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Tigé Z3 (2014-)

1 x 415-hp Indmar 6.0 M60

Brief Summary

We have a new test video of the remarkable Tigé Z3 which can be loaded up with 2300 lbs. of ballast to create surfing conditions that are world-class. But as can be seen in the photo above, wake-making is only part of the mission of the Z3. She also must play host to a bevy of spectators who have come to wake-boarding virtuosity of the Z3’s lucky owner. Let’s drill down to find out all about this cult classic.

Key Features

  • Lifeplus lifetime replacement limited warranty
  • Seating capacity for 16 passengers
  • High flex gel coat
  • Tige speedset cruise control
  • Helm seat with flip-up bolster with storage underneath
  • Integrated insulated, self draining cooler
  • 21 oversize drink holders
  • Shark-eye navigation lights
  • Convex rear-view ski mirror
  • Fiberglass non-skid removable/collapsible swim platform

Test Results

650 4.7 4.1 0.66 7.12 6.19 308 268 65
1000 6.3 5.4 1.15 5.43 4.73 235 204 71
1500 8.2 7.1 2.3 3.57 3.1 154 134 77
2000 11.9 10.3 4.45 2.67 2.33 116 100 85
2500 19.5 17 6.2 3.15 2.73 136 118 85
3000 27.2 23.6 8.9 3.05 2.65 132 115 88
3500 32.5 28.3 11.7 2.78 2.42 120 104 92
4000 36.5 31.7 15.95 2.29 1.99 99 86 93
4500 39.3 34.2 19.7 1.99 1.73 86 75 95
5000 43 37.4 25.2 1.71 1.48 74 64 99
5400 44.7 38.9 30.75 1.45 1.26 63 55 99


Length Overall 23' / 7.01 m
Beam 102''
2.59 m
Dry Weight 4,640 lbs.
2,106 kg
Tested Weight 5,228 lbs.
2,371 kg
Draft N/A
Deadrise/Transom N/A
Max Headroom Open
Bridge Clearance N/A
Fuel Capacity 48 gal.
181.7 L
Water Capacity N/A
Total Weight 5,228 lbs.
2,371 kg

Acceleration Times & Conditions

Time to Plane 2.5 sec.
0 to 30 8.6 sec.
Ratio N/A
Props N/A
Load 2 persons, 7/12 fuel, no water, 50 lbs of gear
Climate 78 deg., 68 humid.; wind: 5-10 mph; seas: light chop

Engine Options

Tested Engine 1 x 415-hp Indmar 6.0 M60
Std. Power 1 x 350-hp Indmar 5.7L Premium M57
Opt. Power 1 x 415-hp Indmar 6.0L L96 M60
1 x 455-hp Indmar 6.2L LS3 S62
1 x 555-hp Indmar 6.2L V-8 S62 Supercharged

Captain's Report

Mission Statement

The Tigé Z3 was created to be the ultimate surfboat, but in creating the best surf wave, she can also create a variety of waves on up to the largest. That allows her to also satisfy the desires of the pro wakeboarder, and even the slalom skier. Then, there are the folks that aren't looking for wake size and just want a snazzy-looking sportboat and don't want to be "me-too" boat owners.

Major Features

• No engine box in the middle of the boat

• Optional ballast systems offered

• Improved hull design

• Higher level of fit-and-finish

• Transom activity center

Tigé Z3

Tigé went with a traditional V-bow for the Z3 rather than the pickle fork seen on some of the other models in the lineup.


To accomplish its goal, Tigé created the ConvexV hull that flies in the face of conventional wisdom of hooking the stern down to create a fatter wake. With a hull design of that nature, there’s no flexibility, the wave it creates is the wave you get.
But with ConvexV, the hull is curved up at the end. Then Tigé adds an adjustable plate at the center of the stern called TAPS2, for Tigé Adjustable Performance System.

Tigé Z3

Unlike other wakeboats that have a hull that hooks down at the stern, Tigé ConvexV hulls curve upward. The red line shows where the bottom of the hull would have been if it had not been curved up in the ConvexV hull. This sinks the stern. (A) The TAPS2 plate.

Playing T.A.P.S.

T.A.P.S. (Tigé Adjustable Performance System) is exactly as the name implies. Behind the transom is a plate, which is adjustable at the helm, to tweak the characteristics of the hull, and therefore, the wake. The adjustment is right on the engine control, taking the place of the trim switch. Although some would correctly argue that it still is a trim switch.

