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Electric Bass Fishing Club Hooks ePropulsion Sponsorship

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The recent Jon Boat Bass Club of North Carolina ePropulsion Invitational tournament had 44 teams.

Marine electric propulsion company ePropulsion has signed on as the sponsor of the Jon Boat Bass Club of North Carolina to promote electric bass fishing in the state.

The group is an electric-only bass fishing club in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and the sponsorship aligns with Somerset, NJ, company’s goal of promoting electric propulsion in competitive sport.

Atypical Bass Club

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Members of the Jon Boat Bass Club in North Carolina are required to use electric propulsion.

Jon Boat Bass Club (JBBCNC) members fish numerous lakes including Falls, Jordan, Mayo, Mackintosh, and Hyco. Member boats have no size restrictions; but are required to use electric propulsion and have a livewell.

The club is focused on spreading friendly competition and constraining anglers to the use of electric propulsion makes tournament bass fishing affordable for anyone, leveling the playing field.

“Our members are big fans of ePropulsion’s line of electric outboards,” said Jeremy Roberts, JBBCNC Committee Chair. “Their weight savings, speed and range are top notch and are ideal for the conditions we find ourselves in. We are very excited for this year’s JBBCNC ePropulsion Invitational tournament.”

Large Field for Invitational

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James Bentley and Mitchell Whitt won the tournament hauling in five fish totaling more than 23 pounds.

The sponsorship was announced as the JBBCNC ePropulsion Invitational tournament was taking place on April 9 on Lake Mackintosh in Burlington, N.C.

James Bentley and Mitchell Whitt led the field of 44 teams, bringing in five fish totaling 23 lbs. 2 ozs. (10.5 kg) There was more than $2,500 in cash and other prizes.

“The members of the JBBCNC are innovative and inventive anglers that embrace alternative forms of propulsion as a responsible way to respect and protect the waters where they fish,” said Chris Ponnwitz, electric market manager, Mack Boring & Parts Company, ePropulsion’s distributor partner in the U.S. “It is inspiring to see the diversity of solutions they come up with and as the leading electric-only fishing club in North Carolina we are delighted to partner with them.”

Electric Outboard Grand Prize

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The tournament’s grand prize winners received an ePropulsion Navy 3.0 electric outboard.

The grand prize of the JBBCNC ePropulsion Invitational was an ePropulsion Navy 3.0 electric outboard. The Navy series is the backbone of ePropulsion electric outboard motors. Thanks to the direct-drive technology, the Navy electric outboard boat motor is quiet and virtually maintenance-free. It’s available in two power levels, 3kW and 6kW to accommodate a variety of applications.

The Navy line provides clean power for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats, and are suitable for saltwater and freshwater.

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