2021 NMEA Awards: Radar: Furuno DRS4DNXT

Furuno NXT radars are solid-state and use Doppler technology to ensure the safest navigation. The NXT series features Target Analyzer, Fast Target Tracking and Auto Target Acquire function to offer optimal detection and sensitivity of hazardous objects. The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) chose the DRS4DNXT as its 2021 radar of the year.

New Technology

The NXT series are the first radar units to use Furuno’s Target Analyzer function. Targets approaching a host vessel automatically change color to help a user identify potentially dangerous targets. Green echoes are targets that stay stationary, or are moving away, while red identifies hazardous targets moving toward the user. Echoes change colors as targets approach or get farther away. Target Analyzer improves situational awareness and can increase safety by showing which targets to keep an eye on. For retrofitting, a new smart-connector cable can be used with existing DRS cable installations on DRS2D-NXT and DRS4D-NXT units.

Targets that are potentially more dangerous turn red.

When Rain mode is on, rain echoes are shown in blue. This mode can detect targets masked by rain clutters.

Fast Target Tracking and Auto Target Acquire Functions

With Fast Target Tracking activated, it takes a few seconds for a vector to be displayed once the target is selected, manually or automatically with the Auto Target Acquire Function. When Auto Target Acquire is activated, approaching targets within three nautical miles that are potentially dangerous are automatically acquired by Doppler calculation and will trigger an alarm. Up to 100 targets can be acquired simultaneously, increasing the safety and simplifying estimation of other vessel’s course and speed.

When a target gets too close, an alarm will automatically sound.

NXT radars also feature a new Bird Mode that helps identify birds gathering around schools of fish. This mode adjusts the gain and sea settings automatically.

For enhanced resolution and overall performance, RezBoost beam sharpening can be set to max, creating sharper images, more targets and less clutter.


  • Antenna—24” (60.96 cm) Radome
  • Vertical beam width—24 degrees
  • Horizontal beam width/RezBoost—3.9 degrees/2.0 degrees
  • Antenna rotation speed—24/36/48 rpm range coupled or 24 fixed
  • Tx frequency—3 channel, auto/manual selectable
  • Output power—25 watts
  • Minimum range—20 miles
  • Range resolution —20 miles
  • Range accuracy— 1% of range in use or 10 miles, whichever is greater
  • Bearing accuracy—Plus or minus 1 degree
  • Power supply— 12-24 VDC: 2.5-1.3 A

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