Tigé Z3

Behind the hull is the TAPS2 plate that adjusts the ride and the wake. It’s controlled by a rocker switch on the throttle, the same as trimming your outdrive or outboard.

And just like that, Tigé now has a planing boat with a light wake, and at the touch of a switch to lower and raise the plate, it squats the stern to increase the wake. It’s performance heaven for watersports enthusiasts and it’s on every Tigé hull.

Tigé Z3

For wakeboarding the Z3 provides the ability to catch air from one wake right across to the opposite side.

But What about Cruise Mode?

Once a typical boat gets on plane, there’s the usual tendency to bring the trim up to get into planing attitude. With the Tigé hull, it’s still done but in the opposite direction. The bow is already high thanks to the upward curve of the ConvexV hull. And just like when a normal hull is trimmed too high creating bow porpoising, so is the case here. It’s just a normal side effect to having this creative hull. So now it’s time to bring the bow back down by dropping the TAPS plate to about 1-2 on the TAPS gauge. Then cruise away.

Convex VX

Going one step further, and it’s a big step, Z3 also offers an option for Convex VX. It’s a cleverly engineered fiberglass extension that attaches to the underside of the swim platform that channels the prop wash down under, and into, the wake. This has the result of actually pushing the wake up from the bottom, adding size, volume, and density to the wave.

Ultimate Wake.

And now, with these longer waves, surfers now not only have more room for free styling but more room to recover from tricks. It’s one more reason why the Z3 is billed as the ultimate surfboat. And it still works in conjunction with the TAPS system.
For those days when converting the Z3 to a family boat, or the day's itinerary just calls for cruising around, the VX extension is easily removable. It simply attaches to the underside of the swim platform.

Tigé Z3

The Convex VX system adds an extension onto the back of the hull driving, cleaning the face of the wave and channeling the prop wash away and under the wake, pushing it even higher, and longer.

Tigé Z3

For wake surfing, the Z3 can control the size, length and volume of the wake and the Convex VX system makes for a higher and longer wake.


There’s one more ingredient to the equation of creating the perfect wake. And that’s adding weight to the boat to get it down further in the water. This is done by the tried and true method of adding ballast or weight to the boat. And the easiest way to do that is with the closest available source of weight… water. It’s readily accessible and weighs 8.35 lbs. (3.785 kg) per gallon of fresh water, and saltwater weighs about 8.3 lbs. (3.9 kg) per gallon. But we can’t just open up a thru hull fitting and let the water come in now can we?

Fat Sacs

Ballast bags, or sacs are strategically placed around the boat to hold water. A flip of a switch at the helm, one for each ballast sack, will start a pump which brings water into the individual ballast sacs. Once they’re full, the boat is much heavier, and because it sinks lower in the water, a larger wake is generated. Now the previously mentioned methods can dial-in that wake to perfection.
At the end of the day, reverse the pumps and empty the liquid weight out.

So How Much Weight is Enough?

The standard ballast package is 900 lbs. (408.2 kg) and should suffice for intermediate to advanced riders. This standard base package consists of two 250-lb. (113.4 kg) tanks below the floor of the rear storage compartments, and two more 200-lb. (90.7 kg) ballast sacs in the bow of the boat.
Now, for the intermediate wakeboarder to the advanced wake surfer, an optional ballast package is offered that utilizes larger 600 lb. (272 kg) tanks in the rear of the boat bringing the total up to 1,600 lbs. (725.7 kg).

Tigé Z3

For the Pro Surfer Tigé goes still further and allows a total of 700 lbs. (318 kg) more to be added to the bow for a total off 2,300 lbs. (1,043 kg). By doing this, the operator can actually increase the total weight of the boat by 50% -- not counting the weight of all the people aboard. Say six people are aboard at 150 lbs. each, that is another 900 lbs. Now the boat is 69% heavier than she was in her original dry weight.

Put this prodigious weight together with the Convex VX hull and the TAPS2 system and monster wake is created.

Tigé Z3

Ballast sacs added to the hull allow for adding weight to the Z3. The Surf System provides 700 lbs. (318 kg) more, or 140% more weight in the stern. The ProSystem adds an additional 700-bs. to the bow for a total of 2,300-lbs. (1,043 kg) -- thereby increasing the total weight of the boat by 49.6%.

