2021 NMEA Awards: Satellite Communications Antenna: KVH TracPhone V30

One of the key features of the V30 is the compact size of the antenna and the hub.

When people head out on the water, they want the conveniences of home and today, that means staying connected. KVH’s TracPhone V30 is designed to let people stream HD content, chat via WhatsApp, connect with the office, get weather information, check emails and more where the boat is at the dock, along the coast or offshore. The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) named the TracPhone V30 the winner in the Satellite Communications Antenna category for 2021.

Compact and Powerful

The 37-cm (14.57”) digital system is designed to make Very Small aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology accessible and more affordable to a wider audience. The V30 is built to withstand the rugged marine environment and deliver data speeds as fast as 6 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up) using high-throughput satellites from Intelsat and SKY Perfect JSAT. The mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network offers more than 106 million sq. miles (276 million sq. km).  Owners can choose metered or unlimited airtime plans with no overages.

KVH says the V30 is the smallest and lightest VSAT system and that it draws the least power, which is important on boats with limited electrical power. It’s intended for use on sailboats and powerboats and as a backup for superyacht communications. The IP-enabled antenna control unit includes network management software, data routing and firewall security, plus a voice over IP adapter, built-in Wi-Fi and ethernet switch. The VSAT-Hub is almost 90% smaller by volume than 2U rack-mounted belowdecks units, so it’s easier to install on boats with limited space.

The VH30 has the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees.

Easier to Install and Use

The V30 installs with a single new or existing coax cable, has a rotary joint for unlimited rotation and runs on DC power. It’s available with an AC-to-DC power converter and a compact VSAT hub is secured belowdecks. It provides global connectivity and clear voice calls via KVH’s mini-VSAT broadband HTS network.

The KVH manager provides network management tools and control over data usage and the company’s integrated IoT proactive monitoring optimizes performance. It also has an advanced network-level firewall, automated threat management, secure boot, encrypted drives and more to provide security. The manager suite also offers usage monitoring in virtual real time and provides usage alerts. The V30 integrated IoT functionality reports daily on more than 150 performance and health parameters.

The V30’s compact size makes it easy to install on top of the tower in the convertible to the left or on a mast on a sailboat.

KVH’s OneCare Global Support Program is an array of service offerings that spans the lifecycle of the mini-VSAT system and post-deployment support in 4,000 ports worldwide. The secure myKVH portal offers access to a range of account details, reports and the KVH Manager suite of tools. It provides transparency in data and system performance plus the ability to customize use with category controls, manage network configuration and more. Supporting materials including brochures, specification sheets, rate plans, case studies and more can be downloaded.

The KVH managerial suite lets an owner keep an eye on all elements of the KVH VSAT system.

Finally, KVH offers airtime options including global metered and unlimited plans, dual high-speed and unlimited data plans and dual channels plus C-band. A user can select a month-to-month subscription or longer-term plans.

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