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Sea Ray SDX 270 OB (2015-)

1 x 300-hp Mercury 300 XL Verado Pro

Brief Summary

Years ago, Sea Ray seemed like an unlikely participant in the battle for Sundeck Supremacy but the fact is its efforts in this arena have made it a serious contender. Certainly the SDX 270 OB (formerly known as the 270 Sundeck OB) is among the top of the list in the premium category and she’s the only sundeck on the planet with Verado power, at least for now. But aside from her roominess and upscale fit-and-finish, there’s something else that adds a bit of “wow” factor to this model, and we’re surprised we haven’t seen it before.

Key Features

  • Comfortably seats 15 people while underway
  • Open floor plan with expanded beam and convertible seating, including aft-facing transom loungers
  • Quiet and smooth Mercury Verado outboard power with options up to 300-hp
  • Enclosed head compartment with portable head, vanity and sink
  • Stereo with wireless Bluetooth for easy control of audio devices onboard
  • Available shade, via the Bimini top or optional watersports tower
  • Carry-on cooler with designated storage
  • Magnetic, drop-in ski tow
  • Port/aft L-shaped lounger with hinged port cushions and storage below

Test Results

550 3.1 2.7 0.5 6.1 5.3 357 310.3 56
1000 5.4 4.7 1.1 4.9 4.3 287 249.7 55
1500 7.3 6.3 1.9 3.9 3.4 231 200.7 60
2000 8.7 7.5 3.6 2.4 2.1 143 123.9 65
2500 9.8 8.5 5.9 1.7 1.4 98 84.8 75
3000 18.8 16.3 7.8 2.4 2.1 142 123.4 75
3500 27 23.5 9.4 2.9 2.5 168 146.1 80
4000 31.1 27 11.8 2.6 2.3 154 134.1 85
4500 37 32.1 15.3 2.4 2.1 142 123.3 85
5000 41.5 36.1 20 2.1 1.8 121 105.6 85
5500 42.5 37 23.5 1.8 1.6 106 92.2 85
6000 47.5 41.3 29.8 1.6 1.4 93 81 86


Length Overall 27' 2'' / 8.3 m
Beam 8' 6''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 5,450 lbs.
2,472 kg
Tested Weight 6,445 lbs.
2,923 kg
Draft 38''
96 cm
Deadrise/Transom 21-deg.
Max Headroom open
Fuel Capacity 65 gal.
246 L
Water Capacity 20 gal.
76 L
Total Weight 6,445 lbs.
2,923 kg


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Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 4.5 sec.
0 to 30 11.0 sec.
Ratio 1.85:1
Props 19 Pitch Enertia
Load 3 persons, full fuel, no water, 50 lbs. of gear
Climate 64 deg., 48 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 300-hp Mercury 300 XL Verado Pro
Std. Power 1 x 250-hp Mercury 250XL Verado 4-stroke
Opt. Power 1 x 300-hp Mercury 300XL Verado 4-stroke

Captain's Report

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB running shot

The Sea Ray SDX 270 OB has a LOA of 27’2’ (8.28 m), a beam of 8’6" (2.59 m) and a draft of 38” (96 cm).

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB running shot

One of the biggest advantages of this model is in its outboard power.

Major Features

• Standard aluminum arch with integral Bimini top

• Magnetic drop-in ski tow pylon

• Standard snap-in carpet

• Standard head with Porta-Potti, sink and vanity

• Cockpit table with dedicated storage

• Color-coordinated vinyl fields with diamond patterned stitching

• Bow seating with fold-down armrests

• Console seating with convertible backrests

• Aft facing transom seats with convertible leg supports

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB running shot

While this shot was in calmer water, we did get to wring her out in chop and she handled exceptionally well.

Distinguishing Features

Certainly the size and upscale finish of the SDX 270 OB make for a level of uniqueness in the deckboat arena, but there’s a bigger difference that sets this boat apart from all others. Her swim platform.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB swim platform

Sea Ray created an outboard powered boat that actually allows for a full swim platform at the stern.

Sea Ray did away with the concept that an outboard powered boat had to have a large engine well cutting into the usable space in the aft seating. Instead, it went with a full beam swim platform with an outboard bolted right to the center. In this manner, the SDX 270 OB features a fully usable platform with storage to one side and a concealed reboarding ladder to the other. Sure, we may not be able to jump off the center of the platform, but one step to the side isn’t going to kill anyone and it still has more usability than virtually any other outboard boat we’ve seen. It’s a distinguishing feature that we are surprised we haven’t seen before, but we won’t be surprised when we see it from now on. And the smart money says we surely will be seeing it a lot more.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB topsides

Purchasing a Sea Ray SDX 270 OB will include a lot of decisions, including the color of the topsides.


