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Electric Ingenity Wakesurf Boat World Tour

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Wakeboarding behind an emissions- and noise-free boat has to be experienced firsthand.

The Super Air Nautique GS22E wakesurfing boat powered by Ingenity Electric will be at boat shows in Germany and the United States this fall. It made its first appearance at the Boats Afloat Show in Seattle September 16–19. After the show, the boat was available for demos on South Lake Union. For those on the other side of the world, the Super Air Nautique GS22E went to Germany at the 60th Interboot followed by the International Watersports Exhibition will be held on September 18–26. In Friedrichshafen, you can see what all the talk about is at booth B2-204.

Up Close and Personal

Sean Marrero, president of Ingenity Electric stated, “There has been a lot of talk about the robust Ingenity electric drive system and we are excited to show it to you first hand. Using the existing engine compartment, Ingenity has incorporated an extremely energy-dense battery and propulsion system into the boat without compromising any of the current storage space or performance characteristics. Come see it for yourself.”

With 124 kW of stored energy, the Ingenity battery allows for 2 to 3 hours of typical watersports use and can be recharged in as little as 90 minutes. It has cells from top tier suppliers and the latest in cooling and safety technology. The battery management system is designed for thousands of cycles which equates to many years of use powering a boat.

Experience Lake Tahoe

This summer, Ingenity Electric, an innovative electric boat company under the Correct Craft family of brands, is giving guests the opportunity to ride the world's first 100% electric towboat and experience the power of sustainable boating on California’s majestic Lake Tahoe. In partnership with Homewood High & Dry Marina, Superior Boat Repair & Sales, and Tahoe Surf Company, The Ingenity Experience offers guests an on-water outing on Ingenity's fully-electric towboat. Families will experience how Ingenity uses electric propulsion technology to create an unparalleled connection to the water as they get behind the multisport Super Air Nautique GS22E on scenic Lake Tahoe.

"We're excited to show people just how unique and fun sustainable boating is with Ingenity," said Marrero. "You won't be able to tell the boat is electric by the wave you're surfing, but hundreds of pounds of CO2 emissions are saved every time the boat goes out. We are extremely excited to showcase this on some of the bluest waters in existence in Lake Tahoe."

Surfing on Lake Tahoe will bring a smile to a rider’s face and knowing that it’s behind an emissions-free boat only enhances the joy.

As electric road vehicles gain in popularity and production, Ingenity is driven to lead the electric movement to water and to advance boating to a sustainable future. With the Ingenity Experience, guests will get a premium, all-access ride on the future of boating. Registered guests are encouraged to arrive with questions and an anticipation for fun with the Ingenity team. The rest is taken care of, as the best in watersports gear, a USCG captain and watersports coach, and snacks and refreshments will all be provided.

The exclusive half-day personal charter for each session will also inform guests of the product details and advantages of the GS22E. Daily charters will begin in June and last through August. Families are encouraged to sign up now for this unique, limited-time opportunity to lead the charge and advance boating to its sustainable future.

"It's hard to come to a special place like Lake Tahoe and not feel an awesome responsibility for maintaining its beauty for future generations," added Marrero. "Not only does water cover 70% of the earth, it is 60% of our bodies. When we protect water, we protect ourselves. We want people to join us, and we think they'll be happy to when they see what Ingenity is doing to make sustainability this much fun."

Recognized Beyond the Marine Industry

Ingenity’s electric Super Air Nautique GS22E has been named to WIRED Magazine’s 2021 list of the world’s ultimate electric rides. WIRED, a technology-based magazine, recognized Ingenity among a list of sustainable transport machines built for land, sea, or air. It states that, in spite of the global pandemic, Deloitte recently increased in forecast for the EV (electric vehicle) market to 31.1 million units sold annually by 2030. This increasing demand indicates a broader trend for more electric forms of transportation such as the Super Air Nautique GS22E by Ingenity.

“Wake surfing on 100% electric power is one of the highest and best forms of recreation on the planet,” said Marrero. “And it also happens to be better for the planet. Nobody leaves an Ingenity demo without a smile on their face.”

The installation of the Ingenity power system is as clean as its emissions output.

The magazine called the GS22E the “Tesla of the wakeboarding world.” The GS22E powers watersports enthusiasts for hours with its unique 124kWh battery. Its propulsion system was designed for those who want to make the world a cleaner place without sacrificing fun on the water.

“The GS22E is an awesome piece of technology,” Marrero added. “Our team is both proud and grateful to be recognized by WIRED as we continue the important work of creating a better tomorrow today for our customers.”

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