Lumishore Underwater Lighting

Underwater LED lights have become a staple for vessels ranging from center consoles to superyachts. Whether sitting at anchor or on a dock, those onboard can see the wonders of the ocean swim by, while suffering the envious stares of those not invited to the party. A company called Lumishore, headquartered in the UK, is lighting up boats as small as tenders all the way to superyachts.

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Let There Be Light!


Under a full moon, this offshore big game fishing vessel lets everyone know that she is not only beautiful but an exciting place to be.

The Lumishore team is dedicated to manufacturing the best underwater LEDs on the market. Period. They go beyond making a light simply waterproof or brighter. They focus on the entire experience of lighting while on the water. Their LEDs are brighter and provide the richest color available. Thanks to new technology, Lumishore is also giving boat owners an infinite palette of colors and complete control of color changes, moods, and themes.


Lumishore lights bring an added thrill to nighttime boating.


Walking the docks at night has never been so beautiful.


Transom-mounted lights show the world a little class any time a boat makes an exit.


With a little bit of care and skill, Lumishore Surface Mount lights (seen here) can be mounted easily and safely.

Key Features of Lumishore Underwater Lights

  • 50,000+ hr LED life
  • HICOB LED Array
  • 'Soft Start' electronics protection
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Voltage surge protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Power line noise suppression
  • Waterproof - IP68-rated


The Lumishore team combines leading-edge LED underwater lighting expertise with a passion for boating and the marine environment. For over 10 years, Lumishore engineers have focused on the design, development and manufacture of the brightest, best and most advanced underwater lighting products available today. They also believe in providing these solutions at a price you can afford. This passion is apparent in the quality and value of the Lumishore line of underwater lighting products.

Distinguishing Features

Complete in-house design capabilities have enabled Lumishore to create exceptionally powerful marine lighting systems with the highest light output available from 1,100 to over 23,000 fixture lumens. Few companies can match this performance.


Lumishore lights shine bright enough to see considerable detail in shallow water with little or no moonlight.


Lumishore is ISO9001 certified, has ABS, RINA, DNV/GL Classification Approvals and is the only underwater LED lighting provider with full Lloyd’s Type Approval, including safety-critical EMI/EMC testing and compliance.


Lumishore lights require very little space inside the hull.

Lumishore lights sync to one another using built-in technology. Each fixture communicates with the other lights within the system. This allows smooth color, on-off and brightness transitions.

All Lumishore products are backed by the company’s guarantee of a quality product. Surface mount lights come with either a one-year or two-year factory-backed warranty. All other lights are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for three years.


No trouble finding space for multiple lights on nearly any transom.


Lumishore designs, develops, and manufactures its systems exclusively in Swansea, U.K. and has proven itself to be the premier supplier of underwater LED lighting solutions for all sizes of boats from RIBs to the world’s largest superyachts.


Underwater illumination while underway allows boats to be seen without interfering with other boaters’ night vision.

The Lumishore team combines leading-edge LED underwater lighting expertise with a passion for boating and the marine environment. For over 10 years, Lumishore engineers have focused on the design, development and manufacture of the brightest, best and most advanced underwater lighting products available today. They also believe in providing these solutions at a price you can afford. This passion is apparent in the quality and value of the Lumishore line of underwater lighting products.


The Lumishore Configurator takes the guesswork out of choosing your underwater lights.

Customer Options

Lumishore’s website has a wealth of information about the company’s products. Check out the Lumishore Configurator and see a visual depiction of how various underwater lighting choices would look on different boats.

Choose from 12 types of boats, from an 18’ bass boat to a superyacht. Select the number of lights, location(s), and color(s) and get an instant, computer-generated rendering of the selected lights and their effects. Complete the process by requesting a price quote.


The on/off switch on the product webpages may be a bit gimmicky but everyone who lands on those pages is likely to flip the switch and see what happens.


The most basic, surface-mount light from Lumishore – SMX11 starts at $200. Prices will rise according to how many fixtures, the capabilities of the lights, and the choice of controls you order. There are too many variables to give an accurate summary of pricing for all options, however, outfitting a small pleasure boat with a basic Lumishore system can be accomplished for under $399. Lumi-Link MFD control starts at $849.


Swimming after dark doesn’t mean swimming in the dark.


There are a number of reasons boaters choose underwater lighting. Being able to see obstructions and swimmers at night are two important, practical reasons.