The Sea Ray SDX 270 OB has a LOA of 27’2’ (8.28 m), a beam of 8’6" (2.59 m) and a draft of 38” (96 cm). With an empty weight of 5,450 lbs. (2,472 kg), 3 people and full fuel onboard, we had an estimated test weight of 6,445 lbs. (2,923 kg).

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB engine

Here’s a look at the installation against the swim platform. It just doesn’t seem natural to not have a motor well but this clearly works, and works well (pun intended).

With a single 300 Mercury Verado XL Pro outboard turning a 19-pitch Enertia prop, we reached a top speed of 47.5 mph at 6000 rpm. At that speed we were burning 29.8 gph giving us a range of 93 miles. Best economic cruise was measured at 3500 rpm and 27 mph. That speed reduced the fuel burn to 9.4 gph, which increased the range to 168 miles while still holding back a 10% reserve.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB running shot

Top speed during our test runs were measured at an average of 47.5 mph (76.4 kph).

We had a time to plane of 4.5 seconds, reached 20 mph in 7.9 seconds, and continued accelerating through 30 mph in 11 seconds.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB helm

The fit-and finish of the SDX 270 OB is nowhere more self-evident than at this helm. Multiple tones of vinyls and hand stitching surround a leather wrapped wheel mounted to a tilt base.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB footrest

A contoured footrest under the helm console makes the captain even more comfortable.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB batteries

The batteries and switches are located under the seat just to port of the cockpit entry.


This is a strong handling boat that has the feel of a much larger boat. While she’s neither the heaviest nor the lightest in class she does feel like a heavy boat providing a solid ride with none of the bounce of a lighter classed vessel. She accelerates with a mild bow rise and docile feel that will have no one forced back into their seat or tossed to the aft section of the boat.

We did have some chop

on test day and found that if we poured on the power we could create some pounding, but pulled back to a more comfortable cruise and found her plodding through the oncoming waves with a marked level of comfort that we have come to expect from the brand. Frankly, this type of performance convinced us that if someone were on the fence about purchasing this boat, the ride would close the deal.

Turns were equally comfortable

with just a hint of prop ventilation at the top-end, but for the most part, she maintained her bite upon entering the turns. She does lose speed during the turns so if towing, be prepared to add a touch of throttle, and then back off when returning to straight and level. Maximum bank angle was 18-degrees which we did not find to be uncomfortable at all.

Trim does not seem to be a concern

unless top speed is needed. We played around with it at different speeds and barely noticed a difference. Of course when on our test runs we did fiddle with it a bit to get the peak speed, but other than that, even an uneven distribution of weight didn’t seem to generate the need to reach for even the tab controls.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB 18 degrees

Maximum bank angle during turns was a comfortable 18-degrees and she will lose a little speed so advance the throttle if need be.

Features Inspection

There are really two main themes of this boat… hosting a lot of people and holding all the items they tend to bring aboard. Let’s touch on these two points first.

Bring all the Friends Aboard

Having the ability to hold more people means that they all have to have a seat. Now we can’t just make the seats smaller and add more of them, we have to have more space for actual seats. What Sea Ray has done is to keep the beam at the standard 8’6" (2.59 m) but narrow the gunwales to provide more interior space. By dong this Sea Ray has been able to increase the interior cockpit space a full 7” (17.8 cm) going up from 83” (211 cm) to 90” (229 cm). Now we not only have increased seating capacity, but the occupants are not knocking knees when sitting across from one another.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB double wide seats

Both the captain and observer get doublewide seats with flip-up bolsters and reversible seatbacks. The captain’s also slides fore and aft.

Bring the Stuff Aboard Too

Storage is a theme we really need to touch on because any boat that’s designed to hold as many people as this one will surely need the storage room to accommodate their stuff. As stated earlier, the transom area is the most distinguishing feature on the SDX 270 OB. In fact, here there is a distinct advantage as the area that is usually filled with a sterndrive is now cavernous storage.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB bow seats

The bow seats are hinged to allow easier access to the storage underneath.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB removable saddlebag

A removable saddlebag gets a home right next to the helm. This is a great spot for the keys, wallets and cell phones that can be carried to the waterfront restaurant.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB cockpit storage

The cockpit storage is also accessed from hinged seat cushions, and here we even have dedicated storage for the pedestal tables.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB carry on cooler

A carry-on cooler has dedicated storage under the starboard bench seat.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB second cooler

A second cooler, this time a built in self-draining version, is under the deck at the cockpit entry.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB in deck storage

There are also two in-deck storage areas along the centerline of the boat.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB aft storage

The aft storage area is massively deep. So much so that it could hold a sterndrive engine. Thanks to the outboard installation it doesn’t have to.


We stated that this is a premium level deckboat and we meant it. There are several carry-overs from the upscale SLX line that can be seen here. At first glance, there’s the fact that all the vinyl is color-matched with fields that bring out the color choices of the boat itself. Then there are the diamond-stitched patterns that Sea Ray became so proud of in the SLXs. And of course, there’s the sheer volume of stainless steel everywhere we look.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB diamond stitching

Diamond stitching, contrasting threads, custom embroidery, multi-toned vinyls and custom embroidery all speak of a boat that sits proudly in the premium class.


