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Westport Yachts Pacific Mariner 65 (2009-)

Brief Summary

The realm of 60-70 foot motoryachts has certainly come of age. It is, we think, the perfect size range for an owner-operator who wants to have the largest boat that is easily manageable by a couple, but small enough to be affordable for many people, both to buy and to operate. These boats exude a sense of luxury while allowing for a wide range of performance, cruising aptitudes, and applications. Some are all flash and dash and look great at the dock or for an evening cocktail party and may impress people who know nothing about boats. Others are carefully designed for specific work, are practical and functional, either for long range cruising, coastal cruising or a little bit of both. The Pacific Mariner 65 by Westport is more of the latter. The folks at Pacific Mariner, when they started over 15 years ago, had the dream of building an exceptional cruising boat that a couple could easily handle. The PM 65 has been around awhile but she is still a very special boat – there is still nothing quite like her.

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