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Avoiding Budget Busters While Cruising

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Cruising doesn't have to break the bank - if you can follow some of these tips. 

Cruising on a boat can be an amazing adventure, but it's essential to manage your expenses wisely to avoid budget busters. Here are some tips to help you cruise without breaking the bank

Transient Slip Fees:

Transient marina fees can add up quickly. To save on marina expenses, consider anchoring out whenever possible. Most areas permit anchoring, and it can significantly reduce your costs.

Monthly Slip Fees:

If you need to stay in marinas for extended periods, look for marinas offering monthly rates. These can save you up to 20% compared to daily transient rates. Some marinas allow live-aboard options, which can further reduce expenses.

Eating Out:

Eating on the boat can be budget-friendly. However, if you choose to eat out, be mindful of your expenses. Eating during lunch hours is generally more affordable than dining in the evening. Asking locals for restaurant recommendations can lead you to reasonably priced yet delicious options. Plan for around $100 per week or $5200 per year if you want to eat out once per week at restaurants.


The cost of constantly dining out while cruising can quickly break your budget. Ask locals for some less expensive recommendations.

Marina Stops:

When stopping at a marina, plan your visit strategically. Choose marinas with lower fees and amenities you need. Arriving early will give you more time to utilize facilities and shop for essentials without feeling rushed.

Boat Maintenance:

Boat maintenance is crucial to avoid costly repairs. If you're handy, consider doing some maintenance tasks yourself to save money. Budget for routine maintenance, but also prepare for unexpected major repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Budget for Boat

Make sure to factor in regular maintenance to your budget - otherwise the cost of repair can get even more expensive. 

Medical Emergencies:

Medical costs can vary significantly, so having good health insurance is vital. In case of an emergency, medical bills can quickly become budget busters. Consider getting comprehensive health coverage or setting aside an emergency fund to handle unforeseen medical expenses.


Owning a car while cruising can be costly and inconvenient. Storing, insuring, and maintaining a car can quickly add to your expenses. If you need transportation on land, consider alternatives like renting a car for short periods or using mopeds that can be easily carried on your boat.

With proper planning and budgeting, you can avoid budget busters while cruising. Prioritize your expenses, consider cost-saving options, and be prepared for unexpected costs. By managing your finances wisely, you can make the most of your cruising experience without straining your budget.