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First Taiga Electric PWC in Production

Taiga Orca watercraft, Taiga watercraft, electric pwc

Taiga employees and two of the company’s ground-breaking pwc.

Montreal, Canada-based powersports equipment manufacturer Taiga Motors Corporation confirmed on Monday that the company has commenced deliveries of its Orca electrically powered personal watercraft.

“This is a significant moment for the Taiga team because not only are we kicking off summer with Orca deliveries, but we are proudly marking the milestone of the first-ever mass-produced electric watercraft available to consumers,” said Taiga CEO, Samuel Bruneau. “Years of engineering and testing of our revolutionary electric powertrain platform in snow and water has now come full circle, truly changing how people connect with the outdoors.”

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Taiga manufactures fully-electric personal watercraft and snowmobiles from its new production facility that is funded in part by C$50m in government grants.

“Our government has always been a champion for a greener economy. This is why, last year, we recognized the leading role Taiga is playing in the electrified powersports industry and stepped up to support the manufacturing of their electric vehicles,” said Innovation, Science and Industry Canada Minister, François-Philippe Champagne. “I’m very pleased to see this Canadian company beginning deliveries of its first-ever electric personal watercraft. We will continue to support Canadian businesses that are on the cutting-edge of green innovation.”

Taiga Orca watercraft, Taiga watercraft, electric pwc

The Taiga Orca is powered by a 120-kW motor and battery pack that the company says give the craft a range of about two hours.

First installed into its Nomad electric snowmobiles earlier this year, the company’s proprietary 120 kW motor and battery pack combo is said to deliver run times in the range of two hours, with a 20-minute recharge time.

Weighing less than 600 lbs. (272.16 kg) and able to generate the equivalent of 160 horsepower, the two-up Orca is said to offer an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio in a compact, carbon fiber composite hull form. Top speed is stated as being in the range of 65 mph (100 kph) or and max range is about 28 miles (45 km). MSRP is $26,500.