International Angling Day Celebrates Fishing Globally


The one thing that anglers can agree on worldwide is the smile that comes with hauling in a big catch.

The International Game Fish Association announced yesterday the beginning of a two-week celebration for International Angling Day with the launch of the #igfaday2020 Fishing Around the World challenge. The global event is aimed at unifying anglers, highlighting different fishing styles and celebrating game-fish species as well as the sport of fishing.

Calling for Posts

The IGFA is calling on anglers from around the world to join the celebration of sport fishing by posting a photo or video and story of memorable catches on social media by June 14 using the hashtag #igfaday2020. Using the stories and photos submitted during the two-week event, the IGFA will create the online photo gallery named after the theme of this year’s celebration, Fishing Around the World.

 “While many of us around the world are still limited in how much time we spend outside of our homes, I think this year’s celebration of International Angling Day, and sport fishing in general, will be that much more meaningful,” Jason Schratwieser, IGFA president, said in a statement. “We encourage anglers from around the world to participate in this fun, interactive celebration of the sport we love.”


The IGFA encourages anglers of all ages to send in photos and videos with their favorite catch.

The IGFA established International Angling Day on June 7, 2019, to honor the organization’s 80th anniversary.