Our Origin Story 


In 1999 Jeff Hammond and partner Chris Kelly conceived BoatTEST as the first streaming video boat review website in the industry. Both men were boat owners, and had extensive experience at boating magazines, so they had a firm idea of the kind of information boat owners needed and wanted. They also clearly saw that the Internet and streaming on-demand video was the future, and magazines and scheduled broadcasts were soon to become dinosaurs. On September 15th, 2000 - BoatTEST went LIVE with 100 boat test videos, and the rest is history.  Sadly, Chris Kelly passed away in 2017 from cancer.  

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Our Mission


For more than 20 years, BoatTEST.com has been the pioneer of streaming boat reviews on the web since it first started in 2000. BoatTEST has become the most trusted source for third-party tests and reviews of new powerboats and engines. We provide the most thorough data and opinions so boaters can make informed decisions about their next boat purchase. With more than 3,500 videos — tests, reviews, factory tours and interviews — BoatTEST is the world's largest online resource for new boat research. 


BoatTEST’s daily newsletter “On The Water” published over 2000 reports, reviews and videos during 2022, making possibly the largest purveyor boating information of all types in the country. This prodigious production of content has been thanks to it 15 Content Partners with boating household names such as Southern Boating, Waterway Guide, Canadian Yachting and many more. Bringing those 2000+ articles and videos to life are over 15 dedicated staffers – most of who are behind the scenes who you can meet on these pages. We thank them all for their hard work and dedication.