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Electric Boat Builder X Shore Earns Green Award: CICERO Shades of Green AS

X-Shore Eelex 800, X-Shore electric boat

The Eelex 8000 is one of X-Shore’s first models.

X Shore, the Swedish electric boat builder, has been recognized by an independent accreditor as one of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world. Stockholm-based X Shore’s processes, revenues and investments were audited by a leading global provider of independent, research-based evaluations on green bonds, CICERO Shades of Green AS. The final result was X Shore being awarded the Dark Green rating: the best possible result.

“X Shore places great value on sustainability: it drives our work forward, and is central to the company,” says X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu. “One day, net-zero boats will be a reality but, for now, we must reduce emissions throughout the supply and value chain and use materials sourced in the most sustainable way possible. The rating is gratifying because X Shore is not just a category-leading electric boat company, but the greenest.”

Multi-Faceted Requirements

The process required that X Shore be inspected on several criteria including operations, strategy, revenue, and investments. It is believed that X Shore is the first manufacturing company to be 100% Dark Green and the CICERO process is NASDAW-accredited, meaning that X Shore’s ESG rating transparency is in line with that of listed companies.

Eelex 800, X-Shore boat

The Eelex 800 was the first electric boat nominated for European Powerboat of the Year.

X Shore was founded in 2016 by Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström. Since its inception, the company has won multiple awards for the design of its boats, including the prestigious German Innovation Award, and the “People’s Choice” award at Sweden’s Grand Award of Design in 2020 and the German Design Award 2022 for Excellent Product Design. Its Eelex 8000 was also nominated for a 2022 European Powerboat of the Year Award, the first time an electric boat had been included.