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Green Waves 630X Electric Boat in Production

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The Green Waves 630X is the first electric boat to go into production in Norway.

Following the successful completion of prototyping and sea trials over the past year, the Green Waves 630X is now the first electric-only boat in Norway to go into serial production. The 630X is the second model from Green Waves. The GW 601 was  introduced in 2019 and more than 30 have been built.

The 601 was also selected to be in the stable of Oslo boat-shariing service Kruzer because it is well suited for a silent, leisurely outing with friends. Green Waves wanted to broaden its range, and began work on the 630X.

Designed for Electric

The GW 630X is different from Green Waves’ first boat. The original 601 is based on a standard Norwegian sloop, but for the 630X the team designed the hull specifically for electric motors and battery packs. Every aspect of the 630X has been created to improve performance and offer a boat for the recreational or family user who wants an electric day boat with higher speed potential.

Green Waves, Green Waves 630X

The 630X is designed to be an open day boat that can serve many missions.

The hull has a V configuration and lifting strakes and is made of aluminum, which was chosen for its combination of recyclability, strength, ease of production and lighter weight. The Green Waves 630X is 20.5’ (6.3 m) long with a 6.5’ (2 m) beam and weighs 1,984 lbs. (900 kg)  —impressive for a boat that Green Waves says seats 6 comfortably.

That 20.5’ (6.3 m) length does not include the swim platform that was added to the design after initial sea trials. Green Waves’ market research has shown that most customers use their boats for a day on the water, maybe with a picnic lunch, refreshments and swimming.

The Green Waves team worked with Eker Design, one of Norway’s top firms, to create all of the creature comforts and conveniences those customers are looking for.

Green Waves 630X bottom, V-bottom design, electric boat

The deep-V with reverse chines should cut through chop easily.

A Closer Look

The cockpit includes a table with seating for six and a stern lounge with a backrest that folds down to create a step down to the swim platform that is at water level. The bow area also has seating plus storage space. There’s also storage space in the gunwales for ropes, fenders and other necessities.

On the operational side, the GW 630X has twin 15kW pod motors for a total of 30kW and a 30 kWh LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery pack with the option for more energy capacity. The battery compartment is heated for optimum use in the Norwegian winters or chilly days of autumn and spring.

New Facility and Successful Crowdfunding

Having the first electric production boat in Norway is a culmination of generations of work and experience. Green Waves started with Ole Salomonsen, who has spent 50 years in the marine industry. The idea for an electric boat company in Norway first came to him in 2008. He was working on a project in Dubai and got inspired by local government officials who talked about electrifying some of the taxi boats (abra) in the harbor.

Green Waves 630X layout, day boat

The 630X is a new design from the bottom up and was intended for electric propulsion from the start.

He had a wooden sloop at home and decided it would be a good candidate for an electric refit. When he got it out on the water the reception from friends and strangers was impressive enough that he thought there might be an opportunity to build a business around the concept.

The Salomonsen family have lived by the sea in Norway for generations, and in 2017 they decided to take the leap to the next era of boating. Green Waves was founded with Ole as technical leader, sons Karsten as service technician and Carl Fredrik as technical advisor (they both worked with Ole on the original wooden boat) and daughter Ida, a graduate of the BI Norwegian Business School, as CEO.

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