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CleanTech Breakthrough Awards

CleanTech Breakthrough Awards

CleanTech Breakthrough

Part of Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for global technology innovation and leadership, is the CleanTech Breakthrough Awards program devoted to honoring excellence in energy, climate and clean technologies, services, companies and products around the world. 

Winners include a range of new products, all designed for the new age of sustainability and the reduction of gases causing global warming. 

Provectus Algae

Surf'N'Turf, a seaweed based livestock feed

Provectus Algae makes Surf’N’Turf, a seaweed based livestock feed for ruminant livestock. The bioactive compounds found in this seaweed formulation improve rumen digestion & reduce methane production during enteric fermentation. Leveraging a novel biomanufacturing process the company is manufacturing cheap and effective stockfeeds to reduce methane emissions by up to 95% in ruminant livestock. 

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The bridge to our low CO₂ future has methane pyrolysis at its core. This innovative process has the potential to revolutionize the way we generate heat and power. Methane pyrolysis is the thermal degradation of methane under high temperatures without oxygen. When optimized for emissions minimization, this process offers us a unique opportunity to produce clean and economic energy on a massive scale.

Methane Pyrolysis

Methane pyrolysis produces solid carbon that can either be disposed of naturally without affecting atmospheric CO2 or used as a raw material in industries like asphalt, medical devices, aerospace composite materials, and concrete.

So, not only can methane pyrolysis generate hydrogen that can help us prevent greenhouse gas emissions, but it can also offset some of the emissions associated with public works projects. Our ultra-low emission approach to pyrolysis delivers solid carbon with a low CO₂ rating. This means less virgin asphalt material used, less embodied emissions, and longer life products for a more sustainable built environment.

Methane Pyrolysis

With companies like Modern Hydrogen leading the way, methane pyrolysis is poised to play an indispensable role in the future of clean energy.

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LightReach offers an innovative approach to home energy management for those who value financial and environmental benefits of rooftop solar but want the ease of an affordable monthly plan.

Want the benefits of solar without the cost of investment? Choose a no-buy LightReach energy plan and power your home with low rates, clean energy, and instant solar savings. Offset rising electricity costs with a solar panel system from Palmetto, the leading solar company for those who care about savings, service, and smart energy solutions.

House with solar panels

Solar production and savings will vary throughout the year, but your payments don’t have to. Lock in a low monthly rate for solar and pay less to power your home. Since Palmetto Finance owns the system, it holds the responsibility and will install, maintain, and service your system at no cost to you.  If your solar panels don’t meet our 90% Production Guarantee, the company says it will credit you the difference.

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Sharrow Marine - The Future of Propulsion

Sharrow Marine Earns Clean Technology Award

Sharrow Marine, the industry leader in innovative marine propeller technology, has announced that the Sharrow Propeller™ has been named a “Clean Technology Transportation Solution of the Year” in the inaugural CleanTech Breakthrough Awards program. This recognition reaffirms Sharrow Marine’s commitment to revolutionizing propeller technology and advancing sustainability in transportation.

Sharrow Props, Comparison Test, Grady-White

Even small efficiency gains make a significant difference for consumers and the impacts on marine life,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of CleanTech Breakthrough Awards. “The dramatically reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact are compelling and crucial aspects of this technology for boats and beyond.” 

Vaughn said, “The Sharrow Propeller is a groundbreaking leap in propeller technology, addressing long-standing inefficiencies in traditional designs. Designing and building sustainable technology within the maritime industry is essential for reducing environmental impact and protecting our oceans and waterways. 

Custom vs Sharrow Marine MPG chart

This chart shows just one example of the Sharrow Marine propeller’s consistent advantage in fuel consumption over conventional propellers, enabling a notable reduction in burning of fossil fuels.

The Sharrow Propeller is recognized as the first major advancement in propeller technology since the 1830s, with a patented design that eliminates or significantly reduces tip cavitation and vortices. Rigorous third-party testing and the endorsement of thousands of satisfied customers attest to its remarkable benefits. 

The Sharrow Propeller offers up to an 80% reduction in noise, according to the company, a smoother and more reliable boating experience, and up to 30% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to standard propellers. These advantages enhance the boating experience and significantly reduce each boat's carbon footprint and impact on marine life.

Greg Sharrow, Inventor, Founder, and CEO of Sharrow Marine

Greg Sharrow is inventor of the Sharrow Propeller and founder/CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine.

"Receiving the Clean Technology Transportation Solution of the Year award underscores the Sharrow Propeller’s transformative impact in promoting sustainability and efficiency," said Greg Sharrow, Founder and CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine and inventor of the Sharrow™ Propeller. "This honor is a testament to our dedication to advancing environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future and leave the world better than we found it."

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