Then there’s the less serious side of underwater lighting. A lot of Lumishore’s product features are just about style and fun. How cool is it to be able to use your smart device to create an underwater light show that pulses and changes color in time with the music?


No longer are exciting boat lighting schemes the sole realm of the rich and famous.

The Nuts and Bolts of Installation

Mounting Options

Every Lumishore light requires a hole in the hull for wiring. The type of light will determine the size of the hole.

Lumishore Surface Mount Lights (SMX)

These lights require only a small hole. This option is typically used on boats up to 50-feet. Each light has an internal driver and they are easy to install on the transom or side hull.


The Surface Mount P-Class light requires one hole behind the unit for a wire. The three holes pictured are used for mounting screws that secure the fixture to, but not through, the hull material.

SMX Features

  • Compact size 2-3/4-inches and 3-3/4-inches diameter (70-mm and 95-mm) fits almost anywhere including steps
  • Lumens from 2,475 to 13,725 and a focused 60-degree or wide 90-degree beam angle

SMX Options

  • ORA SMX11, P Class – Polymer construction, extremely bright, recommended for boats under 25-feet
  • SMX23, 53, 93, 153 Class – Marine-grade bronze housing, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass lens

Lumishore Through Hull (THX) and Interchangeable Thru-Hull (TIX) Lights

These lights are specifically designed for owners who demand the highest light output and widest beam angle, housed in a durable bronze through-hull fitting. THX models feature a standard 1-inch (25-mm) fitting through the hull. Each light comes with an external driver, which is mounted within the hull. Multiple drivers may be grouped in one area.


Lumishore Products from left: Removable LED, Interchangeable Thru-Hull TIX, Thru-Hull THX (standard fit), Ultra-Slim THX.

THX/TIX Features

  • All Lumishore Thru-Hull and Interchangeable Thru-Hull lights are 'flush-fit' with extremely low profiles making them ideal for transom, side and bottom hull mounting
  • Brightness levels from 4,000 to 17,000 tested and proven fixture lumens


Two, transom-mounted THX1603 Thru-Hulls featuring between 15,500 and 17,000 fixture lumens and a beam angle of 110-degrees.

THX/TIX Options

  • Ultra-slim THX - the world's first ultra-slim thru-hull light
  • Interchangeable TIX – These lights feature an internal driver for a simpler, cleaner installation. The removable LED module can be accessed from inside the hull
  • Ultra-slim TIX - TIX202 is the world's slimmest interchangeable thru-hull light. It can be serviced from inside the hull


TIX202 is the world's slimmest interchangeable thru-hull light.

Superyacht Retrofit

Lumishore Retro-fit fixtures provide an easy replacement for a vessel’s existing weld-in metal halide/HID/plasma or older-generation LED underwater lights.


Larger yachts use underwater lighting for security and safety as well as style.

SY Retrofit Features

  • Screws into the existing weld-in flange without having to haul or lift the vessel
  • Permanently eliminates repeated and costly bulb and ballast replacements
  • Delivers 8,000 fixture lumens in both SUPRA and EOS full-color change (see Color Options below)


The TRX802 features 8,000 fixture lumens and a beam angle of 110-degrees.

SY Retrofit Options

  • Easily control colors, cycles, strobes and adjust brightness with Wi-Fi-enabled EOS color controller
  • Integrate Sound-to-Light entertainment with onboard stereo and iPhone control
  • EOS models provide automatic light discovery and set-up, plus individual light diagnostics


Underwater lighting should make as big of an impression as the topside lights.

Superyacht Weld-in

Lumishore weld-in fixtures provide a perfect flush mount for steel and aluminum hull superyachts.


Lumishore weld-in options allow vessels with existing underwater lighting to upgrade and improve their systems.

Weld-in Features

  • Slim-Fit – Slim-Fit internal profiles were designed for easier installation in awkward or restricted-access locations
  • Brilliant – Published fixture lumen ratings from 8,400 - 20,000
  • Louvre Lens – The adjustable lens in new Louvre models eliminates the need for long flanges of varying angles


The Lumi-Cam gives boaters eyes below the hull all day and all night.

Lumi-Cam Bronze Through-Hull HD Camera

When Lumishore underwater lights attract marine life, Lumi-Cam brings it aboard in vivid high-definition color to an MFD, plotter or monitor.

