2021 NMEA Awards: Commercial: Furuno FAR2228BB IMO Radar

The Furuno FAR22x8BB series is a new radar characterized by its advanced antenna design and signal processing techniques. Furuno says its latest technology and intuitive design help increase situational awareness and permit safer navigation. Apparently, the judges in the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA)’s 2021 Awards program agreed because they named they named the FAR22X8BB the winner in the Commercial category.

Faster Technology

Pressing a single button activates the Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function and the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions.

Fast Target Tracking provides accurate tracking information. Speed and course vectors are displayed in seconds, letting an operator take action to avoid incidents earlier.

InstantAccess barTM give a user immediate access to the desired function. The contains shortcut menus of tasks (functions/actions) that operators frequently use, so they can quickly access necessary tasks.

Comfortable usability is important on long voyages. With that in mind, the FAR2228BB control units are designed based on ergonomics to fit the operator’s hand. All operations can be controlled with the trackball. An optional Trackball Control Unit is also available.

Upgraded Antenna

A radar unit is only as good as the antenna that feeds it. The FAR2228BB radar uses the X-band antenna unit that directly converts analog data to digital signals before sending them to the main processor unit. Signals are transported through the ethernet network between the antenna and below-deck processing unit.

The gearbox has been redesigned to reduce aerodynamic drag that lightens the environmental burden on the gearbox. This, along with a brushless motor results in a durable unit that can be used for prolonged periods. The cable to the gearbox can be connected from the side.

All components of the X-band antenna’s gearbox are integrated into one block that can be removed when maintenance is required.

New or Used

The FAR2228BB is designed for easy installation for new and retrofit installations. The existing monitor, control unit and cables can be used in a retrofit application. An optional LAN Signal Converter enables ethernet communication. Additionally, extension of the cable between the antenna unit and processor is possible in a retrofit application.

Ethernet connectivity enables interface and information exchange that expands the radar’s ability with connection between existing or newly installed systems. With the optional ethernet Hub, Inter-Switch can be utilized with a LAN cable.