ray has decided with the 250 SLX to appeal to a consumer that has increasingly been looking for more sizzle, on-water glamour and class, as well as just functionality, performance and a reasonable price.

Sea Ray 250 SLX

The gel work is excellent on the 250 SLX and it even continues with the bootstripe. This one is not a decal like we see on some other brands, but is molded in. Freeboard measured 38” (96.5 cm) off the water making her ready for saltwater as well as freshwater boating.


Major Features

Wet Bar.

The wet bar adds utility to the SLX and a little bit of class. It also has room for an optional cockpit refrigerator and a step to the caprail is integrated into the aft side which guests will appreciate when boarding. •

Average Cockpit Depth (36.4" /92.7 cm).

A deep cockpit means more safety for kids -- and adults -- and a dryer ride. The 250 SLX's average cockpit depth is also 36” (7.6-15 cm) deeper than most in class. •

Quiet Ride Technology.

This is a proprietary Sea Ray feature and reduces sound levels throughout the boat, beginning at the build process.

Interior Inspection


Take a Seat

The 26’6” (8.1 m) of LOA provides Sea Ray designers with a lot of opportunity in laying out the 250 SLX while keeping the bowrider utility. The forward cockpit is long enough for adults to sprawl in comfort. The bow seats have integrated armrests and comfortable backrests, and there's room left over for an anchor well. (Sometimes designers take over anchor-well space to lengthen the bow seats.)

Sea Ray 250 SLX

There's a head under the companion console to port, a wet bar aft of the helm seat.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The bow can be open for seating, or filled in with additional cushions for sunning.

Note the deep nature of the bow seating which makes the 250 SLX more secure for precious cargo.

Sea Ray 250 SLX

Sea Ray didn’t forget the anchor locker in the design of the 250 SLX. Most builders leave this out to increase the seating space. An optional windlass is available but we guess most people won't need it.


The main cockpit

has what one would expect, helm and companion bucket seats and a wraparound lounge aft. The buckets have flip-up bolsters for thigh support while standing and both seats swivel and adjust fore and aft. The lounge sits on a fiberglass base with stowage underneath, and is big enough to fit most families. A table is available ($538). The cockpit sole is fiberglass, with snap-in carpet standard and ski or wakeboard stowage in a lockable compartment underneath.

Sea Ray 250 SLX

This cockpit is optional as it has full wrap-around seating. The standard cockpit has a wet bar just behind the helm seat.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

Dual consoles give way to a walkthrough to the bow. The port console houses a head with a standard Porta-Potti.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The helm features a leather visor and only four gauges giving an uncluttered look. A stainless steel windshield frame header is optional and adds to the boat's eye appeal. A chartplotter is optional ($1,269). Note the good-looking stitching and the faux wood panel. The throttle and shift lever is DTS, part of the boat's drive-by-wire system.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

Notice how the switches all have guards to the sides to prevent accidental activation. SmartCraft diagnostic digital data is available in multi functions at the push of a button.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The helm seat features multiple-density foam padding and separate cushions for added support.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

This is a photo of the standard wet bar taken aboard another 250 SLX.


Twin Consoles.

Like most bowriders, the 250 SLX has twin consoles with the walkthrough between. The boat is large enough to fit an enclosed head compartment under the companion console. Use the standard Porta-Potti, or upgrade to a VacuFlush with holding tank ($1,846).

Sea Ray 250 SLX

The wide 8'6" (2.59 m) beam of the 250 SLX allows room for a head compartment in the port console. An upgrade to a VacuFlush head is available ($1,846).


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The stereo has been upgraded to a high end unit with Bluetooth functionality so now anyone with a Bluetooth capable MP3 player, like a Smartphone, can control the tunes from anywhere on the boat.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The dual consoles can be closed off with the windshield and lower air dam for operations on cooler days.



Sea Ray installs a single 5.7 L 300-hp MerCruiser 350 MAG ECT Bravo III as standard power, with a 380-hp 8.2 MAG ECT Bravo III as a $13,615 option. We tested the 250 SLX with standard power recently, and recorded a top speed of 46.8 mph, burning 24.2 gph which produced a range of 131 miles. At best cruise, 3500 rpm and 28.3 mph our test boat burned 8.7 gph for a range of 220 miles with a 10% reserve.

Sea Ray 250 SLX

The engine is accessed via an electric lift hatch at the stern. Note that there is quite of bit of room port and starboard for stowage in bins. The pin comes out of the strut on the electric ram so that the lid can be opened up further when it is necessary to root around in the engine room.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The 250 has a walkthrough channel under the filler cushion, thus eliminating a gate. The cushion flips out from the storage under the starboard pad. This is a somewhat retro design and one we think adds to the appeal of the boat. A transom shower is standard as is pressure water from the boat's 21 gallon (79 L) freshwater tank.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

Filler cushions form the center seat at the rear of the cockpit. Now you see them…


Sea Ray 250 SLX

…now you don't. Without the cushions there is a clean, easy to negotiate path to the stern.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The swim platform comes out 23” (58.4 cm) and can be covered in optional teak decking ($1,577). Notice the dual grab handles for the swimmers in the water and a standard shower to starboard. The stereo remote is just to the left of the walkthrough.



The stern features a center walkthrough with removable cushions on the bench seat providing a nonskid surface. When operating, a seat back gets inserted, as well as a center cushion for the aft sun pad creating nearly full beam sun space. The swim platform featured an optional teak deck ($1,577) that adds to the style and elegance of the 250 SLX.