Lumi-Cam Features

  • The world's smallest interchangeable thru-hull underwater HD (1080p) camera
  • Ideal for prop inspection and tournament catch and release video
  • Automatic low light mode and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Removable camera module may be accessed from inside the hull
  • Flush-fit, low-profile design can be mounted nearly anywhere on the hull


Lumishore gives boaters almost as many color choices as nature.

Color Options

ORA Series – Single Color

Customers can choose one of three single-colored lights: white, blue or green.

  • Blue – most versatile for changing water conditions
  • White – best in clear, shallow or sandy waters
  • Green – best for murky, green or brown water


A green ORA, transom-mounted light makes this inflatable hard to miss after dark.

SUPRA Series

The SUPRA Series provides '2-lights-in-1' by combining the most popular colors (blue and white) in a single, high-power fixture without sacrificing brightness. Both colors run at full power.


Retrofit lights, like this SUPRA TRX802, are designed for quick and easy replacement of existing HID, Plasma and older generation LED lights without having to haul the vessel.

EOS and RGBW Full Color Change

Lumishore EOS Series Thru-Hull lighting systems consist of full spectrum underwater lights with wider beam angles and the brightest color changing lights on the market. Choose from an unlimited number of colors to create unmatched underwater beauty that reflects the owner’s personal taste and style.


Color options with the EOS Series is limited only by the user’s imagination.

EOS Series Thru-Hull lighting systems are controlled by Lumishore’s intuitive new EOS STV 2204-i Display and/or directly from your compatible MFD with Lumi-Link (see below).

Lighting System Controls

A standard on/off user-supplied switch can be used to power single color lights. More versatile, individual lights create opportunities for a wider choice of options to control each light or multiple lights as part of a system.


In addition to the simple on/off switch, some models can also be activated with a key fob.

Standard On/Off Switch

  • Provides basic on/off functions for ORA Series lights
  • Capability for SMX23, 53, and 93
  • SMX53 has an optional Install Kit which includes a hub and switch for additional control options


Connect multiple lights to one switch.

SUPRA Installation Kit (I-Connect Hub & Switch)

  • The Supra Installation Kit (I-Connect Hub & Switch) is a plug-and-play junction box and 'all-in-one' on/off & momentary switch
  • Enhances the available functionality of SUPRA Series lights
  • Compatible with SUPRA Series lights - THX, TIX and SMX53
  • Low-profile dash mount


The Command Center is required for all EOS Series lights.

Lumi-Link Command Center – Lumi-Link is the world’s first marine lighting API (Application Programming Interface).

  • Provides full control of Lumishore lighting directly from your compatible MFD (visit to find a list of current partners), and/or your STV 2204-i Display, or internet compatible display device
  • Connect Lumi-Link to the MFD and/or additional display with a single plug-and-play cable
  • Creates a centralized control platform for the entire vessel, reducing helm clutter
  • No other controllers or digital switches are necessary but may be added for second-station control
  • Built-in effects including sweep, strobe and cycle modes
  • Required for all EOS Series light systems (excludes SMX23/93)


The EOS STV 2204-i can be mounted anywhere on the vessel to provide complete control of the Lumishore system.

EOS STV 2204-i – A dedicated glass-bridge full-screen 3.5-inch (89-mm) display.

EOS STV 2204-i

  • Simple click-and-play function with easy-to-navigate modern icons
  • Full two-way DMX compatibility
  • Built-in 'Sound-to-Light' intgration with the vessel’s on-board stereo system or iOS device
  • Built-in Wi-Fi control with iPhone/iPad and free companion Lumi-App on iTunes
  • Compatible with EOS Series Thru-Hull (THX), Interchangeable Thru-Hull (TIX), and Surface Mount (SMX153 only) models
  • Requires Lumi-Link Command Center

MFD Integration

Lumi-Link allows boaters to control lighting systems directly from MFD(s).


Lumishore controls can be accessed right on your MFD, already providing you with vital navigation information. Full-screen and combi-screen size options allow the operator to continue using other MFD functions.

Lumi-Link Compatible MFD models:

  • Garmin - OneHelm™
  • Raymarine - Axiom and Axiom Pro
  • Simrad - NSO Evo3 and Evo2, NSS Evo3 and selected Go models (Go7 XSR/Go9/Go12)
  • B&G - Zeus3 Glass Helm, Zeus3 and Vulcan


Lumishore underwater lights allow boat owners to make a statement when other boats are little more than silhouettes in the dark.