Mabru Power Systems offers owners of boats without a generator a 12-volt DC-powered marine air conditioning system that can run a minimum of eight hours on a battery. The Mabru SC07DC has a 70% to 30% copper-to-nickel ratio that the company says gives it more longevity and durability compared to competitive models that have a 90-10 ratio. 

The evaporator is copper instead of aluminum and this offers anti-microbial characteristics, reduces odor and improves efficiency. The SC07DC also has a stainless-steel chassis with welded drains and high static-pressure ball-bearing blowers. 

The compact unit weighs 47 lbs. (21.32 kg) and dimensions are 15.9” (40.39 cm) wide by 9” (22. 86 cm) deep and 11.75” (29.85 cm) high. Minimum air duct size is 4” (10.16 cm) and it requires a 5/8” (1.5 9 cm) seawater pipe. There’s a 2 year warranty on the unit, one year on the installation and lifetime on the compressor.