2021 NMEA Awards: NMEA 2000 Sensor: Furuno SCX-20 Satellite Compass

Using four separate GNSS antennas for fast response times, the Furuno SCX-20 Satellite compass raises the bar for reliability and accuracy. Traditionally, a satellite compass calculates heading using a single baseline between two antennae. The SCX-20’s quad units can calculate the information using any of the six baselines drawn among the four of them. That’s why the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) named the SCX-20 the winner in its NMEA 2000 Sensor category in its 2021 Awards program.

Improved Accuracy

So what does this mean? The quad-antenna design of the SCX-20 lets it calculate more accurate heading, pitch, roll and heave information. It’s a good solution for complex vessel installations where the view of satellites can be obstructed.

Four antennas mean more accuracy when calculating headings.

Furuno says the SCX-20 enhances the performance of on-board equipment including radar, fish finders, sonar and autopilots. Enhanced accuracy can help NAVpilot keep a better course, saving time, fuel and money on a given cruise. Precise pitch, roll, and heave information stabilizes the display for many Furuno fish finders and sonars, allowing for an accurate presentation even rough seas.

Benefits to Radar

True echo trails are available when the SCX-20 is connected to Furuno radar, helping to determine the ship’s movement in relation to the motion of other vessels nearby. Accurate speed and heading data ensures that target trails are displayed smoothly and accurately without the zig-zag appearance that comes with compasses with a higher degree of deviation.

Find More Fish

In heavy seas, the accurate heave compensation that comes with SCX-20 lets fish finders show are steadier presentation of the seabed without undulations caused by wave conditions.

Steadier Sonar

Accurate pitch and roll information delivered the SCX-20 lets Furuno Sonar display a steadier image on screen regardless of the weather.

Relay Critical Data

When connected with other Furuno systems, the SCX-20 can elevate a captain’s awareness of his vessel in relation to the surrounding area by displaying critical information across various products including NavNet TZtouch multifunction displays, FI-70 and GP-39. Initial setup can be done from NavNet series MFDs, NAVPilot-300 and GP-39. Data provided includes 3-axis speed, pitch, roll and heave, rate of turn and heading.

The Furuno SCX-20 comes standard with a 19.68’ (6 m) cable, an installation kit for mounting on a hardtop or mast

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