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Fishing Knots: The Professional Fishing Guide

Fishing knots graphic

Learn to Tie Fishing Knots with this Handy Step by Step Picture Guide

Get knot tying tips from the professionals on the loop, palomar, uni and more!

We asked some of the Bass Pro Shops fishing pros what their go-to knots were, and they came back with some very helpful advice. You can read the full list of pro knot tips, but we also wanted to give you an infographic with how-to-tie fishing line knot instructions and tips for you to enjoy.

Be sure and check out the Fishing Knot Library for a larger selection of fishing line knot instructions and information.

Tip: At Bass Pro Shops, we have a rig for every fishing situation and every skill level. Whether you're fishing shallow or deep, in warm water or cold, in open water or heavy cover, you'll catch more fish when your rig and gear are matched to the presentation.

7 fishing knots infographic