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Anthem Boats Karma 23: Hybrid Aluminum Wakesports Boat

Anthem Boats, Tactical Sport Boat, Karma 23, aluminum

The 23’ Karma measures 24’11” (7.59 m)with the swim platform and has an 8’6” (2.59 m) beam. Because she has an inboard propulsion system, draft is 27” (68.58 cm).

Anthem Boats is  new company that is merging an aluminum hull designed for wakesurfing and watersports with the open concept of a pontoon. The company calls them Tactical Sport Boats and the first model from the company is the Karma 23. She’s powered by an inboard engine and has the company has patents on the layout, a bow boarding platform and the ballast system.

“Coming up with something different and creating a new category is really part of the mantra,” said Anthem CEO Mark Overbye. The company is based in Minneapolis and Overbye is having the boats built to military-grade specifications at Fraser Shipyard in Superior, WI, which borders Minnesota.

Anthem Boats, Karma 23, blue, aluminum wakesurf boat

The 23 Karma is available in a choice of six graphics packages.

Heavy Mettle

Overbye chose aluminum because the material can be recycled. Additionally, the 24’11” (7.59 m) Karma 23 can be pulled up on a beach and the bow lowers with the push of a button so passengers can simply walk off. The patented Sport Ramp has a 1,000-lb. (453.59 kg) capacity and lowers with ease.

Ovebye was at the Fraser yard and he saw an old Higgins landing craft that was used for beach landing troops in World War II. “I thought, ‘that’s a cool feature and in the watersports world, having another swim platform on the front of the boat is safer and easier to climb in and out, he explained.

Anthem Sport Ramp, bow boarding ramp

The Karma 23’s bow opens with two electric actuators and passengers can walk on and off. It’s wide enough for a wheelchair.

Anthem Sport Ramp, bow boarding ramp, Karma 23

The ramp has a three-step ladder built into the front to make it easier to board from the water as well.

The Best of Both Worlds

The company received another patent on what it calls the Aura Concept has a layout reminiscent of a pontoon boat with large transom and bow lounges plus move-able jump seats. Also patented is the company’s V3 Ballast System that takes on 3,600 lbs. (1,632.93 kg) of ballast in about three minutes and it does so without any pumps, valves or plumbing. It’s controlled with a single touch on the Murphy screen at the helm and the waves and wakes can be fine-tuned from the same display.

Anthem boats, Aura Concept, bow lounges

In the patented Aura Concept, the bow lounges and overall interior look like they are straight out of a pontoon boat.

The ballast system is built into the hull and there are 3” (7.62 cm) holes in the bottom of the boat. On the top of each tank, there’s a vent line with a smart valve. Keep the valve closed and it holds air in the tank like holding a finger on top of a straw when it’s inserted into a soft drink. Open the valve and the tanks fill. When it’s full, close the valve and water stays in the tank. To drain the system, run at speeds faster than 10 mph and open the valves. Overbye says a benefit of the system is that the tanks fully empty so there’s no concern of invasive species growing inside.

Anthem, Karma 23, V3 Ballast System

The ballast system is based on a simple design and it empties completely so there’s no dealing with invasive species.

The Karma 23 has a beam of 8’6” (2.59 m) and draws 27” (68.58 cm). Weight is listed at 5900 lbs. (2,676.19 kg) and she carries 102 (386.11 L) gallons of fuel. Standard power is a 409-hp PCM 6L engine with a V-drive transmission and a 1.72:1 gear ratio. An optional 450-hp upgrade is available and either way, the engine has closed cooling and digital shift and throttle.

PCM 6-liter engine, Anthem boats, Karma 23

Watersports purists will recognize the PCM inboard engine and V-drive transmission.

Features include inductive phone charging, fender storage, USB ports, a removable table, board storage in two in-deck lockers and LED lighting. The helm is equipped with Anthem’s Immix Dash with a 12” (30.48 cm) touchscreen, Zero Off ballast/surf controls, a stereo, a GPS chartplotter, engine management and cameras. The helm seat’s height can be adjusted and it swivels and has a flip-up bolster. The 23 Karma also comes with a stern thruster.

Anthem Boats, Karma 23 helm, dash panel, touchscreen

The helm includes a 12” (30.48 cm) touchscreen that shows engine functions and controls the ballast system.

Retail pricing starts at around $200,000 with the 450-hp engine and a trailer. Overbye is a veteran of the towsports segment, having worked with Moomba and Gekko and says the Anthem product is priced competitively

“They’re expensive, but we’re not plowing new ground,” he said. “We’re right up there with MasterCraft, Nautique and Malibu.”