Tigé Z3

2300-lb. Pro System ballast arrangement for the Z3.

By the Numbers


With the 415-hp Indmar M60 engine powering our test boat we reached a top speed at 5400 rpm of 44.7 mph. At that speed she was burning 30.75 gph giving us a range of 63 miles. So that will get us out to the play area, but just how long can we play for?

Tigé Z3

Surf Speed and Surf Shape

Remember, this is a pro surf boat, so we’ll top off the ballast sacs and run between, say, 9…9.5 to 11.5 mph. 9 mph will give a shorter wake, but a taller one that beginners like as it gives more push. That speed will show a fuel burn of around 3 gph and the Z3 can keep doing it for well over 14 hours. Bump it up to the high 10s or low 11s and the wave lengthens out giving more room for free styling and moving around. That produces a fuel burn of around 4 gph which she can keep up for nearly 11 hours.

Tigé Z3

Wakeboard Speed

For wakeboarders, drop some of that ballast, and dial-in a typical speed of 18-23 mph. Lets shoot for the middle of that range. 2500 rpm gave us 19.5 mph while burning only 6.2 gph. That means our Z3 can keep up that pace for 7 full hours while still maintaining a 10% reserve.

Slalom Speed

Finally, let’s get rid of all the ballast, and pick it up to slalom skiing speeds between 28-36 mph, where the wake all but vanishes. 3500 rpm had us running at just over 32 mph (32.5 mph) with a fuel burn of 11.7 gph. That means continual skiing for 3 hours and 42 minutes. Still with that 10% reserve.
Remember that all the settings can be put into memory, and identified with the name of the rider, for easy recall at the touch of the screen.

Tigé Z3


The Z3 accelerates quickly and comes on plane with a 12-degree bow rise in only 2-1/2 seconds. Normally, trim would be added at this point to bring the bow up, but with the ConvexV hull, and TAPS2 plate in the center of the transom it's time to start bringing that plate down to about one or two on the taps gauge to settle into her cruise attitude. Otherwise she'll start to porpoise when she gets up to speed, but this is a normal characteristic of the ConvexV hull so no points taken away for that.
This is a wake boat, not a cruising boat. Tracking fins secured to the keel keep her glued to the water while she turns a relatively sedate 12-degree bank attitude. And she settles back into the water stern first when taking power off.
Since this is a V-drive installation, there’s more room in the cockpit without having to work around a bulky engine box in the middle of the boat. The Indmar engines not only have four engine mounts, but an additional two under the transmission as well. That translates into less vibration and less discomfort for the passengers.

Tigé Z3

When turning, the Z3 rolls 12-degrees into the turn.

Tigé Z3

… and the bow comes up 13-degrees on acceleration.

Tigé Z3

Notice how when she runs, the spray comes well aft, by the stern quarter, but during turns, she drops her shoulder to help her carve through the turn on her reversed chines.

The Layout

Tigé Z3

The Z Series offers the latest styling of the whole Tigé lineup and this Z3 exemplifies that.

Sun pad and Stern

Of course we have the requisite sun pad that is the staple of any dayboat, and a surfboat is no exception. This one is nearly full beam with gull wing style storage hatches to access the compartments underneath. Naturally these include not only storage, but inflatable ballast sacs. Between the two side pads is a center pad flanked by two elevated storage bins. The center pad itself can be unlatched from its position and flipped to create a non-skid walkthrough to the swim platform.

Tigé Z3

The sunpad is nearly full beam and is made up of various patterns, colors and textures.

Tigé Z3

The center sun pad flips to reveal a center walkthrough to the swim platform.

Tigé Z3

Storage is to either side, under the gull-wing hatches. This is also where the ballast sacs are located. In the center is the reversible pad with wet storage bins to the sides.

Tigé Z3

At the stern, Tigé calls this the "Transom Activity Center." The seats make a staging area, and wet storage is underneath. There’s a stereo remote and two drink holders. The platform is right at the surface of the water eliminating the need for a reboarding ladder.

The swim platform is part of what Tigé calls the "Transom Activity Center" and it’s comprised of a staging area for putting on boards, self draining wet storage, drink holders and a stereo remote. With the platform itself being nearly at the surface of the water, there’s no need for a reboarding ladder.

