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Hatteras Is Back with 3 New Sportfishing Boats!

For those who haven’t forgotten the Great Recession of 2008-10, they know that the financial meltdown wreaked havoc with the economy, and few industries were hurt worse than the boat business.  Many boat companies went out of business or consolidated, but somehow Hatteras survived.  But, she was on life support, and it looked to all as if that iconic brand, the first company to build a fiberglass cruiser, was about to go under.  

Johnny Morris to the Rescue

Then in 2021, billionaire sportsman/entrepreneur Johnny Morris bought the brand and its New Berne, NC property. Morris moved construction of his Mako center console brand, and the Ranger bass boat and bay boat brand to the facility. To many, the brand seemed dormant. 

For two years, not much was heard out of the company, and the name Hatteras was little discussed around yacht club bars, and fishing dockside snuggeries. Those who thought Morris would jump headlong into the big boat-building business with such a great brand name were disappointed.

Everyone knew Morris was a man of few words, but they didn’t know that he was also a man of thoughtful deliberation.

Capt Trip with Hatteras Capt Chris Barnett

You heard it here first: During the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show last year, our Capt. Trip interviewed Hatteras Capt. Chris Barnett, who told us that the new Hatteras 77 was on the way, and her lines were sweet. See the video...

Then at the 2023 Ft. Lauderdale boat show, word began slipping out that a new Hatteras 77 was coming. But there was no official announcement, in fact, quite the contrary.  Our Capt. Trip made a video walkthrough of the historic 41’ Knit Wits, the first Hatteras built in 1959, and the first fiberglass cruiser ever built. He interviewed Hatteras Capt. Chris Barnett, who confirmed that a new boat was coming, but would not say much about her.  In the intervening months silence.

A New Hatteras Era is Announced

Then yesterday, Hatteras issued a press release announcing that the company would be introducing three new sportfishing boats shown below. Not many details were revealed, but it is certainly clear in the Bimini Run 48, that Hatteras is taking a new direction, at least in that vessel

Hatteras Bimini Run 48

Look closely at the image above and you can see that she is a true walkaround.  The sideview drawing below indicates that she does not have the high bow of the 66 and 77, but it's certainly sufficient to take care of herself crossing the Gulf Stream.  With outboards strapped to her stern, mezzanine seating, and cabin below, we think she might well become a popular choice for anglers moving both up and down.

Hatteras Bimini Run 48 side view

In between the 48 and the 77 is the Cat Cay 66. We don’t know any more about her than what you can see in the drawing below.  Like the 77, she has a high Carolina bow, and we imagine plenty of flare.  We doubt that this image does her justice.

Hatteras Cat Cay 66' side view

The resurrection of Hatteras is a developing story, and we’ll be keeping our members well aware of the company’s new boats.  In the meantime, be sure to see our video on Knit Wits with her latest facelift.

Hatteras 77 salon

Just in case you forgot Hatteras’ heritage – it was founded in High Point, NC, the epicenter of fine furniture making in America. The salon of the 77 reminds us of a very comfortable club bar.  How about a scotch on the rocks?