Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

We all have to clean our boats all of the time and it gets to be a hassle every now and then. Especially for high-end premium ones. Most times, the 5-gallon (72 L) bucket is usually your best friend, and we could simply use that, but there’s a better solution. The team at Shurhold has come up with a product called the Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System. Here’s a look at some of the details.

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Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

Anything that makes life easier on a boat is okay with us. But when it does the job so well, it gets our attention.


The bucket has a rope handle, which makes it much easier to grab and hold onto with wet hands and it will simply fall to the side and out of the way when not in use. Additionally, it has a padded cover on top so in the absence of a seat, it can be easily utilized as one. It is also non-skid so if we need to get something that’s high up out of reach, it doubles as a step-stool.

Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

The bucket has a sturdy rope handle as well as a padded surface for standing or sitting on. Notice how the rope falls naturally to one side.

There’s also a ring on the bottom of the bucket which keeps it from sliding all over the deck. Shurhold calls this the Bucket Base. It is a sturdy non-skid and non-marking ring that not only minimizes sliding but also stops the bucket from toppling over. We’ve all put a brush into a bucket only to have the bucket tip over, that problem is now eliminated.

Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

Don’t you hate it when you put your spoon in a plastic cup of finished yogurt or fruit and it just won’t stay up? Shurhold would probably make a great stabilizer for one of those too.

Moving Inside

The real beauty of this bucket system is what’s inside. Whenever the boat needs to be cleaned, it’s always a hassle to go get the bucket then find the cleaning supplies. Well, here’s a better system. The Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System has a caddy called, cleverly enough, the Bucket Caddy. It holds all of the cleaning supplies in the bucket. If the bucket ever got wet and filled with water, the caddy has a grating system underneath so that the water just flows right out when lifted.

Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System caddy

This caddy is able to fit perfectly in the bucket and carries all of the cleaning supplies in one conveniently organized container.

At the bottom of the bucket, there is also a Bucket Grate. It enhances the quality of soapy water by elevating the sponges and brushes above the dirty water that falls below the grate. There’s a baffle system underneath, so dirty water doesn’t get all stirred up. Even better, it has two little compartments for soap measuring. We can look at the directions on our soap container, find out how much soap is needed for the water, and just simply add it into the compartments. In this way, we’re not using too much soap so as not to get any stains on the boat, or waste product. Center finger holes make removing the grate easy.

Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

The grated bottom is nice for filtering the dirt from the water while also keeping it in one place with the baffle system. The small soap compartments are great for measuring out the perfect amount of soap.

Now when dipping a brush in the bucket, it’s in clean soapy water.

Cleaning Products Included

Now let’s look at the products that come with the Ultimate One Bucket System.

• First, the SMC (Serious Multipurpose Cleaning) Spray. This is for removing the tough stains without discoloring or harming the surface. It contains no bleach, so it’s safe on vinyl, non-skid, and graphics, and it’s perfect for a pre-wax cleaning.

BRIGHT Wash is great for salt grime and dirt and it’s biodegradable. It won’t strip wax and it’s safe for use on isinglass, plastics, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.

• Shurhold calls BUFFMAGIC Compound the ultimate restoration compound. It removes oxidation and surface imperfections, restoring that showroom shine. It’s also an excellent metal polish for all stainless hardware.

SERIOUS Shine is for doing quick detail work, it’s the ultimate aerosol cleaner. It cleans, polishes, and protects almost any surface in one step without leaving a greasy residue. Feel free to use on electronics, isinglass, and other sensitive surfaces.

Pro Polish is an advanced polymer wax that offers superior protection over traditional waxes. It’s safe on fiberglass, paint, metal, and more. It repels water, provides a deep high gloss shine while protecting surfaces from the harsh effects of the sun and saltwater.

    Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System

    These five cleaning products fit perfectly in the buckets caddy and are great for all types of boat cleaning.


    The point of all this is that boating is supposed to be easy, but even on a workboat, there are still lots of ways to lighten the workload. Shurhold has come up with just the solution to make all that happen, and that’s the Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System.