Tigé Z3

Underneath the center sun pad is the engine. It’s a tight fit but the bulkheads to either side are removable to facilitate any maintenance that needs to be done. This design maximizes space for storage and water ballast.


At the bow, Tigé opted away from the pickle fork bow of the other models, and instead went with the traditional V-configuration. The bow is completely taken up with cushions, all surrounded by upholstery that is diamond stitched with UV resistant Gore Tenera thread. Fully forward a flat backrest allows for aft facing seating for another set of eyes dedicated to keeping an eye on the end of the towline.
Previous versions had an air dam that had to be pulled out from storage, and laid into place. Now the air dam is hinged and under the center bow cushion. Just raise the cushion, swing the lexan dam into place, and close the windshield… done.

Tigé Z3

The fit-and-finish is evident throughout the Z3. Notice the custom-made grab rails and diamond quilted upholstery done with UV resistant Gore Tenera thread.

Console storage is not accessed from the walkthrough, but instead through the swing-open seatbacks. The port storage is also accessed from lifting the observer’s seat, which even has a mirror and small cargo net storage underneath.

Tigé Z3

Both seatbacks swing open on hinges to allow access to the console storage behind. This port console is also accessed from the cockpit observer’s seat.

Tigé Z3

A built in cooler is located between the consoles. Be sure to drain the water from the melted ice or it will slosh out when the throttle is hit.


Helm Console.

Tigé went with a soft touch helm, color matched with soft vinyl with Gore Tenera stitching. Three gauges keep the panel uncluttered. Tach and fuel to the left, speed in the center, and the TAPS gauge with a LCD temperature scale embedded in. Any other information can come from the Tigé Touch display, which is standard on the Z3 and now includes Bluetooth streaming audio and a 5-year warranty. The upholstery continues down to the lower panel where the steering wheel is mounted to a tilt base.

Tigé Z3

Tigé designs and fabricates its panels in-house, and even designs the software for the Tigé Touch panel.

Tigé Z3

The Tigé Touch comes with a 5-year warranty and controls everything onboard. Take a look at the lower right button on the touch screen… that’s a Bluetooth connectivity button for streaming MP3s from the smartphone.

Tigé Z3

The helm seat is extremely comfortable, includes flip-down armrests, diamond quilted stitching, and a flip-up bolster. In addition to swiveling and sliding, it reclines and the armrests are self leveling.


The cockpit seating wraps around the entirety of the cockpit making full use of all available space. Storage is underneath all seats. The corner seats are curved to allow for a more comfortable position while still facing the crowd.

Tigé Z3

The cockpit takes full advantage of the useable space onboard the Z3 by wrapping around completely, and going with a dedicated aft facing observer’s seat.

Tigé Z3

Just behind the helm seat is a wastebasket and drink holders. The seat lifts to remove the trash.

Tigé Z3

Courtesy lights are everywhere, including on the underside of the tower. That floor matting is a Poseidon mat that allows water to flow right through. A good thing because there’s a high likelihood that wet people will be coming aboard.


Our test boat was fitted with the Alpha Z tower that is a work of art. It was custom designed in-house by Tigé, and can accommodate a host of options including tri-color LED courtesy lights, up to 4 color matched, Wet Sounds speakers, Clamp4rce ratcheting and swiveling board racks, LED docking lights and a swivel tow point camera that can display on the Tigé Touch screen.

Tigé Z3

The tower is a work of art in itself. Notice the handholds at the top for holding her in position at the dock.

Tigé Z3

There are mounts for up to 4 color matched Wet Sounds speakers and these board racks with ratcheting clamps. Docking lights are embedded into the leading edge.

Tigé Warranty

The Tigé warranty program falls into three time periods -- Lifetime, 5-years and 3-years. As for the Lifetime warranty, here is what Tigé says on its website: "Tigé offers the only complete hull replacement warranty in the industry. If you ever experience a structural hull failure or delamination, at any time while you own your boat, Tigé will replace it with a new boat at no charge."
Tigé has a 3-year stem to stern warranty on all items and components on the boat, and a 5-year warranty on the Tigé Touch system as well as the 5-year warranty offered by Indmar on the engine.


The Tigé Z3 is an impressive boat with impressive qualities for making the perfect wake across a broad spectrum of disciplines. She transitions equally easily into the family fun boat and that makes her even more appealing.

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