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Aluna 87 Yacht Set to Launch in Summer 2023

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The Aluna 87, which starts production in May 2022, is a combination of a superyacht and support vessel.

Turkish shipyard FDC Yachts and Red Yacht Design have partnered to build Aluna 87, a vessel that is a combination of a yacht and support vessel. Aluna 87 can carry multiple tenders and personal watercraft and can even accommodate touch-and-go helicopter landings. 

Fiducia international is determined to continue its innovative production motivation with the Aluna 87, the first yacht of the Aluna series. Production of the Aluna 87’s hull will start in May.

Summer 2023 Launch 

Aluna Yachts

By summer 2023, the first Aluna 87 from FBC Yacht and Red Yacht Design is expected to be on the water.

The 87’ yacht (26.5 meters) was developed in cooperation with FDC Yachts, Red Yacht Design and Notilus Engineering teams with the design process taking one year. The exterior and interior design of the yacht was undertaken by Red Yacht Design, while hull and detail engineering was handled by Notilus Engineering and FDC Yachts. 

Aluna 87 is expected to be launched in the summer 2023.

Multipurpose Yacht

Aluna Yachts

Designers created Aluna 87 to be multifunctional and serve as a yacht and support vessel.

The most prominent feature of Aluna 87 model is that yacht has a design and function approach that can be called “multipurpose.” While Aluna has all the features of yachts of the same size, she can also function as a yacht support vessel with the ability to carry many toys. Thanks to Aluna 87’s design approach, the 24’ (7.4 meters) wide boat meets expectations without compromising on style.

Yacht and Support Vessel?

Aluna Yachts

From the bow, the Aluna 87 looks like a traditional yacht with modern design features.

"We aimed to create a series where our clients will feel like they are living on a much larger yacht with the volume, usage area and other possibilities provided by Aluna,” said Eyüp Özbelen of FDC Yachts. “She has easy access to the sea, is strong and comfortable in rough sea conditions. Economic-user-friendly and unique in her class in terms of the toy area and the volume of guest zone. Basically, a dream boat.”

First Sketches Released

Aluna Yachts

The Aluna 87 will have 360 sq. ft. (33.44 sq. m) of open deck space for storing tenders and PWC.

From the first sketches of Aluna 87 to the final form, Red Yacht Design worked carefully to combine the best aesthetic proportions with the most appropriate functions. In the project, which was also a significant engineering challenge, design and engineering studies continued uninterruptedly.

Another unique feature of Aluna 87 is that she can carry a tender up to 39’ (12 m) long on the main deck, an engineering challenge. The 5-ton (4,535.92 kg) crane, is hidden below the deck, allows the use of a variety of toys. 

Having the crane below deck when not working becomes a unique feature for party and leisure mode. Along with the tender, two pwc and one 16’ (5 m) jet tender can be carried. 

Aluna 87’s large deck area can also accommodate a 4-person "touch-and-go" helicopter landing making it easier to access Aluna wherever the yacht cruises.

Flexible and Transformable

Aluna Yachts

Aluna 87 is powered by twin MAN i6 series inline six-cylinder engines with a cruising speed of 12 knots (13.8 mph).

Aluna 87 has a flexible, transformable structure inside as well as outside. Red's design director, Cana Gökhan, describes Aluna 87 as a compact and multifunctional yacht, likening her to a Swiss army knife.

The steel hull and carbon superstructure will be powered by two MAN i6 800 engines with a cruising speed of 12 knots (13.8 mph) and a max speed of 16 knots (18.4 mph). Fuel tank capacity is 2,641 gallons (9,997.27 L).

Interior Accommodations 

Aluna Yachts

Aluna 87 can accommodate eight guests comfortably plus four crew members.

On the main deck of Aluna 87, where crew and guests are separated from each other, there is a full-beam lounge, a dining area for eight people and a wheelhouse forward. The overhead is taller higher than usual, providing headroom more than 9’ (2.74 m), and the entire superstructure is designed as a single space. The lounge area appears larger than it is. The forward lower deck on Aluna 87 is reserved for the crew and guest accommodations are aft. 

The full-beam master suite with her/his heads turns into a double guest cabin, separated by movable partition walls. In this configuration, Aluna 87 welcomes eight guests comfortably. The guest head is also intended for day use. There is a fully equipped galley and a crew mess is forward.

Quick Timeline

Aluna Yachts

Production on Aluna 87 starts in May 2022 with the superyacht expected to be in the water in summer 2023.

FDC Yachts and Red Yacht Design have an aggressive build schedule with the production of the hull starting in May 2022 and the first hull is scheduled to be on the water in summer 2023.

No price has been released.