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VanDerHeijden Steelyachts Exclusive 1350 (2010-)

Brief Summary

Thankfully there is a builder addressing the “middle market” of cruising boats with a high-quality customizable yacht. It is VanDerHeijden in Holland, a company that has earned a reputation for building steel yachts in the 11 to 33 meter range (36’ to 108’) for discerning yachtsman who do not want (or need) a megayacht, yet would like to own a quality steel vessel with fine-yacht interior wood finishing. In other words, if you would rather not own a production fiberglass boat, here is a terrific option. Finding a yard to build such a boat is not easy because most yards that can build in steel and that have a cadre of good cabinet makers chose to go for the big bucks and build megayachts or even superyachts. Happily, VanDerHeijden specializes in a niche that has always been the traditional size for most wealthy yachtsmen – the mid-range. Let us look at a 13.5 m (45’) design that is ideal for genteel cruising.