Siren Monitoring System

Second only to safety, vessel security is the top priority for many boat owners. Newport, R.I.-based Siren Monitoring is among the forefront of companies making that happen via a subscription-based combination of sensors, software and cloud computing. It’s known as a “connected boat.” Now, users can see where their boat is and the health of the on board systems from an app.

Editor's Report by Capt. Greg Thornton 

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Siren Monitoring System

Setting up Siren Marine’s Monitoring, Tracking and Control (MTC) is as straight forward as installing the main MTC device, choosing and installing sensors in desired monitoring locations and downloading the app to a smart device.

Siren Monitoring System: Mission

Siren Marine’s goal is to keep a boat owner connected to his vessel’s critical and sensitive data, in real-time. It plans to do so by having boats install proprietary hardware and software that will link the two together to provide owners and operators the ease and access to monitor directly from their smart device.

Siren Monitoring System: Key Features

  • Real-Time GPS Positioning & Geo-Fencing
  • Critical Event Alarms / Reporting
  • Arm/Disarm System Options
  • Control Onboard Devices

Siren Monitoring System: Features Inspection

Siren Monitoring System

With Connected Boat, an owner can have peace of mind, knowing his boat’s whereabouts via the GPS tracking feature. In addition, the system can be set up and configured to monitor crucial points of interest such as engine temperature and battery health.

The MTC consists of three parts: the main MTC device, the sensors and the app. The MTC is the main computer that controls all the monitoring sensors and acts at the information sender and receiver — the “brains” if you will. Then, separate sensors are wired into one or more of the boat’s systems, allowing the monitoring of bilge levels, engine temperature and battery health to name a few. Parameters can then be made to send alarms if certain user defined criteria are met.

MTC lets an owner to track his vessel’s GPS position in addition to giving him the ability to set up geo-fences, which essentially creates a virtual boundary around the boat. These geo fencing parameters can be set up to send alarms for things such as unwanted movement or entry of the vessel, turning on lighting, or the ability to track the boat in real-time.

Siren Monitoring System

The main Connected Boat homepage provides an all-seeing view of the vessel location, as well as the designated sensor monitoring points of interest onboard.

Siren Monitoring System: Options

Siren Monitoring System

Siren Fleet is a management tool capable of monitoring and tracking multiple vessels simultaneously.

For captains who manage multiple boats, Siren has created Siren Fleet. Each vessel is outfitted with the MTC technology to monitor that vessel and plug it into the fleet. Now, questions like, “Do any of my charter boats need new batteries?” can be answered remotely with the app.

Siren Monitoring System: Price

The MTC has two parts to its pricing structures. The hardware cost depends on the monitoring needs and vessel size. Then there’s the subscription; how long is vessel monitoring required? It’s also worth noting that the app works on 3G cellular connectivity, which is supported 24/7.

Siren Marine requires the installation of the MTC device. Owners have the option of building out their own system or going with a prepackaged starter kit that includes the following: an MTC unit, two Wireless Sensor modules, and three interchangeable attachments to monitor the battery, high water, and an entry hatch or door.

Siren Marine MTC Device: $599.00

Siren Monitoring System

Siren Marine MTC + 2 Starter Kit: $799.00

Siren Monitoring System

Wired Sensors:

Siren Marine Monitoring System

Wireless Sensors:

Siren Monitoring System

Software Subscription

  • Monthly     –  $17.97
  • Annual      –  $180.00
  • Seasonal  –  $125.00
  • 1 Year       –  $300.00
  • 2 Years     –  $600.00
  • 3 Years     –  $900.00

Siren Monitoring System: Observations

Pursuit DC266

With the digital era already in full swing, the Siren Monitoring System could be an easy decision for a new boat owner looking to keep a virtual eye on his vessels. The above Pursuit DC266 Dual Console is a real-world install and part of the fleet at Sovereign Boat Club

Once installed, the real-time monitoring, control and management of critical information, such as high-water alarms, shore power levels and boat security, are done from the convenience of a smart device.  To top it off, we also hear that insurance companies are seeing the Siren Monitoring System as a helpful benefit and are awarding premium reductions.

On another note, we have introduced the Siren Monitoring System into the fleet. For more details, please click the following link –

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