Optional Engine?

The optional engine offer by Sea Ray for the 250 SLX is the 8.2 L 380-hp sterndrive with Bravo II lower unit. The optional engine may add a few mph to both top speed and cruise, but does it matter with a boat like this one? We think the biggest advantage of the larger engine would be to maintain the tested performance with a boat full of family and friends, or when towing a beginning skier with a boat full of people. We tested the boat lightly loaded, with only two people aboard, little gear, no fresh water and only ¾ fuel. Packed up for a full day afloat with a near-capacity crowd, the 250 SLX will be somewhat less sprightly.

For Max WOT Speed.

Having said that, the 380-hp option will easily break the 50-mph barrier with the 250 SLX that the 300-hp just can't quite get her to. For folks wanting to strut their stuff there is no substitute for the 8.2 L bad boy. Hot dogs should plan on spending an extra $13,615.


The 250 SLX is not only good looking but a good handling boat. She has a 12-degree bow rise that keeps the horizon in view throughout the acceleration curve. There's no need to be aggressive with the trim, just a couple of shots of the throttle mounted trim control will bring the bow up to a 5-degree cruise attitude giving a slight boost in speed. She rolled 16-degrees into the turns and remained solid throughout any maneuvers showing no tendency to fall off the turn or presented chine walking. When taking power off she settles back into the water stern first while still leaving the horizon uninterrupted.

Sea Ray 250 SLX

In turns the 250 exhibits a gentle 10-degree roll into the turns.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

Coming off of waves she has a gentle re-entry with no tendency to pound at all. The reason for this is her deep-V 21-degree deadrise at the transom, something that will hold her in good stead in sloppy saltwater or big lake conditions at speed.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

Styling is one of the strong attributes of the 250 SLX. This image shows her deep-V hull which maximizes riding comfort in a chop at high speeds.


Quiet Ride Technology.

At cruise we measured a top sound level of only 82 dbA meaning we could easily have a normal conversation without yelling to be heard over the engine. It should be noted that we tested this boat in 20-degree F weather. In fact, when we hauled the boat, drops of water were freezing on contact with the concrete launch ramp. We have also tested a sistership in 85-degree conditions and recorded a sound reading at best cruise of 76 dbA. That's big and noticeable difference, reminding us of high school physics class where we learned that molecules contract in cold, and evidently so does the sound-deadening foam. Thankfully most boaters are out on the water in warm weather.

Options to Consider

First, let's trick out the 250 SLX to be the cock of the walk. Here are the options we would add--


2-Tone Color Gel Coat.

This is a must for that SLX look and Sea Ray offers it at a very reasonable up-charge. $1,231. For an extra 1%, the boat will look like a million dollars.


Stainless Steel Windshield Header.

Don't ask us why this makes so much of an aesthetic difference, but it just does. $1,538.


Teak Swim Platform.

There are two ways to go with this, but if one is looking for max good-looks, then go for the teak option. $1,577. (Sea Ray offers a SeaDek band on the swim platform which watersports enthusiasts should consider. $462.)


Fiberglass/Aluminum Arch.

The arch is constructed to be a relatively thin, single fiberglass piece supported by a thinner aluminum brace. It looks more pleasing to the eye, and handles a number of functions such as towing, and has an integral Bimini top. $5,846.


10% More.

Those four options will make the 250 SLX look as good as any boat on the lake. They add to $10,192, or roughly 10% more than the base boat MSRP.

And, there are other options we would consider as well. They are--


Crescent-shaped Aft Bench Seat.

This seat configuration can be seen in the photos above and is recommended for boaters who want to maximize their boat's seating capacity, such as towing enthusiasts, or perhaps for those who want to keep the aft filler cushions out of the way. This replaces the wet bar at no extra charge.


Cocktail Table.

This option comes with two bases, one forward, one aft, and we think is a "must" for anyone planning on using the boat for entertaining. It has dedicated storage. $538.


Cockpit Cover with Tonneau Cover.

Again we consider covers a "must" and while they are sold in the aftermarket we'd always go for those supplied by the builder for best fit and finish. $1,077.


Automatic Fire Suppression.

This is just prudent to have and we recommend it for every boat. $538. We'd also add an engine room fume detector.


VacuFlush Head.

Depending on how the boat is planned to be used, this could be a "must" or a luxury. It comes with a 10 gallon (38 L) holding tank. $1,846.


Submersible Swim Platform.

Coming under the heading of options where "cost is no object", we would add the cool submersible swim platform. Sea Ray is one of the few brands that has it and both kids and adults will love sitting on it, half submerged in cool water during the hot days of summer. It is just something that makes the 250 SLX a little bit more exciting. $4,923.


Sea Ray 250 SLX

The integral swim platform extends beyond the lower unit when it is in the down position which is an important safety feature. Note that the swim ladder is not on the top of the deck where it is a tripping hazard. It also has four steps which is rare even in a premium sportboat.



Base price of the Sea Ray 250 SLX is $107,834; add shipping, prep and the price will be over $100 grand. As noted above, another 10k will make her one of the hottest-looking boats on the lake. Another 4k for items we consider "must haves" and we have a 25' (7.62 m) that will have an MSRP of about $121,000 that will leave little more to be desired. We should emphasize that the exterior lines of the 250 SLX with a colored hull are perhaps her most stunning feature. That along with the Quiet Ride technology make her a boat worth considering by most anyone in the market for a sportboat in this size range.

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