The bow is always the most popular area anytime a boat is underway and this one is made exceptionally comfortable. The seats are wide at the aft ends making for an open feeling area. As the seats move forward, the layout elongates to allow occupants facing each other to not have to be concerned with knocking knees together. Both aft seats have armrests that flip down, and we prefer this method over flip-up types as they don’t have to be released from a latched position to stow.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB bow

The bow area is roomy, and notice how the seats are wide at the back and narrow as they move forward. This prevents those facing each other from knocking knees together.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB bow

The beam carries fully forward to the bow rather than coming to a point. This allows for more room at the seating area.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB bow table

Having a bow table means we can have a completely separate gathering area. Lock the kids away up here, or keep them at the stern and save this area for the grown-ups.

Fully forward there is a concealed beach-reboarding ladder and a freshwater shower is just alongside for rinsing off the sand before coming aboard. The forward most cushion lifts to expose a non-skid step to the bow ladder.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB reboarding ladder

A beach reboarding ladder at the bow makes for a cleaner boat when pulling into the bow up onto the sand.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB bow shower

A bow shower encourages rinsing sand off the feet when boarding.


The cockpit is sure to be the main social area as it’s just so roomy and can easily accommodate a large number of people. An offset entry from the swim platform is angled to allow the seats to be placed in an opposing fashion, which we’ve shown time and again provides a welcome conversational atmosphere.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB cockpit

The cockpit area features opposing seating and an offset entry from the swim platform.

L-shaped seating to port leads forward to a doublewide observer’s seat that includes a seat back that converts from forward facing to aft. The helm seat also converts in the same manner, greatly expanding the capacity of the seating as a whole. Behind the helm is a two-across bench seat. Drink holders are conveniently located, a snap in carpet is standard and a standard cockpit table makes the area even more enjoyable. An optional sink can be added to the aft starboard area at the entry.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB forward seats

The forward seats have convertible seatbacks so that they can be used either forward facing…

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB seats facing aft

… or facing aft. In this position the social area of the SDX 270 OB is really opened up.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB sink

Having a sink on a boat solves a multitude of problems, from washing off hands to rinsing fruits.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB cockpit table

It’s easy to see how adding a table enhances the gathering area of the cockpit.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB enclosed head

An enclosed head is another must-have feature.

Of course, no premium level boat would be complete without an enclosed head compartment. On the 270 SDX 270 OB, it’s large enough to serve as a changing room. The Porta-Potti is standard. Upgrades include a pump-out head, a VacuFlush head with a 10-gallon (37.8 L) holding tank, and an upgrade that includes a sink with a pull-out showerhead. We did notice that the latching mechanism on our test boat needed an adjustment to latch properly.

The tower is standard

and it should not be mistaken for a watersports tower. There’s certainly an option for one but this model has no towpoint and serves more to provide added protection to the cockpit from both a grab point and a support base for the huge Bimini (removed for our press event) that covers the entire cockpit area in shade.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB tower

The Bimini was removed from the standard collapsible tower on our test boat. An optional tower serves as an elevated towpoint for watersports.


This aft area is demonstrating that we don’t have to make transom trade-offs when we switch to outboard power. We not only have a fully functional swim platform but an aft facing set of loungers as well.
Certainly neither we, nor Sea Ray, recommend ever using this area on any boat while underway, but while coving or at anchor it’s an ideal area to relax and watch the kids swimming off the stern. Three-across seating in this area is not only comfortable but can be made more so by lifting the center of the leg supports to form a contoured chaise. Add a pedestal table and the area becomes even more inviting.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB stern

The stern forms a comfortable area to sit and relax at any time that the SDX 270 OB isn’t underway.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB support

The seat bases lift under the legs to add contoured support to the seats. They can be utilized for a single seat, a double seat, or all three-across.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB ski tow pylon

A ski tow pylon rounds out the watersports features of the SDX 270 OB.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB stern shower

A second shower is at the stern, right next to the remote for the stereo.


Three things stand out on this boat. First, the placement of the engine and the impact that it makes on the buying decision. Second, is the space and storage built into the boat with a particular focus on interior volume and seating comfort. Lastly, there are several clever little features throughout the boat... The removable saddlebag next to the helm, the flip-down step that allows disembarking from a fixed pier, all little touches that make a difference to the overall picture, and certainly in a positive way.

Sea Ray 270 Sundeck OB step

A step to the starboard side of the cockpit entry makes a convenient transition to the caprail and then to a fixed pier.

Of course, the model we tested was outboard powered, but the SDX 270 OB is also available with sterndrive propulsion. That decision right there is only one of many facing the buyer as Sea Ray offers this as one of the most customizable deckboats on the market.