How-To Video

Installing a Bow Thruster

You found a used boat that has everything to meet your goal—everything but a bow thruster. But you have your heart set on this accessory and have the budget to spare, so you can make it happen.

Check out some of the steps to add on this accessory. Research the power you’d like to use to propel your thruster, battery or hydraulic. Then, schedule the time for your boat to be laid up in the yard. Include the cost of a haul out to the parts and labor quote you received from the boatyard.

Much of the installation process requires the artistic skill to lay fiberglass and patience to let each step set properly. If you think you can do it yourself, you may be right, but cutting a perfectly symmetrical tunnel into your hull is not something most boat owners can do. This job alone can be expected to take a week to 10 days. It may also include a bottom job as the rest of the hull paint likely needs attention too.

These videos can give you a clearer idea of what needs to be done, either by you or a marine specialist.